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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Betty Crocker Mixes

    I folded egg whites in to make it a little fluffier and also added a little extra baking powder. Then I sliced into two sections and made a cream filling to put in between and on top with some fresh fruit. It was much tastier than the first one I made with regular icing. I might try that pineapple upside down cake idea next
  2. Still Need Help For My Trip To France

    Hi, Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to visit Cannes but I have heard that they are much more accommodating to English speakers. If you are staying at a large hotel they will probably have a breakfast menu. If you can tolerate eggs, you can always order omelets and also they usually offer these for lunches. Usually there will be a staff member at the hotel that speaks English. You can also email ahead and ask them for suggestions. If you can tolerate dairy
  3. Hi, I used these products and they are very good! The flours are light and fluffy and make nice baked products. http://www.schaer.com/en/ You should be able able to find them at the pharmacy. If the boxes dont have the english version, you can look up the receipes on line in english. Good Luck, Theresa
  4. Cosmetics

    It took me awhile to realize that items other than food contain wheat and can have really nasty effects on me: I also switched to the bareminerals and love it! It doesnt irritate my face and also covers up any inperfections with very little coverage. Its also not too costly and seems to last longer than most other products I have tried. Suave and Dove products are usually wheat free but please read the labels. I have had difficulty finding products at the local hairdressers that do not contain wheat! I also am hesitant to have any hair coloring done at the salon b/c of the problems it can cause. Theresa
  5. Carnival Cruise Lines

    Hi, We went on a two week Med cruise in May with Carnival - had a great time and absolutely loved it! Although, I made sure they knew my eating restrictions before the cruise they didnt make any special accomadations - it may differ from boat to boat depending on the staff. The dining room is easy to eat in b/c you have the same staff every day and its easy to order meats and veggies. Because we were so busy we mainly ate at the buffet and I didnt have any problems but I am not ultra sensitive to small amounts of Gluten. Also they have many other places to get things to eat: They had a deli and I was able to eat both the chicken and tuna salads as a toping with the salad bar. They also have a stir fry place that is very tasty and can be ordered without soy sauce. They also had a grill and you can get a burger wrap and they have the soft serve ice cream machines (I read the ingredients on the box and it appears to be safe, but since our ship originated in Europe it would have different brands so you need to check). They also had an omelet station for the mornings which was really great! Enjoy your trip! Theresa
  6. Hi Rosey, Welcome! There are a few members that list on the board from the Paris area. You could scroll through some of the old posts and there are a few topics about France and the Paris area. I have lived in S. France for 2 years and found it challenging to deal with but managed with only a few incidents of gluttening - which I felt was not bad considering I moved here with no knowledge of the French language and as a newly diagnosed Celiac. I am moving back to the States this summer and looking forward to the conviences of eating out. Theresa
  7. True Roquerfort and Blue Cheese that are exported from France are made from a mold that is grown directly on bread! That includes the major brands exported to the States of Society and Papillion! In the US, Kraft and other food distributors may use some other type of preservative or source to create mold for their Blue Cheese - you would need to check with the manufacturer to be certain. There are so many other fantastic cheeses and dressings that are not made from mold and not as stinky. The Camberbert is much tastier before they inject it with mold! bon app
  8. Hi, I just did a tour of the Socieity Roquefort factory in Roquefort France last weekend. The tour was very interesting and YES - They really do create the mold from old bread!!! All though I only toured one of the three main distributors I was told that the process is the same at all three major Roquefort makers. The process for blue cheese is also the same so neither product is safe! Sorry, Theresa
  9. Lyon, Anyone?

    Hello, I live near Toulouse and I hate to say that France is one of the more difficult countries in Europe for Celiacs but can be done with some planing. Bring a supply of snacks and you can also buy snacks, breads, pastas and other gluten-free items at any local Biologic store. You might want to try some of the products - they are different and some are actually very good. Also, bring some packets of salad dressings. Its difficult to have a quick meal in France so if you need to stop at a cafe you can definately order an omelet or a salad but without dressing. STAY AWAY FROM THE SAUSAGES AND HAMS!!! Most processed meats in France contain Gluten and its not worth the risk if you are not familar with the language or the foods. Most importantly remember to always tell them "sans gluten" - they may look at you funny so have it in writing and they should understand. For Dinners - try some of the specialities such as Margaret de Carnard (duck breast) with a fruit sauce. They make amazing dishes with duck! Also, dont forget to bring some of your favorite crackers or pick some up b/c the dessert cheeses are great. If you get the chance to go by a fresh market you will love the great selection of extremly fresh fruits and veggies. Enjoy your trip, Theresa
  10. What Cruises Are Good

    We recently returned from a Carnival cruise in the Med and had a wonderful time! We took our daughter and she had a blast at their camp carnival - the ship was very kid and family oriented. The counselors were wonderful and the availability of care was fantastic - it was great to have some adult alone time both on the boat and for shore excursions. The camp was included in the fare but they also have evening babysitting services for an extra fee. Also, the best part of the trip was that I had plenty to eat and never had any gluten problems. The dining room was accomadating and I could order with ease but it was very inconvient for us b/c we enjoyed lounging at the pool and eating at the Lido Buffet. They had a wonderful omelet guy that I visited every morning, then I would often visit him for some fresh stir fry. They also had a grill and I was able to have a burger wrap but requested them to change their gloves before they touched my topings - they were a little puzzled at first but quickly became familar with my strange requests. I am hooked on cruise vacations and would definately recomend! Theresa
  11. Anyone Know About Fmla?

    It is your HR departments responsiblity to assist you in this matter and they should be able to give you the information you need, such as a copy of the FMLA guidelines, including your companies guidelines and steps required. Each HR dept should have their guidelines in writing and you are entitled to view them! They have probably turned it over to their lawyers b/c the HR department is not equiped to handle such requests and many do not understand all the rules and regulations of FMLA. It is not unusual for the lawyers to request a second opinion. Although, its frustrating, try to cooperate as much as possible and please DOCUMENT all steps and conversations. Regarding intermittant leave - be careful! It legally has to be pre-approved! You can not just call in without doing the proper paperwork and receiving approval. Otherwise - its considered an unapproved abscence and will count towards such.
  12. I always use fresh yeast but I have to make sure I add the water at just the right temperature or it doesnt rise properly. I purchased an inexpensive cooking thermometer at IKEA that works wonders. I also cook mine in the oven and sometimes I get lucky and sometimes I just cant seem to get anything to come out as it should. I am not very consistent at making bread and rolls but I keep trying - at least the dog eats anything even if it looks and tastes like a brick. Good Luck, Theresa
  13. Travel In Italy Suggestions

    Hi Ariela, We will also be in those spots in Rome in May as part of our cruise. It will be my first trip to Italy but I live in France and use a lot of gluten-free products from Italy b/c they are fantastic!!! Here is a sight that will help you find restaurants: http://www.celiachia.it/ Also, here is a sight where you can print out some restaurant cards: http://www.celiactravel.com/restaurant-cards.html Have fun - its going to be a fantastic trip! Theresa
  14. Just a thought - Could you try posting at your local bio store for a gluten-free baker? Around Toulouse there are some stores that have individuals that do gluten-free cooking courses and maybe someone would also do baking? If you have a good one close by, maybe they might know of someone. I wish you the best of luck! Theresa
  15. In Europe there is an Italian company called Schar that makes really good gluten-free products. You can find a recipe from their site for an Italian Easter Cake: http://www.schaer.com/en/cooking/recipes/detail/239.html I have not tried this recipe but I looked on the box of "Mix C" and the ingredients are: Corn Starch, Corn Flour, thickerner, locust bean gum - I was suprised of the ingredients b/c the mix is very light and fluffy. I am not sure what the measurments are but I cant see why you could not substitute a Pamelas Mix or one of your favorites. I use this mix alot for Crepes that turn out fantastic!!! Good Luck Theresa