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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi guys, I'm not sure how this works and if you'll get a notification of my update. I just wanted to let you know that I've had my results back and the gastroenterologist has said that I don't have coeliac but am gluten intolerant. She is increasing my levothyroxine and starting me on the small dose of amytriptilyne for the neuropathy (I think that's right? The migraines, joint pains etc) I also need folic acid and to continue with ferrous fumurate. She is planning to scan my liver as something has increased there (fat content?) But she said that could subside with the increased thyroxine. I took the advice to stop gluten after I had completed the tests (so that's 4 or 5 days ago) and my stomach issues (pain, bowel movements, cramps etc) seemed to settle down really quickly, the painful joints, dizziness etc still there but I can definitely feel the difference already! So onwards and upwards with the gluten free diet, im just so relieved to know that it's possible to aim back to where I was before this all started! So I will be staying on here and checking out your great advice. Thank you all so much!
  2. ☺ I appreciate all of your help, and I had been feeling the same, it's not nice to take tablets especially ones such as that, which can be worrying, but I'm glad to hear that they are working for someone who is taking them ☺ so that gives me hope if I'm prescribed them. ☺
  3. Ahh, thank you, that's really good to hear! Sounds like your friend is doing really well! I will definitely be monitoring what I eat so hopefully I will lose weight in the process .... Having said that if Dairy Milk becomes gluten free then my good intentions may go out the window!!! 😆
  4. This is great advice thank you! Yes I recognised amytriptilyne as an antidepressant when the specialist mentioned it and my reaction was like yours, I was very quick to point out that I wasn't depressed, exhausted and fed up but not depressed. She said that the amount she sold prescribe would be tiny compared to the dose given for depression, she said that it is useful for the neuropathys inc migraine and painful nerve endings (I was having pain in my gums, I thought I had a cavity or something but that wasn't the case, the specialist said it was neuropathy? ) I didn't realise it was a tricyclic, dont they have adverse reaction with foods that involve fermentation?or is that MAOIs? If it is tricyclics that could be counterproductive maybe? I don't like taking tablets, but have been taking a few recently, levothyroxine, ferrous sulphate, lansoprazole etc. I am glad to hear that Cadbury's flake is safe (otlr a twirl as essentially its a flake in a chocolate wrapper so less messy! Yum!) As it happens I prefer that to anything in terms of a treat so its good to know i dont have to give up everything that I love! ☺ ohh and I know what you mean re the cost of gluten free! It is expensive that's for sure! I will definitely check out everyone's secret shames next! ☺
  5. Ohh you've had them for such a long time! That must be hard! Even without the headach the visual disturbances are really unpleasant! Feeling horrible for such a long time after was horrible! How do you manage on a day to day basis, in terms of commitments? I am worried about the impact on work if there become regular.
  6. Ahh thank you for this, my mother was right it turns out, she said to stay away from the contraceptive pill also! I have stopped them (the birth control) now, a few weeks ago, so I'm hoping it will help. I will also try the magnesium as soon as testing is finished, and the amytriptyline to if the specialist decides to go down that route and prescribe this. Thank you again for this, I only joined yesterday and I feel like im being heard and supported and it's like a breath of fresh air! Thank you ☺
  7. These are definitely the things I need to learn about, knowing what food combinations will maximise nutrient intake and what vitamin supplements to use (and how to make sure they absorb properly) this is where things seem to get complicated, I've never had to think so hard about food (whereas given the history over the years I should have, I just didn't realise what was potentially happening, and over the past few months I feel like I've been a real pain for my Dr as I've been back and forth like a yoyo) when the Dr discovered the anaemia, there was no apparent reason for it as I don't have a cycle due to contraceptive medication, so he thought it may be a slightly bleeding ulcer, hence the gastroenterologist. Without her (the gastro) suggesting coeliac or gluten intolerance I would have still felt like I was going mad and falling apart all at the same time! And also feeling like no-one was taking me seriously, I felt on my own until she said she'd seen many patients with similar symptoms.
  8. Hi Tessa, Thank you for this,I hope that the gastro specialist will test me for this as that would be very useful given that another Dr was going to put me on a mild anti convulsant medication, I would prefer to use a supplement such as magnesium rather than that. Although the gastroenterologist did mention a low dose of amytriptilyne (spelling correct?) she said it can help with the migraine but also some other symptoms. But I would definitely prefer supplementsto the potential side effects that I understand come with some of these tablets!
  9. Hi Cristiana Thank you for the message, I recognise what you are saying about the reading etc, I love to read but havent been able to since I had the first migraine, I have found that i struggle to focus, my vision is blurry and I feel sick and dizzy (like trying to read in a car). It's taken me a few weeks to feel able to do things like text and email. I also notice that I have days where I struggle to see through my right eye properly, it's hard to describe the sensation. It's unpleasant. I've had bloods to check menopause and they've said it's definitely not that. My mother suggested hormones may play a role so I stopped taking the contraceptive pill. (although my Dr said there was no need to stop? I'm giving it a go though as you have to try anything I guess). I've had my eyes checked and they are fine apparently. I do think stress may play a role though. Thank you, I'm definitely sticking around on here, you've all been so great with the advice ☺
  10. Ohh you have my sympathy! I've never experienced anything like that, it was frightening! I didn't realise it was a migraine until the evening, I lost the vision 3 times in the morning but only with a fuzzy head, so I didn't think it was a migraine. All afternoon I felt rough and rested, but by the evening it came back with the most horrific pain that started in the back of my neck and went up over my head it was really horrible! I worry about how it will affect my career as the aftershocks lasted for ages! I teach and there's no way you can teach 25 or so students at a time feeling like that! How often do you suffer with this, if you don't mind me asking? As the Dr said that now I've had one I'll be likely to have more?
  11. Kitkat chunkys are off limits 😲😲😲 😉 yes I know what you are saying, I know there are things I'm going to miss that's for sure. There's been an issue with the blood tests, I have been trying to sort it out with the hospital this morning I'm hoping that I'll have some done this afternoon or tomorrow. Then I need to start my new regime! (I'm sure that the gastroscopy results must be back but I can't find out until my appointment) ... Are there any gluten free snacks that will fool me into believing they are kitkat chunkys? .... just out of curiosity 😇
  12. Hi Matt ☺ Thank you for the great advice, and yes the one thing I've been focusing on in terms of the bright side is the ability to manage the outcome through a healthy and structured diet (the down side to this is I am an awful cook 😂... ok, I'm not that bad, but with the stuff I know! When reading up about the kinds of food I should be looking at, I've never heard of some of the ingredients! But I'll be on here looking for tips!!!), I'm hopingif I am gluten sensitive or coeliac that the consultant will be able to recommend a nutritionist to walk me through that side of it (do they do that?) Although i havent removed gluten from my diet I did try some specialist gluten free foods just to give them a try ... mixed reviews there at the moment, but to be fair I only tried some of the basics! Open to some recommendations there! I had a gastroscopy just over a week ago (that was interesting!), but there's been a mix up with the bloods so the consultant has postponed my appointment for a week (I was due to find out about the gastroscopy and biopsies tomorrow). I promise to try and relax, I'm just glad I joined here! It's been good to talk about this! Thanks again Matt ☺
  13. Hi Ennis, Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! I really appreciate your kind words. I will definitely try and find a local group, I think this has been the one of the biggest things to take in, until 2 weeks ago I knew nothing about coeliac, I seem to have spent so much time in doctors over the past four months (and with symptoms over the years) but no one ever mentioned coeliac until I met the gastroenterologist, and at this time you are the first person with coeliac I've spoken to, to my knowledge. I think having been off work since early January I have had too much time to think but no opportunity to talk about it. Plus the not knowing as yet is a little unnerving, Based on what I've read my symptoms match what I've read about coeliac? I think once I've had the diagnosis and can start learning about the foods I can eat and I'll regain some focus. Thank you again for your kind words!
  14. I'm not really sure where to start, but I'll go with a bit of background. I've always been very active and fit (2 years ago I was doing triathlons!). I have a very stressful life (as most of us do) and I'd been putting the decline in my health down to that (increased work pressure, out from 6am-6pm, and family commitments meant I didn't have time to train anymore). Although looking back I think there have been signs that something was wrong. I had been tested for rheumatoid arthritis (was borderline on bloods but consultant said I was ok), I had nasty joint pains, and previously had h-pylori positive test with multiple visits to Dr since 2008, been on and off lansoprazole since then. I've gained almost 3 stone in 2 years!!! Things have become really bad since October, I became ridiculously exhausted, couldn't cope, couldn't focus (mentally but also blurred vision and dizziness) or think straight, had blood tests and told I needed iron. Became really ill over Christmas, went back to work (teaching A levels) was ill within one day, missed three days, dragged myself back in the following week, made it to Friday when I lost some of my vision on my way to work, I was driving on a fast road so it was scary. Lost parts of my vision 4 times that day culminating in a tremendous migraine that night (never had one before). I spoke to my Dr who advised me that after another set of bloods I was anaemic, and also had an abnormal thyroid result, I'm on ferrous sulphate and levothyroxine as a result. I've been off work for a month now, the dizziness, blurred vision, weakness and joint pain is still there, making me feel very anxious and low. 1st I saw a neurologist who said it sounded like chronic migraine, but then saw gastroenterologist who mentioned coeliac, I've had gastroscopy and waiting for results of that and bloods. I feel so awful, I am struggling with everyday tasks, I'm not the fun mum I usually am and can't do my usual things for my girls. I've done so much reading about coeliac, and I've have seen so much advice and support that has come from this site (lots of similarities), I am hoping as much advice as I can get. I've never joined a forum before (I'm 41!) But I feel so isolated with these symptoms. I'm due to see the specialist in a week, and I know this is going to sound crazy, but I'm scared she'll say that there's nothing she can pinpoint and that I'll go away with no resolution and continue to suffer with symptoms. I know I can go gluten-free but the reading I've been doing suggests that it's far more complex than going gluten-free? That there are so many different types of combinations of what you should and shouldn't eat that if I just did that I may not get the right combination? It seems a minefield? I just want to feel well again, get fit and get bag to normality (haven't gone gluten-free yet as still in diagnostic process) Iknow these sound like the non specific ramblings of a crazy woman, but I really will welcome any words of wisdom. Thanks guys!