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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Skin Issues

    I use lubriderm without any problems, also, my hands get so bad they crack and bleed, then I'll put A&D ointment on overnight & wake up with new, baby soft skin. I also use it on diaper rash. works better than anything else I've tried. They also sell lubriderm bar soap, I just used it for the first time and LOVED it, no more scalling skin.
  2. ok, I posted about my husband who is reacting to gluten and he was NOT celiac, well, he went to the dr. last week and just mentioned to the dr. that he thinks he is having a problem with gluten, so the dr. ran the tests and guess what? HE tested positive! I was so shocked because I have a list of symptoms a mile long and tested neg. but am 100% better on the diet. and he was gluten-free at home for the past 2 months haaving very little gluten outside the home only, and his only complaint was neck pain! He called me from work to say HE has to learn how to cook gluten-free now and will start cooking! Wow, this really is a blessing!
  3. for a preservative try using vitamin c powder, I've never tried it so I don't know how much to tell you to use, but I'm sure they could give you an idea at the health food store. good luck
  4. I read somewhere that you can omit the xanthan gum and I tried it & it worked! I was very happy about this since I couldn't stand the smell of my bread with it, it has a chemical smell that no one else in my family could smell but it would turn me off from wanting to eat it. I don't notice the difference in the consistancy once it is baked but during mixing seems too wet. I tried it using 2 different bread machines. Hope this info. helps someone & their wallet!
  5. I have found the Mi-Del at Shop Rite, (east coast) and I think they are so good, but, my kids don't like them, just my luck!
  6. I was using the aussie products up until recently when I read a post about hair products and sure enough, the conditioner and the 3 minute miracle both had wheat protein in them, so I just threw them out. I wouldn't trust their other products to be safe, even though I did like them. I guess this is just another piece to the puzzle!
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering at what age did you start with symptoms? It seems that a lot of 5 year olds are newly diagnosed, I was 5 at start of symptoms and so were my 2 girls, it seems odd, but maybe just a coincidence? thanks for replies!
  8. connie, I think you are right, I posted about a site (mercola.com) by a Dr. and in one of his articles, it states that some clinicians believe that no one can digest gliaden. It is a very informative site, I think he is way ahead of his time, so much so that other drs. would probably think he is a nut, but from what I've learned on this and other sites, all he says proves correct. I can't imagine how many people there are that dont have any idea what is causing their ailments. I know it took me 34 years! oh, and speaking of stats, I was shocked to read that he thinks 1 in 10 have a reaction to gluten. (not to say they have celiac disease, but a reaction)
  9. I have a very strange question and was wondering if any of you have heard of this ever happening before. My husband (no celiac disease) has been gluten-free at home just because it is easier and he doesn't mind.He was eating regular foods outside the home but has recently stopped and now when he has anything with gluten, is having reactions as if he does have celiac disease! It took us awhile to figure it out but that is the only thing we could think it is. could he have developed an allergy but omitting it? he never had these kind of complaints before, and I dont want to tell/ask anyone, they will think we are all hypocondriacs now! HA HA
  10. I have the opposite problem, I get it 2x a month for about 9 days each time, I was always regular until my last child, it took about 16 months to become regular again, then when I went gluten-free, it is all crazy again, I don't even know when to expect it anymore, or how long it will last, and when I do have it, it comes and goes 2 days here, then gone a day or 2, for about 9 days. I haven't asked my dr. about it yet, but will next time I see him. anyone experience this before?
  11. I have the same book and found the same problem with a few of the recipes! I kept re-reading the list thinking I was missing something until I realized -- I don't think anyone proof read that book, and I don't even like most of the stuff in there. I found Bette Hagmans? light and easy book had much more of the foods we eat in it. I haven't been able to find a decent one for pizza dough and have tried sooo many. My once big enough kitchen seem to have shrunk since going gluten-free and being taken over by small, expensive appliances and cookbooks, so I now try to borrow the books from the library and just copy the recipes I like and put them into a binder, works well and saves $$ so I can now spend it in the healthfood store instead!
  12. "help--holiday Horrors" (continued)

    hi, yes this was my first holiday and being away from home doesn't help, I usually have a big family party at my house (which would have been so easy) but this year we decided to have it at my sisters. I don't think I'll be up to that again for quite awhile, if ever again. and I even brought my own food for my own family, so it wasn't like we didn't have anything. There was plenty to choose from for my family, but it seems people just WANTED them to eat what they couldn't have. I think I was just being tested to see if I would allow them to cheat. Funny how my friends seem to understand better than family, or maybe it's just that my friends don't try to annoy me and get in my business. I don't know, but it is pretty upsetting.