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  1. I'll look for the crust in the recipe section. So it set well good then hopefully I can pull it off however I'll humbly admit I'm no chef like you . So let's hope for my best 😀
  2. Well timed Pep talk Admin. I am trying to accommodate all my intolerances this year to make dinner. Last year I will admit I was so ill, I didn't bother doing a holiday dinner. My spouse (bless him) handled creating a small safe meal in 2016 as I sulked in the corner miserable as T-Day was my favorite holiday. I was still eating blender foods back in Nov 2016 post gluten challenge, so I sulked, pitied myself, and felt very far from holiday spirit and quite honest was not very thankful despite some long overdue medical clarity. Ahh so here we are 2017, I can have potato's again, thank goodness my daughter wants garlic mash. They are back on the menu! Now I just have to try to convert my pumpkin ice cream pie to coconut milk style ice cream vs cow milk ice cream and master gluten-free crusts. Fingers crossed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and if you are in the Celiac newly diagnosed pit the sun will rise again -stay with us.
  3. Hi many posters gave you excellent info. I thought I would chime in a welcome to. I spent months blending my foods after my gluten challenge. I had 13 food intolerances (I am down to 3) and reacted to even the simplest additives so I began to react to even store bought almond milk and coconut milk-whole foods was the only way as they say. I had to make my own milk from almonds I still do. I lost corn and milk which I ate prior to the challenge. In hindsight corn was likely a problem before I missed it as my immune system revolted even worse to it after the challenge. I was shocked to lose milk and like JMG it was casein-my joints in particular communicated they were being attacked immunologically when I ate a trigger food. I found this out by food diary and using a non diary cheese that had no lactose but had casein from milk added. My GI was always messed up and has been since youth so I could not use it as my gauge to determine my other intolerances. The Celiac team suspected I had them and told me how to remove all the foods aka white noise to find them. I am pretty sure I finally figured them out now. Besides my intestines issues, my endoscope pictures my stomach and esophagus looked horrendous to the naked eye, my gallbladder and enzymes struggled as well. So digesting fats and proteins was hard for quite sometime. Small amounts super small bites, tons of chewing etc. An acupuncturist through treatment helped to turn my gallbladder back on I remember vividly the night it fired back on! While she is young she may have some organ function/impacted/ functioning sub par although youth is on her side. I am glad she got into ginger it helped me immensely. I did fresh ginger mined in hot water often or if desperate took right off spoon. I lost my beloved probiotic I took for years it was gluten-free, but my other intolerance corn was in it. Out it went. I began to make water keifer instead. My science side though ok Kitchen microbiology- a bit unorthodox for a past lab person but ok. So I play kitchen microbiologist brew it up (you feed them sugar and filtered water-they consume the sugar the end product does not contain it). In my second ferment I add 2- 1" inch pieces of ginger and it is delicious. A bit like ginger ale which is great since I can't drink it anymore due to every ginger ale having HFCS. (just another option to consider if she continues to have problems with probiotics.) Good luck
  4. Celiac In The Military?

    What a great community. She reaches out for help and you all help her get in touch with Hertzya. That is really touching great group the benefits to celiac after all are in the people😉 Edit: and Hertzya came back to help ! Good luck to both Hertzya and Sara's daughter sending thoughts it will all work out.
  5. Hair Loss Post Gluten Free?

    In addition to checking products for gluten-free issues, the particular vitamin that supports hair and nails is called biotin. It is included in most multivitamin s, multi b complex vitamins, but if some people do get enough from diet they may need to add a single biotin supplement. B vitamins are water soluble so they are not stored by the body. When I get glutened and cc I lose hair, after my challenge my hair suffered for quite sometime vs my gluten-free years. It takes times the cells are competing for limited nutrients in the commonly malabsorped nutrient celiac body. Good luck
  6. Leg numbness

    Hi Jenny. How long have you been gluten free? Have you potentially come across CC ate away from home, a processed food that is new to you? I get neuropathy issues among many other issues. For me it is my left upper arm goes numb aka falls asleep like sensation and my big toes both feet. Typically this is when I am actively consuming gluten before went gluten-free and at/after my challenge. As gluten-free if I get cc by gluten I go numb , if get cc by corn another intolerance I get shooting nerve firing. So yes celiac and food intolerance s can cause this in some people. It is best to stick to whole foods for now and keep a food diary to suss out any gluten cc or other intolerance. Edit - also check vitamin b12, other b' s and magnesium also are important. Do you get enough? B vitamins are water soluble so if you have absorption issues and don't consume enough and they are depleted this also should be on your radar. Sublingual b12 maybe necessary so t enters the blood stream vs. Pill /gi route. Lastly some require b12 shots if the prior options do not work.
  7. Headache

    I have corn and gluten issue this former post by bartfull helped me locate bc aspirin for my son (same issues) after he had ortho work I have not tried it personally As I still avoiding most things good luck
  8. Oh my I just re read your post. Ok now I am going to definitely say yes-you need to find someone who will test you. If this Dr. will not you may want to look for one who will. I slowly reveal my issues on here and I still keep things close to the vest. My pregnancies/labor/deliveries were impacted by my not knowing of my illness earlier. I lost my first as a missed miscarriage IUGR- likely undiagnosed Celiac. I was high risk delivery with my daughter and then a high risk pregnancy/delivery with my son. I had problems with both and was far from "normal" with both of the children I am blessed to have. I had a horrible rash after my daughter that was diagnosed as PUPPP by physical observation/no sample taken. which I continued to experience on and off in milder form over the subsequent years after on my butt, elbows, knees, arms, hands etc. I see on here that is spot on DH. Another missed opportunity. My son had additional problems during pregnancy, had NICU, PICU and surgeries within the first year of life. I am strongly encouraging you to look into this now if you can check for Celiac and other auto immune now before starting your pregnancies for you and your child/children's health and well being. That way you know how to best support both you health and are fully nutritionally supported before pregnancy. Best wishes and good luck
  9. 1. Eating gluten for 90 days and getting a blood test done (although I have heard this is not the most accurate way to diagnos Celiacs and I dread the thought of eating gluten for 90 days) Best practices based on current testing parameters etc. & also scope if you can. Depends on insurance sometimes only blood test initially covered etc. Ideally they want 90 days. I have been there- I could not finish a 90 day challenge. I did what we are not suppose to do-Rebellious I guess and likely desperate after decades of mis diagnosis. I went gluten-free and then after a horrible mistake or intentional malevolent screw up at a restaurant I got badly glutened after 3 1/2 years of gluten-free. I called ahead asked if they could accommodate me etc, did best to advocate for self, and failed -they fed me gluten. I became extremely ill, knew when I bit into the flour, stopped eating immediately, reacted worse then ever in the days following, I finally went for testing - I had a 1st cousin who was gold standard Celiac diagnosed. It however took her if I recall correctly 2 years and over a dozen Dr's. I had so many symptoms off the charts then ever I crawled to Dr's desperate to get some help for my symptoms. Unfortunately not much relief , but an allergist/immunologist finally got me to a Celiac team. I had to wait 2-3 months to get in. 2. Eating gluten for 2 weeks and getting an endoscopy - am I allowed to request this?? Yes- as cycling lady said insurance may not allow this/pay for it. My doctors took me this route. We verified before insurance would pay- we still had co pays and bills. I told them I knew I could not do a 12 week challenge and my husband agreed. I at first refused to do the 2 week challenge, but would do a scope. I eventually gave in and for my kids (and since I still had many horrible symptoms) I said ok I'll try to do scope me both ends. I was mis diagnosed as IBS for 20 plus years based on symptoms only. I failed I could not get past day 6. I stopped tried to do a seventh day but could not. I am not trying to discourage you from doing this- it was not for naught. I was trying to do the dual gluten/gluten-free household the ordeal taught me (and my husband stated) all gluten is being removed from this house. I needed this more than I ever new. We also learned my son had my issues, and that I had multiple additional food intolerances that had to be removed. I hated the experience, but on a good day I am grateful for the team who helped reveal this to me. I was so messed up for so long I could not see the forest through the trees. They took me off all processed foods even gluten-free and had me keep a stringent food diary. I also when damaged react poorly to toxins in and around the environment MCS that I suspected but the ordeal gave complete clarity too. Ideally I would complete the 2 weeks, but I could not to be blunt the toll including mental was so strong that I had to be sensible as my children needed a mother and I could not fight so hard for that gold standard diagnosis that it got so dark that I left my husband a widower and 2 kids motherless. We learned a lot. Gluten and my other issues were removed from the home, my son has this, and it was bigger than I thought, but got complete clarity and learned a very valuable lesson. This went undiagnosed longer than it should, Gluten and other foods had to be removed from my life, I had to stop work etc to focus on my health for this was undiagnosed/misdiagnosed too long. 3. Genetic testing - sort of what I am leaning towards right now because if I do have the genetic disposition I would just live the rest of my life like I have Celiacs. Is there any reason that I NEED the actual diagnosis? I wasn't offered this. I assume my insurance would not do it or my team/Celiac clinic did not see this as a match for me. If you were in my situation what would you recommend? I have been there. I wish my situation after being happily gluten free had not happened, but it was beyond my control. It gave complete clarity to the depth of my situation, connected a ton of medical dots throughout my lifetime, I learned the depth and degree of it not just gluten , but other issues too, my experience has made things better for my dear son. I am still not healthy enough yet to fully embrace and say this was meant to be and I am grateful this occurred and it was meant to be-yet. It was though and when I heal better than I am now) I will accept that. I learned much and even though I was gluten-free for 3 1/2 years because I felt better I didn't self diagnose myself as Celiac and join this forum until I went to the Celiac Team for testing-this was essential. I know I am celiac from a lifetime of symptoms -I won't bore you with details there are many in my posts-DH diagnosed as PUPPP's etc . Deep down I likely was in denial despite being gluten-free on 1. because I was mis diagnosed and 2. there are a whole lot of emotions etc that go with a lifetime of not knowing that came out , but I suppose it was not my time. Ideally if you can and insurance will pay it is worth doing-it is a path and journey in and of itself. Likely you already know the answer to-but for those diagnosed the resources etc and having that record and closure is helpful. Who knows who in the family or you come across in life you may help as well. Plus we are here for you. Question & Concern #2: I was tested for hypothyrodisim because everyone in my maternal family has been diagnosed with that but they all were diagnosed later in life (early 40s, I believe my mother went through premature menopause becuase it was undiagnosed for so long). Nobody in my family has heard of Hashimotos but when talking with my friend who is a nurse who has Hashimotos she said that sometimes the TSH test that I was given won't pick up on that. My TSH result was a 2.6 which I believe is slightly higher than the ideal range although the normal range on that result was considered up to a 5. I am going to go in and request to make sure that I don't have hypothyroidism of any kind including Hashimotos. Does anybody have any relevant advice for what tests I should request? I have been googling it but I was wondering if anybody went through that and has personal experience for the tests. I am glad cycling lady responded. I immediately thought of her. I know when I am on gluten my thyroid feel off. I have been checked 2-3 times in life and I test "normal" , but I feel it is faltering. My mom (a nurse) after all this stuff stated you might be subclinical, enough you feel it, but the test doesn't catch it. I take comfort in her wisdom. Good luck on y our journey
  10. Depression feelings when things are quieter?

    Celiac can totally change the trajectory of your social/personal life, without your consent. Very much so.
  11. Depression feelings when things are quieter?

    I am glad you got your diagnosis and I am pleased to hear you heart procedure went well. I wish you much comfort and healing on your path. "but just got diagnosed w vertigo n they are treating me for that!" Oh gosh I have had bouts of vertigo over 20 plus years -I know ell what you speak of. I refer to it as my "fun house" periods.
  12. Depression feelings when things are quieter?

    I also would crash your event too people for the comradery, the tea, social outlet, and hopes of getting some of Chef Ennis food-. He shares many of my issues and I would be hopeful to eat something I didn't have to make, that I likely would not react too .......
  13. Depression feelings when things are quieter?

    I would totally join for the games and tea. Alas I am in the Midwest
  14. Depression feelings when things are quieter?

    Got that right. I describe it as buying a roller coaster ride ticket and then finding out you can't get off. You white knuckle it, accept it, then ride the ride, while learning much about yourself , your strength, and emerging coping skills by default
  15. Depression feelings when things are quieter?

    With chronic illness like Celiac and other immune disorders I believe one after diagnosis goes through the actual shock of the diagnosis and goes through something similar to the Kübler-Ross model (the five stages of grief ) . While this model is tied to the emotions experienced of survivors of an intimate's death, I believe people with life threatening illness or chronic illness experience something similar. The model encompasses five stages of emotions- denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Stages_of_Grief Once one begins to experience some relief from the physical symptoms, the emotional can erupt during times of quiet. IMHO this would be natural to the process for us. Only you know if you agree. I think it is normal, natural, for us to experience. Letting it out, journaling, poetry, writing, creative outlet is helpful and then moving on to the healthy skills/hobbies the other posters above discuss are all helpful. And as many mention in other posters make sure your body is getting the vitamins you need. This can be socially isolating since society focuses so much on food especially around the holidays. Cut yourself some flak, your not alone, and as you see above their is a wonderful community here to support you. Best Wishes Edit: I forgot one more hobby-music. I have since my middle school years have loved music to express what lies within the soul. If you don't play an instrument or the fall out of the illness causes difficult write, sing it, any outlet you can. There is a song for every moment of life. If it gets to intense to express let music express it for you