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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I found out through my PCP that I am also allergic to corn through regular allergy testing. It it not uncommon to have other allergies with celiac disease. You may also find that certain types of rice or corn (processed) may hurt you, whereas other types might not. At least that is what I've found. Good luck. I know it is hard having just been diagnosed with celiac disease, now to deal with the fall-out.....just hang in there!
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Hello everyone! Long time, no see. It's been awhile since I've been on here. I have an important question. I feel like I have been suffering from the affects of being glutened. I have heavy brain fog...and now am having seizures (often). I think I am being glutened and wanted to start from scratch. I read some topics (even some recently) about cc issues. I believe that I will go out and purchase my own set of everything that belongs in the kitchen (cutting board, utensils, sponge, etc...). However, I wanted to do the "diet" where you just start eating one thing at time and reintroduce items into your diet. I wanted to know...what do I start with that isn't going to leave me totally exhausted (ok, more so than I am now?). Would eggs be a good thing? Veggies? Fruit? Then do I wait a full week before introducing one more food item (or group)?? I just don't know how I go about doing this correctly. It is very important that I find out what is going on because I am suffering. Horribly. And I don't really want to go to the doctor...if at all possible. I just know how that's going to go...but that is another post altogether. Thanks for all of your advice and recommendations that are forthcoming. You all have helped me so much in the past...
  4. I would be curious as to what was actually in the apple cider. Have you tried contacting the company who makes it?
  5. THANK YOU everyone who posted! You have been a huge help. I think I will first try the B-12 as it seems to be the easiest fix. But the yeast post (AndreaB and darkangel) did make me think a bit. Several months ago I had contracted thrush (yeast infection) from my daughter (who initially contracted it from me I guess) while breastfeeding. I guess it is a huge possibility that I never fully recovered and that could be my problem. Very interesting. If the B-12 doesn't work...I will have to start eliminating the sugary foods, etc....see if that helps the yeast issue. I am also going to make an appt. with the gastro doc as I am in need of a blood test. That will tell me if I'm having CC issues. It sounds like I am covering all possibilities.....hopefully. Thank you all again for everything! Best to all of you!
  6. Hello everyone. I have, what I consider, a huge problem. I am not sure if it is related to celiac disease or not..but I am hoping that possibly someone on this site has experienced this or can lead me in the right direction. Some background information...I am 28 yrs old, have a 9 month old daughter. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005 and on the gluten free diet. I am currently living with my daughter, husband and his parents. For the last year, I have been experiencing memory loss. Mostly short term. I will meet someone and if they would walk back into the room, I wouldn't remember their name. I may remember their face. When someone speaks to me, I find it really hard to focus and usually forget what they say immediately. For example, my boss will tell me to do something...and I immediately forget to do it. Even forgetting to write it down! This has caused me some embarrassment when he asked if I had completed a task and I have to tell him I forgot about it. I am constantly forgetting where I have placed items...keys, cell phone, papers...etc.... It even affects my ability to speak...words I once used constantly I can't remember or pronounce correctly. My spelling has not been up to par either. For me to write this email takes tremendous thought. I am just at a loss as to who to call....a neurologist, gastro, family physician?? Plus, I have no idea what the heck is happening to me. I first chalked it up to having a baby...however, my baby has slept through the night since she was four months old and I am even worse! Any thoughts? Advice??? Thanks so much!
  7. Pain Meds After C-section

    Tylenol 3 worked for me. I had my baby naturally but had an episiodomy. So, pain was still def. there!! I heard that Vicodin is ok and with my experience it has been (gluten-free wise), however, it may have an effect on the baby if you decide to breastfeed. Tylenol 3 is ok w/breastfeeding.
  8. Congrats to you and your husband!! Very exciting stuff! MY STORY: I found out that I had Celiac Disease in Aug. of 05'. In October of 05' we started trying for a baby. By January 06, I was pregnant. So, when all is said and done, I had only been gluten-free for about 4-5 months. I was very worried like you, that I had not waited long enough for my body to heal. I worried everyday that I would lose the baby or that something bad would happen to her. Well, I read somewhere that woman that are pregnant and have celiac disease (and stick to the gluten-free diet - no cheating) that they will actually have healthier babies than normal woman (woman who are not on a gluten-free diet). So that made me feel a whole lot better. In October, I delievered a healthy 8 pound 8 ounce girl. She scored a 9 on the APGAR, and has not had a fever, cold, or anything since she's been born. She is healthy as a horse. I am also breastfeeding and I think that helps. Some advice, make sure to stick to the gluten free diet. No cheating. Accidents are ok -I had about 5 or 6 during the pregnancy. I used papaya enzymes for heartburn (they are wonderful!). Take your prenatals, drink lots of fluids and listen to your body. If your body tells you to slow down, slow down. It knows exactly what the baby needs. Most importantly, have fun and don't worry. I wish you the very best during your pregnancy!! Please keep us up to date on how you are doing throughout.
  9. Baby Is Here....

    Thanks everyone for your well wishes! Much appreciated. I also appreciate all your comments regarding the celiac disease testing. I just hope and pray that she doesn't have it!!! AND I will continue to breastfeed (even though it's a huge pain in the butt!!!)
  10. Hi all! I just wanted to announce that our baby girl arrived. Samantha was born on Oct. 27th at 8:41 p.m. She weighed in at 8 lbs 8 ozs and was 20" long. And I did it with minimal drugs (no epidural here ladies!!! can't believe I did it!!!). Since the say it helps deter celiac disease, I have been breastfeeding. At age 2 they will be testing her for celiac disease. Is that common??
  11. When Did You Start To Show?

    I didn't start to show until about 5-1/2 months. It wasn't until I was 8-1/2 months that people started to really notice that I was pregnant and ask me when I was due. I am now 40 weeks pregnant and ready to toss these maternity clothes!! I remember when I was a couple of months pregnant and just wanted to show off my "news." Good luck with your pregnancy! I wish you the very best!!
  12. Primacare Prenatals

    See, I tried those but I broke out into hives really bad. I just think I was allergic, not necessarily related to Celiac Disease. At least I don't think so.
  13. Worried

    Call your ob/gyn - they can give you a pregnancy test to see if you are in fact, pregnant. Even at this early stage they should be able to tell. They can also address the cramping issues that you are having. I really didn't have these cramps with my pregnancy but everyone is different. PLEASE, stay on a gluten-free diet as that is one of the most important things you can do while being pregnant. Being on a "mostly" gluten-free diet does not cut it. Miscarriages have been linked to celiac disease (and the lack of diagnosis or not being on the diet). You are probably already aware of this. Also, taking a prenatal vitamin with at least 800 mcg is great - just make sure it is gluten free. I go to Costco and buy Nature Made brand. They are gluten free and CHEAP!! I wish you (and your hubby) the very best of luck! I hope that you get that baby you have always dreamed of!
  14. They no longer put these drops in the eyes of newborns - at least at my hospital. They have gone to erythromycin drops. Because....when you put these drops in newborns (or anyone for that matter), it would burn and turn their eyes red and swollen for days. Putting silver nitrate into a baby's eyes to prevent gonorrheal infection was once routine but has unintended consequences. Just try it and you will see for yourself. I personally, would not put these drops in my eyes (or my baby's). Just think what it would do to the inside of your body!!
  15. I am doing better today. My stomach is still a little bit upset but no D. I hope that I don't get glutened again because I really don't enjoy it. To everyone: I took a lot of your advice to heart. I should be more careful and aware as to what is going on. I am just so laid back and have really no worries that I don't call the doctor when I should. I will keep my eye on any warning signs you all have given to me. Trust me, the advice is much appreciated. This is my first pregnancy and I don't really know what to expect (as far as being a celiac goes). I can read all the books I want about pregnancy but it really doesn't help when you throw a disease into the mix. It can sometimes be confusing. And if contractions are worse than D pains - I don't want to have ANYTHING to do with them. HA HA I really hope that all your "babies" that were born prematurely are doing well now. I would be interested to know if you had celiac disease and were eating gluten-free at that time or not? I have heard conflicting things. Like if you stay gluten free during pregnancy you have a better chance of having a healthy baby more so than a "normal" woman. Then I look around this forum and see that a lot of you have had babies early, or the babies have issues later on in life. It worries me some in that aspect. I hope and pray that she doesn't develop the problems I have or worse, ones that I don't have. I did think long and hard about having a baby for that reason. I was torn between having my own baby and to be a wonderful mother (hopefully) and thinking about all the "what ifs." I figured that I would "what if" myself to death and I jumped off the bridge with that decision. I figured I would leave it in the hands of a higher power. If I was meant to be pregnant, I would become pregnant - and sure enough.......... Thanks to all of you!!!