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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi everyone, thank you so much for you replies. Point taken - I should trust my body! I just need to know... Sure, I feel crappy if I eat pasta for a couple of days, but, is it dangerous.. I mean, REALLY dangerous. I'm thinking of the kind of illnesses that I read are connected to celiac disease: cancer, arthrithis etc...??
  2. After >10 yrs of health issues (mainly diarrhea, bloating, periodic weight loss, loss of energy, anemia, excema etc) which both I and my Dr thought were related to some GI-problem, I believe I have identified the cause... Dr thought IBS first, then some other food intolerance. About a year ago I started to suspect gluten. After removig it totaly from my diet I got SO much better. Called the Dr again, who was supportive and ordered test & a biopsy - went back on gluten for a couple of monthe (which was horrible). Tests came back borderline and the biopsy was clear, som my Dr said: "No celiac disese, but you may be sensitive to gluen anyway, so you might want to cut down..." But whenever I have pasta or bred it starts again. Not directly, but within a week or so. So, I called my Dr again and she said: "Actually there is no such thing as gluten sensitivity... There is celiac disease, which you don't have..." Please help me out: 1) Is it scientifically proven thet non-celiac gluten sensitivity really exists? 2) If yes, can I eat pasta etc every now and then or do I need t be as strict as someone with celiac disease? I would really appreciate your opinions on this!!!
  3. Dear Michelle, There's clearly something weird with your thyroid gland... I too had urticaria - it itched like crazy all over my body for months, so I know only too well what you're talking about... It turned out I was hyperthyroid. Thyroid problems frequently cause urticaria. And depression. And weight gain... (Depression and weght gain is typical for hypothyroidism - anxiety and weight loss is related to hyperthyroidism) Stomach problems can also be related. I'm not saying that you're problems are related to a thyroid dysfunction, but they could be - besides there is a strong link between gluten intolerance and thyroid problems... So ibasically, f you have some thyroid problem, you're more likely to have/develop a gluten intolerance. Hope this helps. Take care, Cami
  4. Wow - I had no idea it was this common to experience some kind of withdrawal... Thanks everyone for your comments/advice. /Cami
  5. Hi, I've just gone gluten free for the second time (had to start eating gluten again for a biopsy... ). Anyway, i'm experiencing the weirdest thing. All my symptoms gets really bad for the first few (gluten free)days before fading away (bloating, abdominal pain, excema, aphtous ulcers in mouth....). Now, the first time I cut out gluten I experienced the same thing, and it's only bc it's happening again that I see the pattern. Anyone experineced this??? /C
  6. Hi, I just returned from the biopsy (what an awful test!!!). However, everything went fine and this is what the doc said: Small bowel looked fine. I have some inflammed areas in by stomach. (This I could see myself - it looked like faint blushing on the stomach wall). He took biopsies from my small bowel and stomach and saind I would get the results in two-three weeks... So, what do you make of this???? Is celiac disease visible at an endoscopy, or can you only tell from the biopsy?? And what about this inflammation - can celiac disease affect the gastric area as well as the small bowel? I would appreciate your opinon on this! Thanks, /Cami
  7. Thanks for your advice! I'll let you know how it goes /Cami
  8. Hi, I'm about to have the biopsy done in a few day's and I'm VERY nervous.... Do you recommend that I take the numbing medicine - or can you do without drugs (I would rather not take any medicines). /Camil
  9. Hi, don't really remember (the test was taken a year ago and at that point in time I changed my diet quite frequently to find out if I was intolerant to different stough...). So what does "borderline" antigliadin antibodies mean...? /Camil
  10. Hi everyone, I finally phoned my PCP (who took my intitial tests a year ago and said I tested negative....) to check out the results. It turns out my TGA level was normal (<5) and the gliadin antibodies were "borderline positive". What do you make of this (I'm seriously confused...) Cami
  11. ....do you have to stay on gluten after a gluten free period for a blood test and a biopsy to show up positive???? /Cami
  12. Ohh, by the way. I forgot to write that I've had really strange thyroid problems in the past as well (overfunction of the thyroid gland)... which they were never able to diagnose. I've since recovered from that, but it makes me wonder... there is a connection between tyroid problems and celiac disease, isn't there? /Cami
  13. Thanks for your advice! I really appreciate it. A weird thing is that I LOST weight when I stopped eating gluten... (I wasn't overweight to start with). Arn't you supposed to loose weight with celiac disease? One final question - do I need to see the doc again (I've never had the biopsy) or should I just stay off gluten. Ciao Cami
  14. Thanks for replying!! I'm wondering - if you are gluten sensetive despite negative tests, does that mean that you don't have celiac disease (and that you can consume small amounts of gluten)??? Ie - is it another condision or a milder form of celiac disese?? /Cami
  15. Dear all, After 11 yrs with periods of IBS, hives, iron deficiency and a number of other syptoms (like fatigue, bruising really easily ant bleeding spontaniously from my gums) I now belive my probems are gluten-related. And I really need som help from you guys, since the doctors don't seem to be very experienced with these issues... I first started suspecting gluten a few months ago when, after consuming A LOT of pasta for a period, my symptoms got realy bad... I then removed all gluten from my diet for about 8 weeks. Increadilbly - after only two days I started to feel much better and did fine throughout this period. A week ago I reintroduced gluten into my diet. At first I didn't notice anything (for about 3-4 days) and assumed it was all in my mind... But then the bloating and pain returned in a mjor way. My questions to you: - I tested negative for celiac disease a year ago (don't know what test they did...). Can I still be gluten intolerant? - Is it normal after a gluten-free period to have a "delayed" reaction when re-introducing gluten - or does this indicate that I'm not really gluten sensitive. - Over the years, my symptoms have varied a lot. Sometimes I've been just fine, and sometimes I've been really, really sick. is this normal with gluten intolerance??? Finally - what do you make of this? Would you stay off gluten if you were me even if the test came back negative. And should I see another doc?? Please help, I just don't know where to turn for reliable info on this. Cami