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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. PS- Wanted to add that I also have mild scoliosis. Haven't heard much about celiacs and that... And my poor daughter was born with food allergies. She developed eczema by 8 weeks old and would break out in hives after nursing. At 9 months she had a severe reaction while eating barley cereal and that's when we found out she was allergic to wheat, oats, and barley among a bunch of other stuff. She is five now and is not allergic to barley anymore. I wonder if whatever is going on with me allowed stuff to pass to her to make her susceptible to these allergies. I would like to have another child someday but I'm afraid they will have allergies like my daughter. I don't want to go through that again. It's scary and lots of work. She was also born 4 weeks early. I wonder if going gluten free will heal me and allow my next baby to be healthy.
  3. Thanks Ladies for your responses!! Nora, I'll check out that link you sent, thanks. I consider myself a late bloomer. Didn't get my period till I was 15 and was left out in the cold in the breast department. Wasn't short though, very thin. I had surgery at 21 to remove my tonsils and it wasn't until 3 months later that I noticed my hair was thinning. When it first started it went through a period of thinning quickly but now it's a gradual thinning and hasn't stopped since. That was the start of many things. I had infertility, irregular periods, blah, blah, blah. The texture of my skin on my face has changed to gross. I've always had bloating even as a kid. I've also developed some issue with my right eye. My face isn't symmetrical to begin with but my right eye has seemed to have gotten bigger or protrude more or something. It bothers me physically a lot. I have a weird sensation and sometimes feel like my eyes aren't focusing together. I wonder if I have inflammation in it because some days it protrudes more then others or my bottom lid is lagging more. I have symptoms of dry eye but the tests for that were fine. The doc gave me Restasis to use anyway and it helps somewhat. My eye visits check out OK and they always ask about my thyroid which has been fine. The eye issues started after my daughter was born. Smells and eye makeup bother them usually. I used to wear eye makeup all the time with no problem. My right eye always has sties. Never a week without one for years now. Last year my right eye twitched everyday for three months. I also have moderately severe diverticulosis. That was discovered 10 years ago at 21. If I am celiac does that affect how fiber is absorbed? The doc recommends fiber for diverticulosis. Aside from low iron and D (which I am on supplements for), my cholesterol is low. LDL has been 19 at it's lowest, total can range from 90s-130 and triglycerides are 90 or below. I don't know if anyone is familiar with complement proteins but one is consistently low and the other fluctuates, C3 and C4. Back in the day I was an aspiring model and people would ask me all the time if I was. I had to give that up because you can't have a model with thin hair and nasty skin. It's hard for me emotionally and mentally what's happening to me physically. I know I should be grateful and I am for what I have in my life but it's still hard not being what I once was and should be at my age. Not knowing what's wrong with me makes it worse. I feel like I am aging before my time. My anxiety level has skyrocketed and it sucks. Once I start gluten free again, is it possible for my hair to grow in again and for the shine to come back? It's been 10 years. It lacks luster now and is dry. Can my eye get better and feel better? Can I wear makeup regularly? Can I try to pursue modeling again? That would be exciting. I just want me and my energy back. Thanks for listening.
  4. Hi Nora, Thanks for your reply. I have had all the testing you asked me about. All have been negative except the endo back in 99. Then no positive since from those tests but my symptoms have increased or not gone away. I just had some other tests done from another lab so we'll see. If I didn't have the DQ8 gene I probably wouldn't be harping on celiac but I'm not ready to give up yet to see if this is the cause of my ailments. One other test I did was ordered by me from Optimum Health Resources I think it was and it was a finger prick test where you had to put your blood on to a disc with a buffer and it gave me a positive result this time around. I did the test a year ago and it was negative. My positive with the finger test was for gliadin. I drink beer and feel yucky the next day, puffy, etc...but I had a few wheat beers at a micro brew place which I don't ever drink and a day or so later I broke out with a nasty rash all over my face, neck, chest, and back. It was like sandpaper, red, and with white heads or something all over. It was embarrassing. I suspect it was from that beer which I haven't had since. Does that sound like a wheat reaction?? I eat gluten all the time at the moment...I'd like to revisit a GI doc and see how that goes but regardless, I am going to try gluten free again and see where that takes me. Shannon
  5. Glad you at least got some what of an answer! Hopefully you can start healing. I'm not sure about if the higher the number the more severe. I thought that the Gliadin was checked to see how you are responding to a gluten free diet. I know for the lab I've used (Quest) their range is <3 for a negative result. What lab do you use? Not all labs use the same reference ranges. In my mind Celiac is Celiac. Everyone experiences their own set of symptoms.
  6. Hi, I have tried a gluten free diet only for a period of a couple of weeks and I did feel good but then went to feeling back to not great again. So I gave it up. Is that normal? Would I feel good right off the bat and continue with that? I haven't tried gluten free again since and that was a couple of years ago. If from Quest I haven't been able to get another positive in the last 6 years do you think the first positive from Smithkline was wrong? It was a strong positive too. Thanks for the replies!
  7. Hello, I am looking for opinions on my situation. I am 31 and have been stuggling for about 10 years with various symptoms including hair loss, acne, loss of muscle tone, fatigue, anxiety, bloating, fragrance/chemical sensitivities, eye issues, etc....as well as glutamine deficiency, low iron stores, and low vitamin D. My cholesterol is also very low. I was first tested for Celiac in 1999 through Smithkline Beecham Clinical Labs if anyone remembers them. The endomysial screen was a high positive. Biopsy was negative. Doc figured not Celiac. I have since had follow up testing through Quest, who took over Smithkline Beecham and every test from Quest is negative over the years. I did test positive for the DQ8 gene through Quest. I know the endomysial test is very specific and cannot be positive with anything else. My question is do you think it's possible I'm not gettng a positve result now from Quest because they are completing the test differently or have different ranges then when I had the positive from Smithkline even though Smithkline essentially became Quest? I am having another round of testing done but do not want to use Quest. I want to try another lab to see if I get different results. I was thinking of trying Lab Corp. Anyone have any suggestions for labs to have blood drawn? Any other thoughts or suggestions on this would be appreciated. I find it frustrating. I am thinking of requesting another biopsy since the one I had done was in 1999. If I didn't have the gene I would probably let this go but I want to know what's wrong with me. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I happened to see an old post regarding pre-made soft pretzels. I found a site recently that sells them: www.glutenfreebagelcompany.com They have breads, cookies, cakes, bagels, pretzels, mixes...etc. I just ordered my first bag of soft pretzels tonight so I don't know if they are good but I am hoping so! Enjoy!
  9. Well I did the finger prick test yesterday and it came out negative. So maybe it's not celiac and I had a false positive on the endo? It still bugs me though because I have heard and read that it's unusal to have a false positive and then having the DQ8 gene bugs me even more. I saw a doctor on Friday and he wants me to do a stool test for yeast. Actually, a lot of my symptoms also fall into the candida category. Anyone here suffer from that? I'll make a post about that later but curious if anyone can share info on that as well. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your response Robbin. I just received the tests yesterday!! I don't know if anyone can answer this question but these tests are at home finger prick tests, I'm wondering if alcohol will affect the results? I wanted to do the tests today but had a few beers last night. I don't want to risk messing things up so maybe I'll just wait. I haven't even read the directions yet so maybe it will say something about prepping. If anyone else has any input about this lab let me know. Thanks! I forgot to ask...does Enterolab have finger prick tests? Stool tests?
  11. Hi, I came across an article in the magazine called First for women on the go. I think it was the May 15 or 16th issue. The article talked about a woman who suffered from extreme fatigue and other symtoms for a while and she could not figure out what was wrong. She had all sorts of testing done including the regular allergy testing through scratch test I believe. If I remember correctly it was negative. After not getting any better she finally came across a doctor who suggested the tests used by Optimum Health Resource Lab, previously York Nutritional. The tests were different than others in that you only needed a finger prick of blood to get results. This woman showed positive for many IgG delayed food sensitivities. The test checks for 96 different foods. This is not meant to be used for immediate onset allergies. You'll have to send the sample back to the lab for this test. This lab also has a finger prick test which tests different antibodies for CELIAC!! I could be wrong but I think the antibodies may be different than what most get through a doctor's office. The cost is $99. This is an at home test, results in 10 minutes. I ordered a celiac test for myself and my daughter and I also ordered the delayed food allergy test for me. We already know my daughter has immediate IgE food allergies. I haven't received the tests yet but I am excited to get them in hopes that maybe I can find the cause of my 8 year symptoms. I have tested positive for celiac in the past, endomysial or whatever that word is, but negative biopsy and the other 2 or 3 panels I've had done after that came back negative. Go figure. Now doc doesn't think it's celiac, just IBS and lactose intolerant. Oh, forgot to mention I am positive for the DQ8 gene. So I don't know what to make of this but thought maybe these at home tests can help. I am looking forward to getting the tests. I wanted to share this info in case someone wanted to look into it for themselves. I also would like to know if anyone here has had experience with this exact lab and tests that I speak of. If you have please post!! Here's the website: Optimum Health Resource Lab Again, please let me know if you have any info about this place and/or the tests. I'll let you guys know how I make out after I get the results. Thanks Channon
  12. Hello, I got my HLA results today. Here is what they are. I am going to type them as they appear in the results: HLA-DQB1* 03(DQ8) HLA-DQB1* 06(DQ6) HLA-DQ2 Negative HLA-DQ8 Positive I had this done through Quest. One of my doctor's was kind enough to do my request. If anyone can help me understand this better I appreciate it. All I know is that celiac cannot be ruled out because of the positive DQ8. Is that right? But what does the other stuff mean? I assume the negative means I do not have that gene or allele. Whatever it is. Thanks. Channon
  13. Anyone Allergic To Tea?

    I noticed that the Celestial Seasonings Sugar Plum Spice tea has roasted barley in the ingredients. I'm not a big fan of tea in general but that is one that I liked and haven't found any others yet. I think I read in another post not too long ago that CS does have tea safe to drink.
  14. Top 5...

    Thanks. I live in South Jersey and will check for it in stores.