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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I don't think anything went down. Maybe there are just fewer, problems to report that are clinical in nature for now. The thread will bounce back when there is stuff going on and people feel like sharing again. I think that is what some are saying is that they don't feel comfortable putting out ambigious personal information on the internet. I'm down with whatever. I also have been reading the thread for so long now, it has to be the guiness world record of threads! luv you guys~
  3. Im not on thyroid meds. so its just weird to have a TSH go so low for me from 1.2 to 0.4. I think--hope--everything is okay and it will swing back in time. Im seeing an intergrative MD now, so she is getting some new labs, we shall see. Im still alive! That is good at least! The other night I knocked over a lamp with a flourecent light blub in it... what an ordeal. I had to clean up all the fragments with sticky tape, and then water with a damp cloth, I guess there is a small amount of mercury in the bulbs. So that was fun at 3am. I think I survived it tho. I aired out the room for 30 min tho, it was 30" outside, lol.
  4. You guys remember when i said I was having panic attacks and hart palpaitations for about two weeks. Well I got my blood work back the other day, after the docs told me it was all normal. I took it to an intergrative medicine doc in my area, shes holistic and an MD. Anyway, my vitamin D level was 33, which she thought could be a little higher. everything else was normal that they checked including the TSH level, which was 0.4 0.4 WTF I have never had a TSH lower than 1 in my life, its usually 1.2-1.8 on average, so that was really weird. She was like, umm you thyroid is a little low there, so im going to order a t4, and antibodies,,, uggg here we go again.. but she was really cool for catching that. Also, she is ordering cal, and mag levels and so other vitamin levels and stuff. She recommened that I take fish oil x 2 a day (nordic naturals) magnesium x 2 a day calcium x 2 a day B-50 time released complex twice a day (I think I will rotate taking these every 3rd day, taking them every day would give me D and unnecessary headaches) And get this,,, that I strictly avoid GLUTEN, even though i dont have the genes. She said that there are a lot of false negatives. She gave me a list of foods to avoid and its quite counter intuitive. It doesn't include dairy. It does include Flax. Hmm Stating the obvious here, but its true. So its good to have that validation from doctors that are covered under my student health insurance, and it will be interesting to see what tests she ordered and how they come back. Hopefully I get my period this month too!!! THat would be a bonus. So wholy cow, what the heck is up with the hyper ass thyroid, besides Im about 15 lbs over weight right now, wouldnt my ass be skinny with a TSH that low,ahh who cares... ill have it checked later... do you guys think that is low?
  5. I have a freakin brain cyst... this sucks Pineal cyst Discussion: Pineal gland cystic lesions are seen in 21-41% on autopsy whereas on MR imaging, they are seen in 1-4% cases. Pineal gland lesions may be divided into four basic categories: * Germ cell tumors * Pineal parenchymal tumors * Metastases * Cysts Pineal cysts occur in all ages, more predominant in the fourth decade. They may be classified as neoplastic or benign as lined by glial tissue, ependymal, or surrounded by the normal texture of parenchymal tissue. Majority of the times, pineal cysts are asymptomatic. Pineal cysts are clinically important for 2 reasons: (1) They may enlarge over time due to intracystic hemorrhage / cyst fluid, and/or (2) May cause mass effect on adjacent structures. Mass effect on mid-brain may present with Perinaud's syndrome whereas mass effect on cerebral aqueduct causes hydrocephalus. Sudden death may also be seen due to acute hydrocephalus or intracystic hemorrhage, also called as pineal apoplexy. If the cyst shows growth on successive MR images or progression of the clinical symptoms is observed, surgery is indicated. Lots of people online with pineal cysts complain of head pressure like a vice, eye pain, neck pain, jaw problems, severe headaches that feel like fluid build up that wont let up, brain fog, fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, high blood pressure making it worse... etc Thats how I feel. I talked to my dad, cause I got freaked out. Hes a doctor, so usually I dont talk to him about things, but he said that I should get a second opinion, and go see an endocrinologist, and talk to the radiologist. Im just scared that I wont have enough time my insurance ends when I graduate this quater in mid december. Im not going to just go back on the pill if I don't get my period... that means something is WRONG with my hormones, not having a period after being regular your whole life is bull, sorry but it is. Im supposed to be studying right now but all I can think about is health stuff, and the brain cyst. Just venting you guys, Im sure Ill feel better later, its just the initial shock, coupled with lack of answers and vagary, you know?
  6. Just went to the neurologist, who specializes in headaches and he's pretty good. Anyway, he did an EEG on my brain, and it came back "perfect" he ordered an MRI on my brain. They found a 4mm cyst on my pineal glad. A benign tumor of sorts. Otherwise the rest of the brain turned out to look ok. He said that I should get another MRI in a year to see if it grows, and that they are common in headache patients. The symptoms of a larger cyst can be (nausea, head pressure, blurry vision, headaches, trouble sleeping) The pineal gland secretes melatonin, and regulates cercadian rhythms in the body (the suprachiasmatic neculi of the anterior hypothalimus, to be percise) or the SCN. So anyhow, just wants me to wait and get another MRI in a year. Ive been reading online and a lot of people seem to have pineal cysts, it seems, they ALL HAVE HEADACHES, and head pressure. So its not just a no big deal thing, I would think. I just got off my brith control pills, and I hope and pray that I get a normal period. If not then Im going to freak out and get tests done for adrenals, and other crap, that has to do with the endocrine system. My thyroid is fine,,, Never had adrenals checked tho...??? Peace out hope everyone is feeling better? Just curious does anyone else have pineal gland cysts on their MRIs? (the sojgrens stuff, my eye exam was good, no problems there, she said to use Systane eye drops, they are preservative free, they are pretty soothing so far.) (the rhumatologist hasent called and its been a week so I guess that is good, im getting my results back in the mail Im curious about the vitamin D levels she ordered, curious how low they are,,,)
  7. I like to hear that with the diet changes it clears up. That is so true. It does help so much. Eating the right types of foods, and sipping on plain water all day helps me handle it too. I just have this weird feeling recently that the pain in my jaw is actually my parotid glands, and the swelling and pain in my neck and head are from glandular dryness. I just feel so aware of those parts of my body the last coupple days, nose is dry, eyes, dry burning, brain fog, head pressure, dry cough... I usually wake up in the morning with a mild panicy feeling. I think its my autonomic nervous system (sympathetic) kicking in. I don't know yet, but I want to know, because that is what is so frusterating, not knowing what is wrong. I might make up my own name, Christina syndrome...lol
  8. They didn't mention it in the ER. It's something I thought of based on my symptoms. Thanks for responding, it's the support and knowing that people care that make me happy.
  9. Hey guys... Question, does anyone know anything about sjogren's syndrome? I have had very dry eyes, and dry mouth and pain in my parotid glands (the ones in front of the ears and behind the jaw) and it feels like I have run out of saliva. Im going to see the eye doctor and a rheumatologist next week. Ive also been having heart palpitations nausea and panic attacks this week, not being able to sleep and waking up with a racing heart. Not to mention headache. I went to the emergency room on monday. Im really freaked out and I need some support right now.
  10. GOBAMA! yeah, this makes me happy today! sorry couldn't contain myself...
  11. Also about the cytochrome p450 enzyme... Back in 2001 the cheif of psychiatrist at OSU was trating me for depression, with a tiny dose of prozac. It was suprising that such a small dose worked and anything more made me get headaches...She mentioned that I probably had somthing going on with that enzyme in that I couldnt break down certain drugs and metabolize things slower and therefor that was why I needed such a small dose of prozac to help with my depression (10mg). She said that some people have that. Im actually going to the shrink today at 3pm ( a new one) so Ill ask him what he knows about it...
  12. I think that the immune system gets stimulated in reaction to the mercury (as a defense mechanism) and so the body hyper reacts to everything that is insulting to the body afterwards as an adaptation to protect itself again. It weird, yesterday, I sprayed vanilla febreeze after cleaning and I got a freakin migraine all night. My throat and chest got tight and it was hard to swallow. Its amazing what smells can trigger for me. I used to be sensitive when younger, but now i get painful symptoms where as before I just had mild ones. After my toxin exposure it feels like my body's vascular system is way more sensitve. And the adrenalin and endorphins are stimulated by the parasympathetic nervous system in response to these triggers. A lot of my symptoms are similar to migraine, with the food and smells, nausea, except its like a constant migraine! So much worse during my period when estrogen levels drop. I get popping in my ears and dizziness and muffled congestion in my ears. Also my ears drain every morning when I wake up and after I eat... whats that all about? Also, Ive been using the magnesium sulfate cream on my back and shoulders for the last week and it does help a little with head pain. I think it is good for reducing blood pressure and its like a weak calcium channel blocker. That helps with the pain I think. Its also used to treat migraine.
  13. Right, diagnose and treat the individual, its not one size fits all. Thats what I'm learning in my health classes as well. Sounds like something that an herbalist or Chinese medicine doctor might prepare in a tincture or something, hard to get, not mainstream. I will say, I have noticed a few pattens observing the experiences of people on this thread, my mind tends to look for them. So if something is reported to work for someone I take note. Thats all. For me- I just try things and go by how my body feels. Trial and error I guess!
  14. Lymie, who made the subtilis? Where did it come from? thnx
  15. Glad the Subtilis is working for you... I had never heard of it before. I looked up Sibtilis and Cordyceps, and did not find much info, except that they look like some bacterial fungi that modulate the immune system. Pretty cool. Are they like magic mushrooms or something? I've always been fascinated with that stuff. Ya wish I was able to see cool vodoo doctors, but I live in Ohio. Its not as progressive here. LOL