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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Grieving

    Hey folks (better late then never to respond). The link I viewed allergy info was at www.calgaryallergy.ca Basically, any searches on internet will tell you about oral allergy if you are lets say allergic to Grass, you may also be allergic to oranges. It has to do with similar protein makeup of these things. I am no doctor of course, but it is something to be aware of. Last year in the newspaper I saw an article that mentioned chamomile, avoid if you have ragweed allergy as it may worsen it. Now I was always allergic to molds but and could eat foods with yeasts/molds no problem. But obviously I had a huge autoimmune moment and now its a no go. If you have confirmed mold allergies, then I suggest searching the internet for yeast-free diet info. There is also a new fad of avoiding yeast in foods, I am not recommending any of that idealogy, but if you have confirmed allergies it is something to be aware of. If you read labels you will notice most foods containing wheat, also contain yeast. Also most processed foods, either as they use yeast based vitamins to enrich the flour or as a preservative. For myself through trial and error I figured it out. They do have gluten free and yeast free vitamin supplements. I use a brand in Canada here, that says so on the label for my ferrous gluconate (iron). Honestly the best advise would be consult an allergist or nutrionist. Hope this helps, I haven't been viewing the board lately.
  2. Grieving

    Judy I am so sorry you had to go through what you did, and your story is very similar to mine. Interestingly enough I was diagnosed with mold/dust/ragweed etc allergies but always was able to eat foods like bread etc. Then in Dec 2002 I saw a specialist for suspected fibroylagia and he prescribed folic acid as I was deficient in this. I got ill, I kept saying I am allergic to it. The md said not possible. So I stopped taking it and specialist says eats more wheat etc big sources of folic acid...got deathly ill, itchy, reflux etc. I happened to one day pick up a bag of flour as I even started home baking and my hand was covered in hives. I suspected wheat allergy. To make this short the doc and GI suspect now that being very allergic to molds/yeasts and the folic acid is a B vitamin derived from (you guessed it) molds/yeast I suffered a huge autoimmune reaction and newly developed a wheat allergy. You cannot get anything packaged that is not enriched with B vitamins (ie, sourced from yeasts/molds) nor can you get unenriched flour in wheat. So now I bake daily cornflour muffins and they are my carbs. Like you stopping wheat/yeasts I don't have reflux, don't itch from head to toe and have don't have that deathly ill feeling. Also people need to be aware that if they have certain allergies they can potentially react to foods from the same botanical food group. ie, chamoile tea is related to the plant family that ragweed is from! I found a great allergy site that talks about "oral allergy syndrome". Strangely enough now that I am off wheat my iron levels and folic acid levels are normal for the first time in a long time. Your spells might have also been anxiety attacks, when I had the reflux I also had them happen at the same time.
  3. Gluten-free Dating

    Hi, I too haven't ventured back in the dating world but I did find myself in a new department within my company and wondering how to handle the xmas luncheon and goodies being brought in daily. When I was asked I just said "I have a food allergy". People are amazingly accepting of that, and no further discussion was had. That might help you intially if the topic of food comes up. As I am allergic to wheat if I ever get brave enought to date again I will try that approach and hope it works. I hope a nice person would accept that answer at least for a start. Good luck. I often wondered if there is a gluten-free gentleman where I live, that sure would make it easier.
  4. Grieving

    Hi I thought I was celiac but for me its a severe allergy to gluten and yeast. Took me 9 months to see a GI specialist and by the time he did testing and biopsy I was gluten-free for easily more than 6 months. Anyways they think I developed an autoimmune response to wheat. I enjoyed reading the grieving posts, I used to consume tons of cookies, cakes you name it...being thin I never dieted in my life. At times I panic as my gluten-free diet is so restrictive, but the trick I use is to remember when I was my sickest. When I had this horrible rash all over (for months on end), the pain, the GI troubles even gastro reflux and weight loss. I have gained back almost 10 lbs, no GI troubles and the rash is almost gone. I thought I was dying and no one could figure it out. That snaps me back as I remind myself how bad it was. I have continually the odd time retried eating gluten as it was a nightmare I couldn't believe it. Each time I got sick, very very ill. Celiac or not I may never no as the testing came a year after being gluten-free but I still grieve constantly then try and just think of the rash. I can finally wear pantyhose s first in a year. No slice of chocolate cake is worth another year of the rash for me. This is my first post, hope its helpful.