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  1. Thanks for the well wishes Jmg. It appears that you & cycling lady think the sugar maybe our issue, let me clarify that's not our issue for it is manifesting as one of our additive intolerance exposure symptoms. One both my son and I have discovered over 2016. It's not a sugar crash type or a gi symptom in our case . But excellent info for consideration for others. My concern was about additives not listed on a label which is currently not required by regulations and the havoc it can cause the consumer .It's a clear cut symptom we get when exposed to a corn derived additive. At this juncture we are possibly sensitive to a highly processed flavor or coloring from a source other than corn that would be helpful to know what that source is per label . That's where transparency in labeling would be helpful to me and others like me. The links I included on my post reflect concerns by others out on the web to this concept. The food diary is helpful and has been to us in discovering these sensitivity issues, but not ideal when not all additives are labeled. the label says 100 percent juice but my body says otherwise . I am well aware from personal job exposure that the food industry is not required to list every ingredient particularly if it is not a top 8 allergean which is why I went look for the info to share. As you both pointed out and maybe even helped to bring to light the importance of sugar labeling my dream is to see it a step further with additives.
  2. Thanks Ennis and cycling lady, Ennis thanks for letting me know I'm not alone on the goofy intolerance stuff. cycling lady I'd love an orange tree that must be great to just go pluck one to get your serving. We do fruits regularly here too. I just test the lands of processed land occasionally and apparently the land mines are everywhere. I chose homemade almond milk today. I am just perplexed my son reacted too which is the concerning thing to me. From the research I've done and your suggestions it's best we remove the product from our list of potential items for it clearly is not a match. have a good day
  3. I had to research today from last night's reaction. Never thought oj would be a problem. I see from past posts some have had concerns about orange juice . I've joined the club. Myself and DS are reacting to something in pure premium. Just wanted to share info I found in case one day someone else has this experience. While I can't say it is gluten cc we also are corn and milk free, just know we are having a reaction and we just opened a new pure premium that we both drank from. It is possible I'm sensitive to chemicals the flavors / scent added after processing possible culprit. Sad as oj has the vitamin c good for immune system. Which is disheartening if DS is as sensitive as mom didn't appear to be until now. I'm not sure but felt the need to put this out there for those concerned with labeling and who are sensitive. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/29/100-percent-orange-juice-artificial_n_913395.html http://gizmodo.com/5825909/orange-juice-is-artificially-flavored-to-taste-like-oranges Edit: one more link http://www.foodrenegade.com/secret-ingredient-your-orange-juice/ Maybe today is a coffee day?
  4. They did but their main concern was about the Barrett's they found. so they told my husband that was more important then our celiac concerns. Additionally, the follow up reports I was provided appear to be incomplete. Only the first (bulb) and second (descending) part of the dueodenum are discussed not the 3 and 4. I am confused as to where those details are. my husband and I have concerns but in the end they told him if you and your wife believe she reacts to gluten tell her not to eat it. So the end result was you have Barrett's and don't eat gluten.
  5. Welcome besides JMG's paleo suggestion I also utilize AIP and Whole30 recipes as well. Those 3 can get you started. I've heard others also check out SCD recipes as well. as for flours can you have/use chickpeas, coconut, and almond. Sometimes it easiest in the newly intolerance stage to just avoid flours and baked treats for several weeks. Just focus on basic foods with fresh , simple, minimal ingredients. I found gluten is the portal to my other intolerances. I had 8 in addition to gluten after my challenge . Now I believe I am at 3 , 10 months later. If corn is a problem ( I know they said you can have baking powder) many baking powders cut it with / have corn starch I react . I react to very small amount of corn derived ingredients (meaning proteins are removed so in theory ones immune system should not react. My body reacts to differ on that one.) despite having a list of your intolerances I suggest to also keep a food dairy too for if it's not a top 8 allergan that requires labeling your body will quickly detect it , give you a characteristic symptoms and by golly you'll call and discover your allergen is in there despite it not being labeled. Those trace amounts gotta love em my body has been its own trace amount forensic food detective for the last 10 months. good luck
  6. I couldn't finish my gluten challenge past 6 days so the gold standard damage a Dr hope to see was not there, but I felt every bit of it and more. they also spent more time focused on my esophagus and stomach because that was where they saw the most transparent damage. They never gave me my full pathology report just the immediate images /report and a diagnosis of Barrett's & food intolerances . I was told to keep a food dairy. My body could not get past 6 days of gluten. I skipped one day after the 6 as a much needed break. I was becoming very dehydrated. I tried to eat more to finish the challenge but couldn't. I couldn't wait for the scopes so I could get an IV I wanted and needed the hydration. Water wasn't working. I still have no idea how they could miss intestinal damage based on my symptoms and how I felt , but the dr I had said the small intestine looked fine from what she and her med student saw during the procedure . I was gluten-free for 31/2 years prior to my gluten challenge, I was told to take ppi s and Zyrtec during my gluten challenge so I'm not sure how that factored in. My bloat was more gradual and less extreme. I believe because of the anti histamine and the ppi acting as a h2 receptor blocker changed my typical immune reaction, but I was still reacting. It was was gi but I had even more systemic pain symptom fall out then I had prior to being gluten-free. I honestly don't think one biological system was not effected in some way. They told my husband since your wife and you both report she can't eat gluten tell her to return to her gluten-free diet. ironically I then got 8 additional food intolerances and multiple chemical & additives /preservatives sensitivities. The experts on celiac .com said go Whole Foods only . It helps. As I heal the issues improve, but I still have more issues that occurred all at once that now linger longer than I had prior to 2016. So yes I believe one can miss it or for circumstances as mine the symptoms are so serve that the patient can't finish the current required gluten challenge duration protocol/time line. This can limit their test and equipment detection. you may have healed well over 13 years . I would agree with cycling lady once a celiac always a celiac. If you have been gluten-free for a while the amount gluten consumed, your immune health now stronger , stress level, overall well being maybe much better than 13 years ago . my opinion your immune system maybe manifesting the reactive symptoms different than 13 years ago, but it doesn't mean the immune system is not detecting it and affecting you. as the wise gluten-free in D.C. Answered me they can't rule you in definitivly, but they can't rule you out either. Which is why I'm back on the lifestyle after the challenge. i would suggest sticking with the lifestyle.
  7. Hi Gma, I bloat/swell/inflame with the characteristic pregnancy like look too within 30-45 minutes of exposure as well. It as if once it hits my small intestine I feel a huge painful wham of a 2 x 4 with a bunch of fine needles slam down on the first part of my small intestine, I bloat, get shortness of breath, eyes water, I get tired, and my upper and lower back begins to hurt. as you describe as the hours go on the dominos fall. Joint pain, migraines, my large intestine tries to expel the evil gluten and then my nerves just shut down my gi tract comes to a halt. then a day or 2 later my mood , my brain fog and my left upper arm and big toes go numb. Scary stuff until I found out it wasn't IBS as I was told 20 years ago. my body reacts worse to smaller amounts since I went gluten-free. I am still s l o w l y healing from my 2016 gluten challenge since I went gluten-free prior to diagnosis. Not ideal but heck I was missed for longer than I ever want to admit. you said you could cheat in the past likely now the body once gluten-free will remind you there is no cheat and even cc is dealt with extremely i hope you haven't had too bad a time lately as jmg said if you post your question or comment as a new topic you'll get more traffic. welcome and you found the right place.
  8. Disregard prior post
  9. Hi Freesa, I get numb mostly my upper left arm and my big toes on each foot with gluten and fall out from gluten. 20 years ago of course before I knew of my issues I had a wonderful chiropractor who told me about Epsom salt baths. Prior to that I always loved baths but never took an Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) bath. Once I tried them I was hooked. No matter what my ails if I can I jump in. My aches, muscles, and nerves (weather firing or numb) I find a soak in Epsom gives me comfort and a dose of needed magnesium. If you like a soak once in a while you may want to give it a try.
  10. Welcome Cheryl IA, I too avoid oats. In fact since childhood I hated oats. I spent 20 years thinking I was IBS, but in 2016 a gi Dr said no that diagnosis was not correct . In fact many former diagnoses were incorrect. I was unable to finish my gluten challenge past day 6, and since then my intolerance s are a plenty. In fact today I determined I can no longer take my beloved probiotic. Gluten, corn, and milk all are a no go says my body. I must also be careful of processed products that fortify with things derived from corn (even if corn proteins removed etc) . I had to stop an almond milk I was taking for it was fortified with a vitamin derived from corn. People on the boards here like Ennis encouraged me to be whole foods only after my challenge for I was struggling badly. I am finding I do best following a more paleo like diet coupled with beginning to make many things from scratch. It took me 9 months to find a tomato paste without corn. I'll attempt to can my own this summer if the garden fairies and mother nature find me worthy of a healthy and plentiful crop. I am still not pain free it is now an indicator to drop something or pull out the food diary. Otherwise it almost appears I have thresholds. I indulge in a few gluten-free /corn free potato chips ( I'm weak I must have a vice-guilty as charged) but my body sets an inflammatory limit and I listen. I am grateful it's summer because I grow all my own herbs etc.and everything is tastier made from scratch, minimal Ingredients but fresh. Follow Ennis' s suggestion and yes sometimes we must drop something that we thought was fine prior. Or you may only be able to eat a handful of a vice the body says is inflammatory. I believe my body has to downgrade from each intolerance gradually and its surveillance of it. once it knows one is gone/I remove it ,my immune system then says great let me tell what else ticks me off. Best Wishes and quick healing.
  11. Wow some of those sound so good I think I get why people are eating them. All joking aside, she left out that people can make their own or use basics like the African black soap and not shell out $68. She also could have mentioned that sometimes it's not that one can get in the mouth, but an immune system on high alert may not deal well with a lot of additives etc. I get the organic/minimal point. They are quite pricy, she left off the 3 buck range though. Hey us newbies are still paying medical bills from decades of undiagnosed/misdiagnosed celiac. If I'm paying $68 it for something like a massage. I'll have to hunt for that reasonably priced shampoo or pull out my at homesteading chemistry set. I do actually make my own face soap. Thanks or posting.
  12. Getting pretty heated everyone. Deep breath . Don't forget we are here to help and support one another. You all make valid points that are from each person's experience and perspective. Wise people can decipher the difference and apply all your posts as needed. Hopefully my comment helps to mediate not further inflame the fire. Some are able to take digestive enzymes and that is great more food options for them. However those with several intolerance s or co morbid allergies with the celiac may not be able to take digestive enzymes. Manufacturing can add quite a bit of ingredients that may include ones who are not able to take them those binders, fillers, flow agents, anti caking etc are prevalent in supplement and processed food Industry. That's why gluten-free in DC reminded us all whole foods are best at the start. As for me I'm out on lots of things still. Gluten, corn, cow milk products are highly inflammatory to my body. The joint pain is just not worth it. I started on store bought almond and By golly they fortify that with corn. Ah and corn/corn derivatives are not required to labeled. One of the culprits holding me back in my healing process. So now I make my own almond milk. I use coconut for many of the desserts or my kids homemade waffles. It appears I developed a casein issue after my challenge. Everyone is working from their own experience /perspective and does not want another to experience additional pain or issues. Most of all let's not chase away the people who need us who may not be use to our heated debates to blow off steam. Now go have your favorite morning drink with or without cow milk.
  13. Hi and welcome. I was told I had Gastritis and Barrett s esophagus as well upon immediate follow up after my endoscopy/colonoscopy. I was put on ppi' s and zyrtec prior to my celiac gluten challenge. I am never certain what role they played in my testing stage or results. I do know my symptoms while on the two were not as extreme bloating wise but I developed joint pain I never had. I was off gluten for 3 1/2 years prior to a bad restaurant screw up. Yep -Fed me gluten and despite me quickly realizing it the damage was done. That's when I went for testing because my body's response was even worse than when I ate gluten regularly. Well after all the money etc and coming out of the procedure immediately to cranberry juice and crackers ? Yes giving crackers to someone who came to your hospital for CELIAC testing. My testing was often given at the wrong time or wrong test etc. I was unable to consume more than 6 days of gluten in succession. Don't ask. No joke my husband thought perhaps it was best to heal and no longer pursue testing or follow up with that hospital. My insurance company would not pay for the next doctor procedure they wanted to send me to, to cut up my esophagus. I had no symptoms of acid reflux. I am back to square one again at home healing from the gluten challenge. I could not finish and ironically suffering other food intolerance s as well. I feel the esophagus damage was due to the gluten and they didn't see more damage because I was unable to consume gluten past day 6. I do hope your experience is/was better than mine. And that you find your answers quickly and painlessly. It is good you have 2 children who can support you on this journey as well as these message boards. Best Wishes
  14. I am not diagnosed POTS. I believe I have a body that can be subclinical test wise and that fights hard to maintain homeostasis which has its positives but not so much in western medicine. I am enigma test wise and then get diagnosed with one of the top 10 misdiagnosed/celiac diagnosis. I think I'm 8 out of 10. I haven't pushed tor POTS testing as I couldn't finish my gluten challenge and knew I couldn't. If I go POTS route I suspect it will be the same. I will suffer more from the testing rather than dealing with it as I always have. I don't want that switch flipped fully and the full brunt of it crashing down on me , when I'm maintaining a mild form I've dealt with for decades. Make sense? I know I have CNS issues and I have some of the symptoms of POTS. If it's not POTS my CNS has been attacked likely by my immune system or it turns on when I'm highly inflamed. It affects my organ systems and can flare. It ramps up I adjust as needed best I can until I get it downgraded/tolerable/remission(?). Most notably my symptoms are heart rate, pounding rush, ache in upper back shoulders, flushing, lightheadedness(unrelenting), tremors,kidneys excessive urination. My earliest symptoms were in middle school. I ran to tell my mom something scary was happening, fell down the stairs, and my body was overloaded by everything my cardiovascular system& sensory wise. That was the worst and strongest event. I often during that time had symptoms of low blood sugar/ tremors and when I felt light headed she reminded me to eat.I do not faint but often feel on the brink of fainting. Over time it became just me and while irritating as heck, less scary. It however never gets less annoying. I can't tell you how often throughout my lifetime I walked around like this. In my late 20's I stopped driving for several months it got that bad. I felt like I was walking in a fun house for months sensory wise. I went to have it checked out, I suspected autoimmune issue was looming. I passed the basic Neuro and was told it was a middle ear infection. My next step was an MRI for MS, I'll admit it I prayed really prayed for it to go away. It did 2 days before my test I was so grateful and will admit I didn't want to pursue more testing. I however suspected autoimmunity was in my future. I have had gi issues a lifetime. In my early 30s I ran the gamet of primary care,allergist/immunologist and was told it was psychological. Now I know what I'm dealing with and I've had celiac and multiple food intolerance s likely from toddlerhood or birth. My heart rate fluctuates and I feel it, I even have used a blood pressure cuff at home. Years back I came home ill from work one day and I laid down and cuff on and my bp was bouncing up and down but not a huge fluctuation that many have. The company moved us into the same building as production and my symptoms flared badly. Previously the office was in separate building. I left that job and once out of that it improved. My biggest annoying lifetime POTS symptoms is an unrelenting lightheadedness it's maddening. I also have flushed for a lifetime which is quite embarrassing. I get symptoms even g.f. but have realized corn and other chemical intolerance s can trigger it. In addition to cc, I suspect airborne gluten, corn, some chemicals I am sensitive to and lastly vibrations from a deep subwoofer base frequency also appear to trigger my cns . I live in an urban area and people love their base and I feel it cars away. I am 9 months out from my gluten challenge, and accupuncture is helping me to tame the POTS like symptoms. I've had these symptoms a long time and they flare and remit. For me it's time and keeping my body happy from the triggers it hates. It difficult to avoid all my suspect triggers, but if the accupuncture can tame the inflammation, heal the gi, and regulate the CNS, I know I can get a few good long years stretch again. No matter what it's called I am stuck with it. Good luck to you. Your not alone. Ps I often become a recluse like hermit during my symptomatic times to aid my cns. I'm often criticized by unknowing people etc but they don't live in my body. Overall calm and peace is golden.
  15. Thanks Ennis. An issue at the heart of AWOL. I know the FDA tries, but often I fear that due to budget restraints etc the issue requires the village GFWD says. I believe some companies can be confused and delayed about understanding allergies, celiac, food intolerance s, and the need for transparency and vigilance in labeling for consumers. Sometimes I fear the business underestimates the seriousness and views it as too expensive or just a difficult customer. In addition to the misbranding GFWD mentions there are adverse event reports consumer may not be aware of. The consumer, the Dr., and the business have a form to notify the FDA of adverse events. Some forms are voluntary and some mandatory based on the circumstances. If anyone wants to read up https://www.fda.gov/safety/medwatch/howtoreport/downloadforms/default.htm In AWOL' s fantasy dream world corn would join be recognized as the 9th FLACPA food allergy requiring labeling . Still dreaming.....