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  1. My parents and pediatrician self-diagnosed me when I was 18 months old after I had digestive problems but I never had any formal testing done such as a biopsy or blood test. Now I'm about to be 23 and have been on the gluten-free diet for as long as I can remember but throughout my teenage years and even until recently I've been eating more and more foods that contain gluten. My problem is that I can't remember ever having symptoms of gluten intolerance/celiac disease. I'm a perfectly healthy person even when I don't eat a strict gluten-free diet. I've never went all out on a full gluten diet but I'd figure I'd have at least some symptoms that I can remember? Should I get formally diagnosed by a GI? Should I try a full-gluten diet for a while to see how I feel? I don't want to harm myself but testing is very expensive. Thanks for any advice...