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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Neurological Consequences

    Lynne, Thank you for answering! And thank you for some insight. I had a colloid tumor removed (cold nodule). FNA was suspicious ( my grandmother died of thyroid cancer). I went to Mayo for a second opinion where they decided to remove the left lobe only. Though my right lobe was multi cystic. The tumor was benign, but about the size of a large "Daddy" marble. Radiation therapy was not suggested or offered. Since then I have had fluctuations from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid, though I still teeter on hyperthyroidism. Just recently, my eyes have started to be effected, and I am awaiting an appointment to the ONLY endocrinologist in Northern Michigan. The right side has visably enlarged in the past month. *sigh* At this moment, my thyroid shows it is in completely normal ranges. When I ask for a sTSH, everyone scratches their heads! AAAARRRGHHHH. I was told by Mayo that the thyroid disease could be watched by any general practitioner, but now...I'm not sure... Crossing my fingers that I get a call from the endocrinologists office and they don't brush me off. The enlargement alone concerns me. Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. A previous post about the neurological consequences of gluten ingestion leaves me stunned. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac disease after years of my immune system attacking itself. It resulted in me losing some pretty important body parts within a 18 month span of time. Tonsils, gallbladder, uterus and 1/2 a thyroid. Then I suffered a lacunar infarct of the brain. I still have residual left sided weakness. I am 34 years old and was very, very athletic. I am growing stronger. I inadvertently shoot myself in the foot so many times. Hair conditioner, make up, listerine...basic everyday products have the ability to make me so ill. I check, and re-check but still manage to miss that one ingredient....that contains wheat or a wheat derivative. The side effects of that accidental wheat ingestion is so immediate and potentially life threatening. I am my most important factor in staying healthy. I say I wish I had a better doctor, one that understands Celiac...but I realize that I am my best advocate. I just wish that my constant office visits didn't make me feel like such a hypochondriac and It isn't as simple as just "staying away from wheat." For 5 years I lived behind a silo that stored wheat. Trains would come and go, load up on wheat and drive away. The dust was thick in the air...I can remember the haze as I would leave my house. The dust alone was slowly poisoning me. I have had so many doctors suggest that prozac pill. But I wasn't depressed! Just ill and getting worse. And then, thankfully, that one great doc who recognized my illness. I moved away from kansas and am in the process of teaching my new doc. about celiac. And juggling hyperthyroidism, and recovery from a stroke. Things could be worse. The days are better... My body has adopted the zero tolerance stance--and it is the days when I am not diligent that I suffer. I've been weighing the celiac neuropathy idea...compared to the infarct (which I was shown on the M.R.I.) and wonder if my doctors shouldn't reconsider.
  3. Deb, WOW!!! Thank you so much for the links. I'm off to surf on them! Is it common for celiacs to have to have their gallbladders removed? Mine was removed 2 years ago.... Thank you again for the well wishes and information! Cindy
  4. Hello, My name is Cindy. I just got out of the hospital on Tuesday. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease after a biopsy revealed why my body was going growing crazy. I have lost a ton of weight and have been having problems keeping food "in". This after just two months ago I had a partial thyroidectomy due to a neoplasm and thyroiditis. I'm wondering if there is a relationship between the two problems. Regardless, I am grateful we've found out about the wheat allergy, and I'm ready to be wheat free. I'd appreciate any suggestions on food recipes. There is an alarming amount of "flour" choices. I live in a very rural part of Kansas and specialty items need to be ordered on-line. Advice on steering clear of the pitfalls would be very, very welcome. I was in the hospital for 5 days, but I am still tired and my stomach is still not very happy. It probably didn't help that for breakfast I was given cream of wheat (they though it was cream of rice!) and then the rice crispies were not gluten free....ugh... ) Live and Learn!!! Somedays, I wonder (as do my family and friends) if I'm EVER going to feel better. Thanks for listening, and thank you for your help. Cindy