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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I can't believe it Maple Leaf added wheat Gluten to the Top Dogs as of late summer everyone in Canada beware because these now contain gluten. Everyone should call and tell them how unhappy they are about this, I called today and they said that they have already recieved a few calls.
  2. Hi, My little guy turned three in December and we've been to a few different parties, One was at play place that then served pizza afterwards with the cake and presents. I called ahead explained about food issues and they just let me bring my own pizza and cake slice for him( he didnt' eat though just wanted to keep playing so he might not even care about the pizza part).
  3. Chilis (calgary) Sucked

    HI, I went to Chili's in Calgary and it was horrible my son has celiacs and the manager was so rude if it hadn't been for the other people I would have left as well. Its because Chilli's in Canada isn't the same as the ones in the states they dont' have all that carb aware stuff. I have to say it was one of the worst experiences dealing with people about my son and he was about two at the time unbelievable how rude they were.
  4. HI My little guy just turned three a couple weeks ago and when he was two only weighed 21lbs as well a year ago we put him on the diet against doctors recommondations and he has gained about five pounds and he has less bowel problems (was the oppostie though he was constipated) I have no regrets and dont' know if I'll ever bother getting the biopsy as the doctor here in Calgary said I would have to put him on gluten for six months minimum and from reading on here the biopsy really is unrealiable especially in young children. I'm in Calgary and the doctors here at least agree he is doing better on the diet and it won't harm him they didnt' try to force me to put him back on gluten we go back when he is five, of course unless there are problems.
  5. I'd start supplying food to the daycare and have a seperate toaster, cutting board, that kinda stuff for him and can you buy your own art supplies so he doesn't use theirs if they arent' the right type. Also if they arent' going to work with you I'd be looking into a new daycare as this is his health. Same with the neighbors I'd call and just explain about cross contamination and such how sensitive he is and you feel better perparing his food. I haven' t had to deal with either of these so maybe some others who have will have some different ideas.
  6. Hi The best place by far is the Amaranth Food Market which is in the NW by Arbour Lake, Crowfoot. You can get pretty much everything there, Safeway used to carry alot but they got rid of a bunch of stuff. Also in the SW there are a couple bakeries so they carry fresh stuff, I believe one is in Marda Loop and the other is at the end of Crowchild don't know what that area is called. HTH Thats all I can think of right now we usually only go to Amaranth now.
  7. Hi Our blood work was negative and we took our son off anyway and he has put on lots of weight and seems to be eating alot better. Not sure which type he had though. Sounds like I would keep her on the diet if she has improved that much.
  8. Yes it is possible are son is on a gluten free diet without the biopsy and with the blood work negative but i've read its quite unreliable on children under two. So if they are going to do a bopsy right away do that otherwise try the diet you have nothing to lose and she could improve greatly, if she does you probably want to get your other daughter checked as well she could just have a less severe case. Good Luck my son was never that severe its only because his dad and grandfather have it that we are convinced his problems stem from that.
  9. Mcd Fries Cross Contamination

    To add to this, it actually depends on the size of the store how many friers there are. I'm in Canada but I would imagine small stores in the states are the same. I worked at three different locations all free standing. two had seperate friers that the nuggets and all that were cooked in, the third had seperate slots so no oil mixing but yes the nuggets were cooked right beside them and I've seen nuggets etc... land in the french fry slots. Also I was thinking of this after reading all the mcd threads when we were super busy there has been times frys were throwen in the nugget fryer to keep up to demand. Also how about how the fryers are filtred nightly usually the fry oil went through first and then the other oils but if the filter machine was not cleaned properly, could cause problems. that would only be in restuarants that have the fry and nugget etc machines together. More things to worry about I guess i probably should stop feeding them to my son.
  10. Eggless Bread

    I believe it is one teaspoon of eggreplacer to two tablespoons of water. So you should have put 3tsp of egg replacer and six tblsp of water it should say on the side of the box though, I have the kingsmill kind.
  11. Your right a bunch of them contain worchester sauce which contains malt vingear, hmm the teriyaki is gluten free though. Well I guess we haven' t been reading labels carefully enough. Does the Lea and Perrins Worchestire sauce contain malt vingear I realized last month that they all contain malt vinegar. I thought so I didn't buy any.
  12. Dianas Good and they all seem to be gluten free not sure if they are only Canadian though or not, they have the only teriyaki sauce that i can find that doesn't contain wheat in the soy sauce.
  13. My understanding is that once into the cycle of constipation it can be hard to get out of especially for children as they fear the pain. Do you just take him off the stool softners laxitives all at once or have you been gradually weaning him? Another thought does he drink milk that also causes consipation. With constipation the bowel usually has stretched quite a bit so his movements could still be quite large or he could have build up that the stuff is going around. Not sure my son is only two and off gluten for short time so he still takes mineral oil, we going to try reducing the dosage slowly and hopefully he can become regulated. Hopefully he gets regulated soon.
  14. HI I'm curious about gluten free art supplies and such, I also have a home dayhome that I just put an ad out in our newsletter offering gluten free food. My ds is the only one that has celiac in my dayhome so I still serve the others regular bread and some regular cereals but all other foods are gluten free, but want to know about art supplies and such.
  15. Maybe dumb question but is that the same as constipation?