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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Free Cocoa?

    Thank you very much! I'll pick some up tomorrow!
  2. Hello! Just wondering if anyone here has been able to locate a gluten free high quality cocoa powder for baking? I was using one, got a reaction, called the company and said that they can't be sure of the gluten freeness of their products. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I am having some other health problems related to my thyroid and hormone levels. I believe that I am a celiac, and have been gluten free for about 10 years. I have many symptoms of celiac, and I don't take it lightly. I think I may have PCOS, and am going to get tested and hopefully go to an endrocronologist to get checked out. I'm not feeling well at all. My GP feels that I need to get a positive reading on a celiac blood test in order to move forward with the PCOS diagnosis. So- my questions are: 1) Do I need to eat gluten for 6 weeks in order to get the reading? I have been poisoned for sure over the past 10 years, but I am terrified to eat it again, and be terrible sick. I'm self employed, and I don't know what I would do. 2) I also have Hashimotos disease. Are Celiac, hashimoto, and PCOS related? My doctor says no. I have read that autoammune diseases may compound as you get older, and that celiac and thyroid disorders are usually tied together. Please help me. I know that there is something not right. Any thoughts would help.
  4. Please Help!?

    Thank you Creative Soul! But I was looking for a free one online. Does anyone have this info?
  5. Please Help!?

    Hello! I'm traveling to Cuba in a couple of weeks, and can't find my gluten travel cards. Would anyone here be able to direct me to the web site that offers them. I had it bookmarked and now can't locate it. Thank you in advance!
  6. Lunch On The Go

    I just started a course today where I am gone from 6:30 am until about 7:00 pm. I just packed some ham and turkey with cheese rollups, homemade coleslaw, some pickles, a diet coke, and some great little cream cheese muffins in a cooler. My husband took some water bottles, filled them with filtered water and froze them. So not only do you have cold food, when the ice melts, you also have cold water all day! Just make things that are good cold! You can also bring some gluten free bread, buttered, with some tuna or salmon or any other sandwich filler, and spread it on the bread when you want to eat it. Tomorrow I am having left over BBq chicken, more coleslaw, some more muffins, and perhaps some olives and a hunk of cheese!
  7. I understand. I do! I have been married for less that a year and my husband and I have had sex 6 times. That is all! We haven't done it in over 2 months. I have tried to to talk to him about it and nothing works. He is great about everything else though. Hugs, kisses, snuggling, grabbing, etc., just not sex. I don't know if it because of my GI problems, and I can't get him to talk about it. It breaks my heart. I have asked him "do we not have sex because I might get pregnant?" I am sure that he does not want children, although he agreed prior to marriage. And I just turned 36, so not a lot of time! So - I understand the loneliness and the frustration. I'm sorry we both have to go through this.
  8. Toronto Celiacs!

    Last night I went to a tapas bar just east of Woodbine on the Danforth called Relish. It has a casual loungy vibe to it, and they have a celiac menu. The food was terrific! I had risotto, grilled calamari, roasted red peppers, articokes, and olive tapinade, grilled portabello mushroom, chicken roulade, the amazing chicken in a corn tortilla, beef medallions, and the best dessert! A chocolate polenta cake with caramel. Keep in mind that it is a tapas bar, we did share, and the portions where small. With a couple of glasses of wine, a good friend and lots of laughter, it was a beautiful night! Check it out! Last night was their first anniversary. I will definitely go back and take my husband.
  9. I never thought about it either, but mine is gone too! I never wore sleeveless shirts because of it, and it is gone now. I actually just felt my arms while reading this post! Funny....
  10. I would definitely see a doctor about the dark bad thoughts. I have wild mood swings, etc., and I found taking Evening Primrose Oil really helped me. My friend who is a nurse told me about them, I tried them, and it seemed to take the edge off. Something to think about! Also - sugar isn't good for you at that time of the month - or any time really!
  11. In Ontario, there is a restaurant called Mr. Greek. They are all over the place. I looked at the packaging for the Gyros, and the 2nd ingredient was toasted wheat crumbs. So - if you are eating at a chain restaurant, chances are you are being glutened. I was quite upset, because that was my favorite dish there!
  12. Getting Married

    I just got married last September. We had the big reception! Made sure that there were appetizers that I could eat, salad was fine (oil and vinegar dressing). soup was fine (butternut squash), and then served prime rib, grilled veggies, and garlic mashed potatoes( i didn't eat the garlic stuffed yorkshire pudding, wasn't even put on my plate). We did have a gluten cake, but the caterer made a gluten free cheese cake for me! I was happy! Couldn't have asked for better food. When I told hin that I was celiac, he asked me to go over the menu with him, and I allowed for gluten options. We fed 125 people. It was easy to just make the odd chance for me - and I was very pleased!
  13. Just Plain Sad

    Hi - don't be sad! I just got married last September, so not only do I remember the stress you are under from planning that - to find out about this now - not great. BUT - I found it quite easy to appease everyone. I wasn't even going to have a cake. Didn't think it was important. Well, my mother did. She told me she would pay for it - I could design it. I couldn't eat it though. I had the bakery make up yummy gluten free cheesecake for me and my husband, and we ate that. It worked out fine. At this time with so many changes and all of the stress, just take the easy way out, and enjoy yourself. It is not worth the strife.
  14. Another Pizza Party At Work

    I am self employed but work in conjunction with my Father. When he has a "company" BBQ in the middle of the day (which he does), he has burgers for everyone and throws some shrimp on the BBQ for me. Could you maybe take aside your boss (or who ever orders the pizza) and ask then to order some buffalo wings or something that you could take your share of them pass them around? Most pizza places do wings as well, and often they are baked, or fried in designated fryers, and most of them are not dusted with flour. I have asked, read labels and seen with my own 2 eyes. Just a thought! Also - there is a great pizza crust recipe in the Bette Hagman cookbook that I have, and you could make pizza and bring it in! I often make my own pizza, my Dh orders one and we have pizza night!
  15. I Hope Someone Can Help?

    Thank you Hez! It is much appreciated! qwertyui