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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was just researching this. I have returned to the gluten challenge. My ears hurt and are full of pressure. Of course this made me cutious if there is a relation to gluten. There is. For celiac, gluten sensitivity and for wheat allergy. If you can tolerate garlic it is recommended. Also something like ibuprofen, sudafed and make sure you are not being glutened. Too late to help you now, but maybe it will help others.
  2. Tested positive foe ttg iga test. Doctor didn't tell me to not go gluten free. The withdrawals were terrible and didn't want to go back on it. It is the gastro specialist. Had been gluten free for 2 months.
  3. Thankyou ironictruth. I didn't add carbs. I always have protein with carbs to balance sugar level.
  4. He told me to start half carbs gluten a few days and then move up to all. The challenge is for 2 weeks. I was at half.
  5. Thankyou Ennis_TX. I think I am going to stop. I take care of an elderly woman. I can't work like this.
  6. Day 2 of gluten challenge. I feel drugged up and can barely stay awake. Is this common? Also has anyone else done a two week challenge before endoscopy.
  7. Has anyone else doing a gluten challenge experience strange twinges in back. I never had this before. Preparing for endoscopy. Thankyou!
  8. It is. I eat chicken and eggs. Veggies and fruit make me ill. I would like to eat them.
  9. I have been eating gluten free for over 2 months. I eat lots of nuts and carbs and have gone from 103 lbs.to 95 lbs.. I do not know how to gain weight and rid anxiety from being underweight. My behavior is becoming a bit cooky. Still waiting for endoscopy to confirm if celiac. Will do gluten challenge before hand. Taking b complex, d3 b12 sublinguel magnesium and multi. The nutritionist I am suppose to see is unreachable. Has anyone successfully gained weight. Oh am prediabetic and trying to eat healthy gluten free food. Thankyou!
  10. Thankyou for the information!
  11. Thankyou! I would do as you advised. Not covered with insurance right now. Hope it's not SIBO. I wish you well too.
  12. They didn't tell me to go off gluten. I know you are right. Thankyou! I am going go rem s in hluten free. I can't have it anyways because of other health problems.
  13. Thankyou! You are right! I did quit eating gluten and lost 6 more pounds from withdrawals. That made it 94 lbs. Gained 3 back. The withdrawals are horrible. I think I will stay off gluten. Need to anyways because of ibs.
  14. You are smart. I would do the same if I could.
  15. Thankyou! Just frustrated because I know they should be taking 4-6 biopsies in upper intestines.