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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten-fied Dreams?

    Hey, so I'm new here. And I was thinking about a dream I had the other night. I dreamt that I was sent to a home for troubled teens, because I wouldn't eat gluten products. And for some reason, I was suddenly considered a nuscense (sp) lol. it was quite strange! And they kept trying to get me to eat spaggeti. I was wondering if anyone else has had dreams about being not excepted for it and how you dealt with these types of dreams. Jilly Bean
  2. Finding A Boyfriend

    Hey. I have considered the thought that having a gluten-free boyfriend would be great too. When I was dating my past boyfriend, my stomach pain started about a month before we dated, and so he knew that I was always sick, but was still great. and when we found out what was making me sick, he was wonderful about it, and happy that I could be healthy again. I think I was more picky about gluten free foods than he was. haha. one morning he came over and made me pancakes, because we had a mix, and I wanted to try them. And he would always make sure that my brothers didn't add spices to my meat for dinners and stuff. And he was very willing to eat what I could. It was the night of prom, and we had chicken from Costco for dinner, that we cooked up. well, as we were leaving, I got sooooo sick from it. (turns out they injected unknown objects into it) and so our pictures were terrible, but he was wonderful about it, and I downed a ton of stomach relievers. lol. We ended up having a great time. But now that we're dating other people, to see if we are as perfect for each other as we hope. It's kind of scary. I feel bad when I go to a restraunt with people, and all I can have is a dry salad. So I've been kind of reluctant to date. The best advice I can have for you is to not be reluctant like I am. Open up, and say, "Hey, I have food allergies, but I know I can eat at these places" and don't be shy about it. If he wants to go out with you, he evidently likes you, don't push him away. and have fun!