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  1. hello all i am in aspinwall, gluten-free since early december...and what a difference it has made! pf chang's has a gluten-free menu as well, i find that following a strict paleo diet, i am becoming a powerhouse...i feel great!
  2. a great segment yesterday called "living without" hope you caught it!
  3. hello ...i had a great experience at p f changs this weekend...they have a gluten free menu, it was impresive. the waitress took it very seriously, commenting that my dining partners meal was also gluten-free, feel free to share. she explained the dipping sauces as well. not only did i have a flavorful, healthy meal, i felt that being gluten-free was not so freakish. it was an epiphany!
  4. wow! great ideas and recipes! thank you so very much!
  5. hello. i'm so happy to have found this resource! i am eliminating gluten and dairy from my life, and would love to hear what you are existing on! what is a typical day's menu for you? thanks very much. patricia in pittsburgh