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  1. Hi there: I am a brand new member here. I just had the endoscopy and colonoscopy done a few weeks ago. "Biopsy" is such a frightening word but, you do not even know that it was done. They shoul just call it "sample" or something like that. I had a drug called Versed and don't remember a thing. I came home and took a nap for most of the afternoon. I felt like I had drank a few glasses of red wine. You said that you would rather not take the medicines and I understand that but, this is the one time you should let them give it to you. It is only for a short amount of time and why go through all of that if you don't have to? Just my opinion. Best of luck and don't be scared!
  2. Thanks for asking. I am feeling fine. My symptoms were the more subtle ones like anemia (recent) and IBS and depression for years. I am excited to see how I am going to feel.
  3. If a biopsy is the "Gold Standard" for celiac disease results, what happens when your biopsy is positive but, your bloodwork is negative? Nurse said I could still have celiac disease and to meet w/GI next week. gluten-free for 3 days.
  4. Please help! Has anyone ever heard of a Celiac having a positive biopsy result (described as "early stage Celiac Disease") and subsequent blood tests show negative results? I had the biopsy done first because I needed to have a colonoscopy and esophogeal endoscopy. I'm confused!!