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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Boston

    I was wondering if there is anyone from the Boston Area that can reccomend gluten free restaurants? Or has anyone had successful dinning experiences while visiting? Also I am trying to think of quick breakfast ideas. Does anyone know if the strawberry banana smoothies at Starbucks are gluten free??
  2. I love that this made it on the board. I am usually the speaker at these meetings and we have a large support group for the size of our city. Thanks for posting this!
  3. I am a dietetic intern right now, and I am working on a gluten free menu for metro school system in Nashville, TN as a project.. I am loving being involved in this education!
  4. Jason's Deli

    I tried the Jasons deli in Nashville.. They have to tell you it is not a gluten free facility so the risk of cross contmaination is there. I asked to talk to the manager, and asked for my sandwich to be made in the back with totally fresh ingridents. .. this is the key is to ask for the manager new gloves and it to be prepared in the back. Everything on the normal line is full of crumbs. I am very sensitive and ate here successfully, but talkin to the manager is key. The employees are NOT trained in gluten free dinning!
  5. I found it in Columbia, TN... Bought a box at Kroger but I haven't used it yet! Maybe this weekend!
  6. My local whole foods does not carry this.. I am getting low on my Udis bread and I was considering ordering this have you had Udis.. I was just wondering which is better. I might order this for a different variety!
  7. This is a great article but is it suggesting a totally grain free diet?? I know that is doable. But it is not neccessary for all Celiacs to follow a grain free diet is it? I think Probiotics are wonderful! Just wondering everyones opinion on this? There are still some great nutrients you can get from grains such as quinoa and brown rice..
  8. Wow I checked out there website this is great news hopefully it will come our way soon! Alanta is lucky they are tryin out the Mellow Mushroom pizza and this bread.. The bread is actually healthy looking, with a good amount of fiber per slice, and not high fat!
  9. Udi's Bread

    this would make me very mad.. you are a good sharer of the udis bread.. I seem to keep it all for myself:)
  10. I have had the sweet potato chips several times with no problems. I do have a problem with oats and I did not know the whole grain variety had oats until after I ate them and got really sick.. I will stick with the sweet potato chips!
  11. Nut thins make me so so sick! Im not sure what it is in these but I have reacted many different times
  12. Kinnikinnk kritter animal cookies... are terrible awful.. they taste like starch!!! they are so gross. I am calling the company monday to complain. I have been gluten free for 10 years and the products have improved so much over the years but these are just not good. I am mad to because as we all know the products are not cheap!!
  13. Here is a link to their new produts My link Also Hodgson's Mill also has a new line of gluten free product mixes that are reasonably priced and made from nutritious grains!! Here is there website.. I havent personally tried them but will in the future..My link
  14. Tortilla Wraps

    Mission Corn Tortilla's are gluten free.. They even say so on the bag!
  15. Bread Machine ~~ Which One?!

    I have a Cusinart with the gluten free setting. I have had it for 4-5 years. It makes wonderful bread. I have used store bought mixes when I am short on time but I have also used my own recipe and tried many recipes from others. I made some amazing bread from scratch using this machiene a few days ago. It is about $100 and really worth the investment. I don't have experience with the Z machiene but would reccomend the Cusinart