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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi All! Thank you for the Link to the interview. I don't get XM radio!! Anyway, at the top of the interview, there is a spot to click to "ask Dr. Oz" a question. I thanked him a million times over and asked him to please ask Oprah to do a show on Celiac Disease. If we all write to him, maybe we can get Oprah to do a show!!!! If Oprah does a show, public awareness will be key!!!! If anyone can make the public aware of celiac disease, it's Oprah! Please write to Dr. Oz AND Oprah too!! (I've been for years!!) THank you! Dawn
  2. Hi everyone! I just called General Mills regarding: New England Clam chowder. It was confirmed that it is Gluten Free!!!! This is very exciting. My 5 year old son has celiac disease and this is the first soup I found that is close to cream of chicken. Anyone know of any other gluten-free soup?
  3. Thanks for your replies. I'll start with the NO DIAPER rule again on Monday. I need a fresh start. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  4. Bad news- He came down with the flu- I had to put diaper on him- he was vomiting and had terrible diarreah. He has fever of 102. Poor little guy. However- I pan to continue with NO diapers once he is better. Thanks for your support. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Hmm, I didn't think of that. Last night I held tight and for the first time did not place a diaper on him. He made me so proud. No accidents!!! Today- He actually went on toilet by himself!!!. (I think) I was upstairs- he came running upstairs and told me. I went downstairs to look, however, he flushed the toilet. I think I believe him! He was so excited!. However, at approx 5:00 pm, he got extremely tired and told me he wanted to go to sleep. This is VERY ODD. He's asleep now. Keep your fingers crossed, and thank you for your input.
  6. Thanks for both responses! Yes- I do put a stool in front of him for him to put his feet on . Yesterday, I had the whole day free- so- NO diapers. Well- he pooped in his pants a total of 5 times!!!!. I gave him a pediasure in the morning. This apparently made his BM looser and he went 5 times which is not the norm. I literally had to "cut" his underwear off him (as if he had a diaper on) and throw away the underwear (it was way to gross to wash). Do you think I should just continue this? it is sooo frustrating (for me anyway). It does not seem to bother him. He has BM in his underwear- then- tells me he wants to sit on toilet!!!!. I tell him it is too late and explain (calmly) that he need to get to toilet faster. Big sigh..... What do you think? Thank you.
  7. HI: My 4 1/2 year old son has celiac disease. He refuses to have BM on toilet seat. We have tried everything from reading in very comfortable bathroom to getting lots of fiber into him and rewards for trying. He taught himself to HOLD his BM until after dinner/bath. Then asks for a diaper to have BM in. I can usually tell by facial expression/body language when he is going to have BM, so when I see this I rush him to toilet, at that point, a small little "nugget" of BM comes out, and he seems to be able to STOP the rest. I am afraid he will get constipated if this continues. Usually, I end up putting a diaper on him before we put him to bed, he then goes, then asks me to change him! He really wants to go. He tries soooo hard. He sits on the toilet and "shakes all over" trying to get the "poop out" He jumps up and down on toilet then looks to see if anything is in the toilet, because he knows there will be reward. If anyone can- Please help!!!!! Thank you/
  8. Does anyone know of a Gluten Free Bread that tastes edible to pack a sandwich? I noticed that most of these breads are great if you eat them immediately after cooking them. My son has to pack his lunch for school, and after a hour or so, most of the breads taste like cardboard. Any ideas/suggestions? Thank you!
  9. Corn tortilla's by "Mission" can be found in most grocery stores. They do not say Gluten Free, however, when I called the company, they have no ingredients which contain gluten.
  10. Fruity Pebbles

    Hi Everyone!!!!! I just found a cereal make by "Shoprite". It is called Scrunchy Puffed Corn Sweetened popped- up Corn Cereal. It is supposed to be simular to Kellogg's Corn Pops (which is now adding gluten, so be careful to read each box) I Called Shoprite and was told that Scrunchy Puffed Corn cereal IS gluten-free!!! I'm very excited. Hope my son likes them.
  11. Hi: I am wondering if my Mother in Law has undiagnosed Celiac Disease. She often complains of constipation. She was recently diagnosed with anal/rectal cancer. I asked my Mother in Law to be tested for celiac disease since it is a hereditary disease. She does not feel that it is necessary because she does not think she has it. I am praying that if she does have celiac disease, that the Dr.'s will do the testing, just to be thorough. My sister in law also complains of stomach problems,pain, diarreah, the whole nine yards. She also refuses to be tested. She has had kidney stones, gall bladder removed and a hysterectomy. She is only 43 years old. I HOPE neither has celiac disease, however, my son's diagnosed celiac disease had to come from somewhere!!! Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations to get them to be tested? Thank you.
  12. Vacations And A Gluten Free Diet

    P.S. I forgot to answer your original question: At the amusement parks I brought my own food. I packed a cooler full of fruit, juices,gluten-free peanut butter (they come in squeezable single serving sizes now!!!! (by Skippy), Organic crispy rice bars made by Invirokidz. I would also make a sandwich of peanut butter and Jelly on rice cakes. I used the apple cinnimon flavored by Quaker. I hope this helps!! Have a great vacation!!!!
  13. Vacations And A Gluten Free Diet

    Hello: My 3 year old son has celiac disease. We went to Disney World in July. If you are staying at a hotel, ect. Call them. They are very familiar with celiac disease in Disney World. I stayed at the Grand Floridian. I let them know ahead of time that I would need gluten free foods. They were extremely accomodating. Since we ate at a different restaurant each night, I called each and every one to speak to the Chef. (Call at least a week before you go). Most places actually made me Gluten Free bread from scratch!!!!!!!. Most places have Gluten Free waffle and pancake mix also. There is also a category on the Disney World website for food specialties. I would call the 1-800 # for that also. Good luck!!!