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  1. Ironic, We went entirely gluten-free in our home after 2016 for how bad my neurological , joints, mood gets now in addition to my former gi, skin, and other issues . My son shows signs of my early symptoms and voluntarily went off gluten, corn, and milk like me as he did his own food like diary symptom tracking. My daughter continues on gluten outside the home. We warn her of our concern for at times in toddler hood she was constipated and would bloat. We asked their Dr to test them as I was undergoing my testing and she said no until I had my diagnosis. As we know these things take time and my son went gluten-free . He said after watching mom on my gluten challenge that he will not go back on it . We await technology further research and we silently watch our soon to be teen girl for we know even if tested negative it can show up one day. She says I know mom I know. The more Whole Foods here in the home we notice she actually craves gluten / processed foods less and is slowly transitioning as well. Does your child also naturally eat less gluten and processed as well away from home? I wonder if the taste buds / craving change as the parents diet changes food options. Thoughts?
  2. It might generate based on traffic searches or posts etc. My guess. I read them and respond because I wasn't on here as a member in 2012. I only use to visit then. So it's new to me V. happy friday 😋
  3. I also second the refered pain. I get many symptoms as my situation went decades undiagnosed despite gi and then some symptoms. I have had 20 plus years of lower back pain, left hip, and tail bone pain connected to gluten and nutritional deficiency as a result of. It was a regular occurance while eating gluten, it improved being gluten-free 4 years, returned with a vengeance due to a restaurant error (despite knowing I was gluten-free and prediscussing,) and post gluten 2016 challenge lingers. Slowly improving. It will go , I know but it takes time. It requires me to exercise, strengthen which detoxes the area helps facilitate healing etc, and requires b vitamins, magnesium, and vitamin d in addition to other things I very quickly get depleted of when glutened. Its a viscious slippery slope once cc as this is an "old" symptom. spefically I only had massive rectal pain during one of my c sections when undiagnosed- a bunch of issues occurred there. My pregnancy , labor delivery stories as someone undiagnosed are best left unsaid. With someone actually physically pulling on my gi tract as one very ill lady and undiagnosed issues arise. if you've not had surgery or trama to area I suggest verifying no gluten slipping in, another intolerance pop up, or nutrient deficiency are good places to start. I hope you get relief and comfort soon. Good luck
  4. Thanks for the article admin. I am predominantly paleo / whole 30 based so I guess I'm a fad dieter according to this article. It however very much so helps me with my symptoms and avoid cc of gluten and my other nemesis' milk and corn. Guilty as charged. I found it interesting processed foods and specifically the additives predominantly found in them were not mentioned as a potential contributor to diabetes. This is another potential contributor that imho should be added .
  5. Interesting the Teflon was the substrate /material the gluten "stuck to" with a higher ppm of cc a synthetic man made versus an organic material iron . Based on her writing further exploration is not likely to get funding but perhaps from this preliminary finding if repeated celiacs in shared households should avoid teflon products. My husbands bachelor pots and pans were a great set of stainless steel. Our wedding set of dishes mostly have broken. I purged all pre diagnosis wood , plastic, and and old or very used ceramic and with my son and I both affected the household went completely gluten free. I wish the budding scientist much success, but hope she followed her own data and ditched all teflon.
  6. Desperate for help

    If I get cc -insomnia will manifest as one of the symptoms and knock me off sleep schedule. I also get fatigue. I have multiple symptoms. If diet and personal care under control , environmental or new exposure event? Are solely In school/classes or are you on rotation or observation in field? Are you handling or dispensing any meds for patients that have gluten in it?. Even if gloved are you sensitive to airborne "dust " pharmaceutical med or Otc meds with gluten filler even when pouring can possibly effect you in my opinion. Maybe gloves/mask would help. Just a thought. Good luck.
  7. Yes I can relate. I describe the feeling as having run a marathon and being hit by a Mac truck just after crossing the finish line. A fatigue, exhaustation, annihilation type experience. Lol welcome and the veterans above gave excellent advice. Best Wishes on the journey of testing and healing. We're here.
  8. Kefir – suspicious ingredients

    I currently would react to glucose and citric acid. Jury out on paprika. Since 2016 in addition to gluten which has been a problem longer than diagnosis, I dropped milk and corn. Corn and corn derivatives are high alert immune reactors for me now and damage my gi. I can't have synthetic derivatives of corn flavors/ color or natural distilled derivatives from corn ie vinegar. Only acv for my salad dressing/baking. My immune system now says no corn in all forms. I ate it prior to 2016 weekly. I wish you luck since the reactive ingredient is not transparent. Keep watch as others suggested to suss out the culprit. I started home water keifer in the second ferment you can add flavor berries etc. , but ginger is my favorite.
  9. Wow everyone my memory lane stuff just keeps popping up on this forum!!!! Thanks for sharing the post op and Audrey the pic. I had what looked like this on my inner left ankle in my late 20's! It never got diagnosed at the time. I was seeing Dr's at time early pregnancy and then missed miscarriage. dr's I had at the time I asked didn't know what it was. Period of time I had some of the worst headaches of my life etc. I didn't know if I had been bitten by a spider (brown recluse not in my area though) , the miscarriage, or picked up something from the hospital during my follow up miscarriage stuff-stirrup /ankle. I don't have a pic of it to share. Dr's didn't know, my mom a nurse didn't know , that left my husband who is a bit more holistic based and helped me on healing it at home. I am really shocked to see see posts and all too often say wow! That's my .... from whatever decade I'm newly recognized/diagnosed too so this was 15 years ago! wow if any one has any active pg I wish you comfort and swift healing . Been there but didn't have the puzzle piece until you gave it to me now. so many puzzle pieces....finally .....start making an image since I joined this forum.
  10. Low gluten ?

    "If your insurance allows, find another GI. In my non-medical opinion, IBS stands for "I Be Stumped". " Yes please follow your gut and ravenswood and cycling lady suggestion. Good luck with the consult and hopefully swift and shenniganless diagnosis. I spent over 20 years IBS- vigoursly shakes head if I was only diagnosed 20 years earlier or dare I say 38 years before ... best wishes b Kelly
  11. I very much understand going to alternative practitioners particularly if allopathic avenues tried previously have not worked. Karen g is suggesting you get formal testing to confirm celiac/ncgs status. I am glad the practitioner is providing relief /comfort , and I understand a supplement or two for protocol. I do get concerned when those numbers increase in products suggested. Ideally it should be mostly food based nutritional support with a few supplements for deficiencies or a multi to support the regular diet. It is very possible that your alternative practitioner is onto your problem. I spent years having more symptom relief and better health with a DC . However I would suggest from the sake of this illness that you also take the knowledge you have discovered with the current practitioner and ask an allopathic physician to test for celiac/ncgs. During my 2016 diagnosis process my own team told me accupuncture sometimes helped ease symptoms for previous patients. Yes one can get a flood of " memory lane " symptoms with a celiac flare or with alternative treatment. It can be hard to rule out which is which it comes with experience and mind/body self awareness knowledge. Naturopathic Dr' s can stir things up as they are treating, but often times you must communicate reactions /experiences so they know pros and cons to tailor treatment. Sounds the most recent step was too strong/too much. It should be gently and positively moving you along not exacerbating the bad. In my opinion the symptoms are back strongly consider testing for celiac with a celiac hospital/clinic and then let them know you use alternative practitioners for symptom management. For testing they'll need you back on gluten. I know what I'm asking you to do is huge because I've done just that myself. This is not an easy path, nor easy illness, you had a glimmer it's the right path when you went gluten-free, you likely have had this longer than you realize, do you have kids? Family? I never thought I'd do testing once gluten-free, but through an error by a restaurant I got badly exposed to gluten and at that point went for testing for my kids. It was a good thing for my son also has my issues and my daughter will always be aware of her genetic potential. I'm still working on my dad and my brother who I very much worry about as I believe they may have celiac. Sometimes our path unfolds not as we want, but as it's destined. The alternative Dr clued you in now take that knowledge rule in or out celiac by testing . Lastly the alternative Dr can be great comfort, but celiac can be on two fronts. You need it all in your arsenal. I have a very allopathic medicine based family so my alternative practices often are disregarded I find with celiac both are helpful. Lastly, I wanted my allopathic medical record to have connected dots celiac explains it , but I had decades of celiac symptoms bundled and diagnosed as other illness. This finally puts it together for my offspring and future Dr s. My alternatives help a lot , but I focus on treatment not the supplemental products. It will be a long journey to diagnose and heal you had a glimmer of it so .... Good luck
  12. Successfully Putting on Weight Despite the conditions

    That is wonderful news. May you celebrate your dedication, focus, and commitment and you make great recipes you're willing to share too.
  13. costo treatment

    Ironic truth, I don't have further info myself, but I wanted to send you well wishes on finding comfort soon.
  14. gluten sensitivity

    Oh you can tell I don't get out much 😀 Well then someone already is a budding entrepreneur
  15. gluten sensitivity

    Interesting read. Never even thought of cc in (mary j). My state is not legal and as a young teen /20 something I like Ennis , just got loopy from being in the smoke of others. I am not as extreme as Ennis where I'd pass out but would feel close to it. Just wouldn't have to take it myself I got loopy from the fumes. Hmmm After I delivered my son I had a bad reaction to one of the meds pain killer I think. I got so sick I told the nurse she must have given me too high a dose. One of the Dr's came in to check on me and joked and said nope the amount she gave was fine you're just a cheap date-one drink minimum kind of gal. Now I know must have been gluten filler eh? Another decade later until I joined this gluten-free club after many of my issues missed for decades. As Karen g said many people come on here before to read up about the condition if they know someone etc, I came on years before as a guest as symptoms brought me here but it was years later I actually went gluten-free then gluten challenged and tested. As many know the path to diagnosis is throught with misses, confusion, and delays. Lastly communication is hard in general amongst people look at social media. Some of the members particularly veterans can be direct , get to the point , or ask no holds barred in asking details as this is not their first rodeo. Some of the forum posts between veterans is like a Godzilla movie lol then they all respectfully agree to disagree based on perspectives and experiences they say no two celiacs the same. When they realize their directness came across as hurtful the come back to soften the blow. Remember older celiacs had to be salmon swimming upstream as people told them their illness did not exist until science and medicine caught up with us. All good pioneers. and poster it sounds like you answered and solved your own problem. Your push back is a great trait for this condition-you're set. colorado gluten-free spiked treats might be a budding career for someone in CO. Lol happy Friday everyone