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  1. I guess it depends on metabolism because I had gained weight in the last 10 years but then, in the last 6 mos of being gluten-free, have lost about 10 pounds or more. Back to what I used to be actually. I do eat lots of rice products but have not found any bread-like substitutes to my taste. I just go without the bread products for now and have gotten pretty used to it. Simone
  2. Yes, the FDA does take a long time to approve things. It is good in that long term effects can be observed but, coming from the other side, a company that wants to get products approved, there is a TON of paperwork. Also want to confirm that from the vaccine article the process does indicate an immune system suppression with some fancy T-cell manipulation. Some day hopefully. . . Keep your fingers crossed! Simone
  3. I don't know anything about a Celiac vaccine but there are many kinds of vaccines. I work at a company that makes gene therapeutics and from my understanding celiac disease is a lack of a proper gene that would help the body break down gluten, so the effect would have to be an enzyme/gene replacement rather than suppression. Also, there is a connection with Celiac Disease and auto-immune disorders, meaning your body attacks it's own components. I am not sure how that directly ties into celiac disease as I am just now learning all of this. My guess is that a vaccine might have to somehow suppress the auto-immune response??? Anyone else have a clue? But don't take my word for it. I am just supposin'. I will look into that article and see what they indicate. Simone
  4. I am the first in my family to figure out the Celiac connection. Evedently I have been having symptoms for several years but did not know it. I am 37 now. I suspect other family members have it as well but they won't do anything about it until they feel more sick. My younger brother definitely shares some of the symptoms that I have and I am very concerned that his second child has symptoms now. I am working on them to cut the wheat from her diet to see if her appetite improves. If symptoms are subtle, as they can be in this disorder, people really tend to ignore them. Simone