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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Uncle Bears In Az

    I heard from a friend that Uncle Bear's in Mesa, AZ has gluten free pizza crusts and buns but I don't know anyone that has tried it. I am a little scared to be the first because it doesn't say anything specific about toppings, sauces, sides etc. It just simply states "Gluten free pizza crusts and buns available". Does anyone have any information on this restaurant. We usually go to Picazzo's but we are looking for something different. Thanks in advance! Kacie
  2. Pasta Pomodoro

    Is this the same restaurant or a different chain? http://www.pastapomodoro.com/menus.htm
  3. Insensitive Spouse

    I know this might be very hard to hear, but even if your husband is not "physically" abusive he IS emotionally/verbally abusive towards you and that is just as bad. Even if your gluten intolerance was "all in your head" (which I am sure it is not) he still would not have the right to come down on you and cuss in front of your child. My suggestion (and mine alone - take it or leave it) would be to get out of the house for awhile. Let him cook dinner, clean up after dinner and take care of the rest of the house maybe then he will appreciate you for YOU and everything you do for him. Believe me YOU DO NOT DESERVE this treatment from anyone, but especially not fromm your husband and your child needs to be the most important thing right now...what if she has Celiac? Will he treat her the same way? I hope not. My heart is with you.
  4. I live in the Phoenix area and a friend just told me that Los Sombreros in Scottsdale has a gluten free menu. I haven't checked it out yet but I think I am going to this weekend. I was just wondering if anyone else has been there yet and if so, how was it? Did the servers know what they were talking about? Anyways, I will give an update if we do decide to go there. Thanks! Kacie
  5. Scottsdale, Arizona

    Picazzo's is definitely the best restaurant for Celiacs!! However, there are a lot of places in Scottsdale and the surrounding area that have great gluten free options. I have lived here for almost 4 years now and I have tried almost everywhere here is a list of my favorites: Chevy's Mexican Restaurant: LARGE gluten free menu Postinos Wine Cafe: No gluten free menu, but all ingredients are made from scratch...the salads are to die for Bonefish Grill- in Mesa but worth the drive Havana Cafe - Cuban food and the chef is very helpful The Fish Market - Lots of options AZ88 - no gluten free menu, but I have eaten there a ton of times with no problems...just talk to the server. The Salmon Chips are SOO good PieZanos - gluten free pizza, deserts and salads Caffe Boa: GREAT PLACE!!! It is on Mill Avenue in Tempe and they have amazing escargot, mozz/tom salad, lemon creamed artichokes..OH MY Goodness! You have to try Gordon Biersch: also on Mill, has a great gluten free menu. The garlic fries and wedge salad are my favs! I also work at The Seafood Market and Restaurant in Gilbert and if you ask for me I will make sure you have a great experience ( I have tons of Celiac regulars). Plus there are Outbacks, PF Changs and PeiWei's all over the valley. I hope this helps! Kacie
  6. Does anyone know if McCormick & Schmick's has a gluten free menu? I have called & emailed the restaurant and I am just waiting to hear back from them. My boyfriend wants to go their for our anniversary tonight so any information would be really helpful! Thanks! Kacie
  7. Cafe Boa In Tempe, Az

    I have a work lunch at Cafe Boa in Tempe, AZ this afternoon. Has anyone been there before? I emailed the restaurant yesterday and haven't heard back. I am going to call in a little while as well and talk to the manager but I thought I might as well try on here first. Thanks! Kacie
  8. Hi There, I just found out that Ian's Natural Foods have Wheat Free, Gluten Free (WF, gluten-free) chicken nuggets, fish sticks, turkey corn dogs, french fries & sweet pot. fries. Are any of them good? They are pretty pricy so I thought I would ask before I spent the money. Any opinions would be appreciated! Thanks!! Kacie
  9. Hi, Does anyone know if Sarafem is gluten free? It is used to treat PMDD. Thanks! Kacie
  10. Doctor In Phoenix

    So, I have been gluten free for about a year and a half and have never been to the doctor. I just started eating gluten free because I did my own research and it seemed to be what was wrong with me so I tried it out and immediately started feeling better. Now a year and a half later I am just wondering if I should actually go to the doctor and get a diagnosis or not. Any opinions? Also, does anyone have any doctor recommendations for the Phoenix area, especially in Gilbert or Mesa? Thank you! Kacie
  11. Gordon Biersch Brewery

    Hi Everyone, I emailed Gordon Biersch Brewery and asked for a list of Gluten Free items and here is their response. ENJOY!! Hi Kacie- Our Regional Chef has indeed put together some items for our guest
  12. Gluten Free In Nyc

    Hi there, I am planning a trip to New York City with my family and I am the only one who is gluten free, they don't really understand it. I would like to be as prepared as possible with restaurant suggestions, stores, etc. before I go there. Does anyone have any good recommendations for gluten free dining in New York City. We will be staying near Times Square. Any suggestions would be very welcome and appreciated! Thank you!!!
  13. Anyone From Mesa. Az?

    Hi Everyone! My name is Kacie and I live in Mesa and have been gluten free for about 1.5 years. I found quite a few places that are accomodating in the Phoenix area and would be happy to share them. My boyfriend also has Celiac Disease (that is how I found out I had it) so we have some knowledge between the 2 of us . HAHA I am 26 years old, love animals, yoga and cooking.
  14. Do Not Eat Honeybaked Hams

    I contacted HoneyBaked Hams and they said that they would be happy to make a ham for me with no glaze on it and then it would be fine. They also said that the turkeys are okay too. Just an FYI.
  15. Hi Everyone! I couldn't find any information on here that gives a list of gluten free hams. I did see one for turkeys (very helpful!!!). Does anyone know of any hams that are gluten free? My aunt is bringing the ham this year and I want to make it as easy on her as possible and would like to provide her a long list to choose from. Here is what I have so far: Hillshire Farms - Turkey and Ham both gluten free Honeybaked Ham - NOT GLUTEN FREE Hormel Cure 81 - Boneless and Spiral Cut hams are gluten free Thank you in advance!! Kacie