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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Disneyworld

    We stay at the fort wilderness cabins, they have a full kitchen and the staff even do your dishes! It was the best of n=both worlds for us we could take our son out for a gluten-free free meal or just relax back at the cabin.
  2. Deby's Gluten Free Hits The Big Time!

    I have been getting Deby's items for the past few months at my local gluten-free store. I love her products!!! I have a three year old who has celiac and sometimes it id difficult to find items he will like and not have to pay an arm and leg for. Deby's products are priced reasonably so it okay to try them out. So far he has liked...chicken nuggets, chicken soup, dinner roll, pig in a blanket, and white bread. We tried the pecan pie, cookie dough, biscuits, and stuffing mix. My son did not like them, but my husband and I who are not gluten-free enjoyed all of them. My only suggestion is we need a more inexpensive waffle cone! Wendy
  3. Chipotle

    I was told by one in Colorado, that the only meat that did not contain flour (wheat) was the pork and hard shell tacos. My son who has celiac ate only these items and was fine.
  4. My two year old loves a Rice Pecan Bread...it is in a green package and I can find it at my regular grocery store, whole foods, or Trader Joe's. You could also speak to the school's "lunch crew" and find out which items he can by that are gluten free.
  5. My son's bloodwork was also negative (we tested at 14 months), so our doctor did the biopsy which was positive.
  6. Hi, My 21 month old has Celiac and we need a new Gastro. Ped doctor in the Denver Area (we live in Castle Pines North). Does anyone know one?
  7. Aldo, Interesting theory, but we did not start Kyle on baby veggies until 5 months, fruit at six months and bread/grains until 7 months. By 9 months is when he began deloping major problems. He had his first episode at 4 months but we think he may have gotten the Gluten from my breast milk...since he was not eating any food yet.
  8. Kyle just got the offical celiac disease label this week so we decided to try to dine out on Wednesday. We went to BJ's and ask the waiter to make him a special meal. He ended up having grilled chicken and mashed potatoes. By Thursday morning he was throwing up...everywhere all morning long. I called the resturant and found out the chicken had been marinated in soy sauce. If we doubted the fact that he had Celiac...we now know for sure he has it. I guess the most frustring thing for me is I have always hated "those people" who were so picky about their food. I realized I now have to become one of "those people." Though Kyle is only one, I can already see how many times I am going to have run to school, a friends house, sports event, or party, just to make sure Kyle has his own special treat. My husband and I decided to also mostly become Gluten free (except when we have a date...every date will be at an Italin resturant!). So I guess I am realizing quickly just how serious this disease is and how I am going to have to foght for my childs health everyday.
  9. Anyone Ever Been To Disneyworld?

    Thanks Everyone for the advice...we are taking a business trip to Fl. today so we may end up at Disneyworld on Sunday!
  10. We took our son last year to Disneyworld before he had celiac...we want to take him again in Sept. How helpful are they?
  11. My son Kyle began having diarrhea at 4 months old. Over the next few months, as he began to eat solid foods his weight failed to thrive and he would never gain weight because of his constant diarrhea. About a month ago we saw a stomach doc who recommended the endoscopy. The test reveled that his nodes were swollen, but it did not completely look like celiac. After she consulted with a few pathologists she concluded that Kyle was possibly at the beginning stages of celiac. At this point we decided to remove all Gluten from his diet and the diarrhea stopped within a day. As we waited for the blood test results, we continued with the no gluten. His cheeks became fuller and he finally weighs over 20 pounds. The blood test results came back negative so the doctor told us to start the gluten again to see what would happen. On Saturday I gave him mac and cheese, cheerios, and goldfish crackers (all things he use to eat), by Sunday the diarrhea began to come back. We called the doctor and she told us yesterday that this confirms the diagnoses of Celiac. A few questions...since it can be genetic (at least that is what I read) I am thinking I should get tested (I think my cousin may have it so it most likely comes from my side of the family). Also are there any support groups for children in the Santa Clarita (Valencia) area of Southern California. Also, we tried the gluten free bread and waffles at Trader Joes and Kyle does not like either do you have any suggestions on where to find products that are gluten free that are good in Southern California? Can anyone recommend any books or cookbooks on Celiac? Thanks!