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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Let me try this even though I'm fairly new (Jan 06). Question-1: you said "it starts as a fairly painfull burning sensation once the burning is over my stomic starts to gurgle a crap load ( this is how i know im hungry)" are you eating and then it stops burning or does it stop burning after a certain amount of time then gurgles and you know you're hungry and then eat? If it's the first that has to be an ulcer. Question 2: Where in your stomach is the burning? Upper stomach just below the sternum (where ribs connect) or mid way (sternum to belly button) or below belly button? My hiatal hernia bothers me at the top just below sternum. From conversations from the dr the pain below the bb is usually intestinal/colon related. I probably have too many things going on at the same time to pinpoint what's causing what to help you but I found it very helpful before dx 2 sites that helped me figure out what was happening: mayoclinic.com their symptom checker or intelihealth.com diseases & conditions and on right is 'diseases & conditions index'. You may also have a couple of different things happening at the same time. I agree w/others that the popping is probablly trapped gas or just stuff trying to move in a messed up intestinal tract Definitely talk to your dr. I hope you have one who is up on celiac. Good luck and let us know how it goes, Tina in Arkansas, dx'd 1-9-06 w/pos blood and pos biopsy
  2. So, can I join this club? I too do not have the big D prob w/celiac but constipation. Have had this prob most of my life. I eat prunes but I either don't get enough or too many (and I too like the flavor). can't stand raisins. I take 4 flax seed oil capsules a day. Will this do as well as the seeds? I can't take much in fiber right now. my stomach is still trying to heal (dx 12/22/05). Cranberry juice is still pretty acidic and I've been scared to try that even though I have a long history of bladder probs that I've kept in check in the past w/craberry juice. I tried some laxatives but they seemed to bloat me even worse. What brand is good and not bloating? Didn't I read that silica or some form of that is the bloating cause but then all I've seen have that in it. What do we try next or am I doomed until I've fully healed? I read that someone drank a glass of warm water first thing in the morning and 30 min before eating anything and it worked for her (hasn't for me). Try that.
  3. Wow! You guys are just like me. I have a bad back and was constantly taking NSAIDs. I came up anemic again 8/05 and had 2 pts blood to help. positive for h-pylori and was treated for that then. had stomach pain after that (was not terribly bothered with anything but constipation before). went to GI Dec 19th, who said I had classic ulser symptoms. did an endoscope w/biopsy on 12/22. he still didin't know about celiac. said I had gastritis, hiatal hernia (that was a shock) but no apparent ulcer. The biopsy came back positive blunting of villi and blood test (last week) since verified anitgens (haven't seen that test yet) He told me NEVER to take NSAIDs again. What do you do for the inflamation now? I hate my ortho but I guess I'll have to contact him again. My 'gut' is more messed up now than before diagnosis but maybe not as bad this morning. been gluten-free for 1 week. Guess I'm just transitioning. We look like we're just about the same time table so I'd be interested to know how you progress. Tina, Arkansas
  4. ok guys, I got my test results, didn't talk to GI only to his nurse so I don't have the numbers but they were positive Celiac. It was the tests that I've seen here like ITG or whatever. So I told them I need help controlling my stomach. Since posting yesterday I went majorly down hill. My stomach started hurting w/what I assume is the hiatal hernia - just under the sternum then progressed as the day wore on to hurting on both sides of my stomach. by night the pain was going through to my back. I thought I'd eaten something that was bothering my gastritis that maybe hadn't healed yet. No. I just came back from blood tests for CBC, CMT, amylse and lipase which I am told are for kidney and pancreas w/CAT and Ultra sound set up for next week looking for gallbladder probs. so why do I feel like I'm absolutely falling apart!!!! I have never had so many probs w/my health until about 2 years ago with increasing stuff to now including a cancer scare which thank God was not. Is this all Celiac? What does gallbladder probs, not necessarily stones feel like? what else is going to go wrong? Brother, I sound whiny!!! sorry. thanks for listening and if anyone has had a similar experience please clue me in. Tina
  5. I'm new - just getting started. I'm also confused about a few things... what is dd and pp? Haven't caught onto the shortcuts yet I was feeling pretty good, energized and 'up' yesterday a.m. Been really gluten-free for less than a week. As my morning progressed my stomach started hurting. to make this short, by the evening i could have been rolling around in the fetile position if I could have. stomach hurt so that the pain was around me - sides and through to the back (this was why I went to the GI in the first place) This kind of hurt makes my back spasm and now I can't take anything for that (NSAIDS have ruined my stomach and I'm still healing). I tried everything including some add'l stomach meds. I'm taking Nexium for hiatal hernia. I don't know if I got glutened or just a normal back slide. I ate 1 egg and a little ham for bfast, ate 6 pisachios, because my stomach was hurting and I thought I needed something in it and I haven't had a chance to really stock up on gluten-free, I ate an Atkins Bar (reportedly to be gluten-free) and some orange sherbert (also supposed to be gluten-free). By the time I got home from work I was miserable, stomach felt weird like maybe hungry maybe nauseated so i ate some baked chicken, green beans, a small piece of plain sweet potato. Today I'm somewhat better. I should say I've always seeked food when my stomach was not right - strange I know. So, is this normal to do better and than crash? I've got a call to my GI. If he had been less than the hour away that he was I would have been there yesterday afternoon. After reading here I now see that so many of my health probs were celiac disease and I've not been well for almost 2 years and now only put it together, including my first case of yeast infection, major sinus allergies that won't go away, joint pain, brain fog (I like that accurate description), constipation, bloating, insomnia... what about heart flutters? So when I get this under control, I'll feel like a million dollars? a 55 year old million dollars? Keep posting so I can keep learning! Tina
  6. Thank you Florence, Jen, Lisa, Shirley, Viola, Mace, Loraleena and anyone else. TY, TY, TY Bare Escentials has its own website: bareminerals.com. That's probably the only thing I've got in my bathroom that's gluten-free. Thanks for the info ya'll. I do have a prob w/where to shop. I'm in a small town in AR, an hour away from Little Rock but there is a Wild Oats there that I have been to before but it seems that I remember the bulk flour could easily be contaminated. Can you buy these substitue flours in pre-packaged sacks? I guess I should just wait til I get over there this weekend. There's sooooo much to think about! I actually woke up pretty good this a.m. in spite of staying up past midnight watching the Orange Bowl. My allergies have been on a rampage (maybe this will improve??) and other issues but I still woke up...... bouncier? Maybe I've started turning the corner on this acceptance thing. Still have not heard from my GI but it's been late in the p.m. when he called last time. I'm mixed up about dealing w/celiac disease and the Hiatal Hernia diet (fruit and water especially). Does a hiatal hernia heal and go away? Anybody know? Tina
  7. Thank you for your replies and help. I've got a lot to learn. I called my GI's office and test is in and he's going to call me today or tomorrow. We'll see what it says. The bad thing about this is I've never been a veggie eater but then I've never been fond of bread either. I know I felt really good a couple of years ago on the first phase of the South Beach Diet which is no bread, just eggs, meat, dairy and veggies. Guess that should have told me something. I can do this and in no time at all I'll not even think about this. (My mantra) Right now I don't want to eat at all. Thank you for caring and having this site! Tina
  8. I found this website the end of last week and have read as many of the posts as I can but am limited to doing this at work since home is not set up. I guess I am in Denial right now, still hoping that this can't be me.... my story: Less than a month ago I saw a GI to verify a bleeding ulcer. This past summer I was found severly anemic (hemaglobbin was 7), got 2 units of blood, meds, tested positive to H-pylori, meds THEN my stomach really started bothering me. I don't recall having many stomach aches, bloating, etc until after this last bout of anemia. My PCP said it was probably due to an absorption problem. Saw the GI, said I had classic ulcer symptoms, but set me up for an endoscope that week - he was concerned which in turn scared me to death. He was surprised to find out that on top of the gastritis and a hiatal hernia (neither of us guessed at that one) he did a biopsy in my duodenum that showed 'blunting' of my villi. But the lab says this can be a result of Celiac Disease or (forgot the wording on this) damage from NSAIDS. I have a lower back problem and have lived on Naproxin for years....... so that could be true. Looking at these posts, Celiac causes such a variety of problems beside the benchmark stomach ones. Looking back I can see this could be me including the back problem, brain fog, hair loss, continual allergy attacks, brittle fingernails, etc. I went back for a blood test (can't remember what he wanted that for) a little over a week ago and should get results back this week. I'm waiting until this test's results came back to clean out my cabinets. I have cut the obvious wheat and gluten out of my diet. Mentally made lists of what to stay away from. I feel in my gut (pun intended) that this will be me. How do you guys do this? What do you eat for breakfast???? I can't do eggs everyday. I was a big cereal eater but it seems all contain at least modified food starch. Even yogurt has that. In order to heal don't I have to be totally gluten-free? fortunately my husband said he'd do this with me. he said he'd probably benefit from this diet too. Can this backfire on someone non-celliac? My BIG question is...... HOW do you get started? What was your first week like? sorry I rambled, and thanks for this site. It has really helped. Tina