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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi ! I am in the same place - i used to weigh 135 (for years!) and now I'm over 150 (yikes!). I went to your profile to find your email - didn't see that, but did notice that you and I have the same birthday August 9th (except I'm 1964.....yikes again) If you want to teamtag and keep each other in check / accountable - I'd be up for a weight loss partner! margo_boston@yahoo.com
  2. I will be traveling on business for two weeks in April to Shanghai and Hong Kong. Does anyone know of any restaurants w/ gluten free choices in either of these cities? I've done some google and other searches but didn't come up with anything. I wasn't too hopeful to begin with - but wanted to put it out there in case someone had a suggestion. Thanks
  3. Weight Gain

    I had the same problem - gained 20lbs in a matter of a months. It was depressing since I had been at a "normal" weight for my heigt/frame etc - for 10years. My advice would be to make sure you have a nutrionist who really understands Celiac. My first one did not - and that was part of the problem. I would also try to cut out white rice and limit potatoes - especially rice - that caused a lot of my weight gain. Also as I'm sure you have realized all the gluten-free "treats" are loaded with calories - I never really ate those anyway (too much $$ and they didn't taste that good.....) I didn't do anything for a year until I felt ready - and then I increased exercise and did WW (I modified it a bit to fit my gluten-free diet) and that worked. I don't know if this note helped you at all - but I did find reassurance when I was in the same place as you that initial significant weight gain is a common problem experienced by many new celiac patients.
  4. Excellent - summer, support and gluten free. Going Gluten Free wasn't a big deal for me - the 15 -20lb weight gain was and I'm going to do what I can before my annual physical in early Oct. I think one weigh in day would be good - I'm currently around 155 and want to get to 135 - 140max Meg
  5. Hello all ! Perfect timing - thanks for posting, count me in to this group. I too weighed 135 for years - jumped up to 150+ when I went gluten-free about 15 months ago and need to focus on getting back down. I just scheduled my physical for early Oct - I want to be back to 135 - 140 by then - it's doable with focus, EXERCISE and support from other GFfolks! Meg
  6. I Need To Lose Weight

    Hi - I'm in the same glutenfree-gained-15lbs-boat! I have given up rice and potatoes - and corn was never a big deal for me. I really want to get back to a body I feel comfortable in -- if you want some company, count me in. Meg
  7. Paleo

    Is anyone doing Paleo Diet with any weight loss success? I'd like to try it for a few weeks. Meg
  8. Hi - anyone else out there focused on trying to lose weight this summer?? I'm trying to lose those 15-20lbs I gained a few months back when I started gluten free......it's going, but slowly. If you are in the same situation join this thread and we'll support each other!
  9. Rapid Weight Gain

    Same with me - I would suggest cutting out rice too - that helped me a lot.
  10. I know what you mean!!! I feel the same way. I'm just creeping out of the situational depression I have been for three months (after buying all new spring/summer) clothes since nothing fit!! But somehow I keep reminding myself that I am healthy (if not happy) and I have to say that now after six months of gluten free things seem to be normalizing - not losing weight as quickly as I would like - but it is not going up anymore either. I basically cut out all starches - including rice, potato etc that seems to be working Hang in there!!!
  11. Anyone In Ma?

    Try Wild Oats and Trader Joes too! And I'm sure there are many health food stores inthe Northhampton area (there aren't many Wild Oats - but there are a few around Boston and they are quite good - much like Whole Foods) Welcome to Boston - don't know where you are moving from but hope you like the cold!
  12. I am fairly new to all of this - but my doctor did put me on Rx strength folic acid in addition to other vitamins and iron etc. Folic acid is not easily stored in the body - and the main source is whole grains!
  13. I'll do this challenge with you - THINK SPRING!!! Which sounds good to those of us living in cold weather climate! Maggie (celiacboston@yahoo.com)
  14. I'm up for the challenge - and the focus with another person or group! Thanks for posting Maggie
  15. I'll take a look at the book - I am newly diagnosed too and have gained some weight which is driving me crazy. It would be good to have some focused group to keep me on track. Meg