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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for all your input guys! After much research, I decided to scope out a bubble tea place in advance. It was a specialty tea shop, but did sell other things like cake. Thankfully, the gluten containing products were carefully separated from the tapioca pearls and tea. I also requested a copy of their tea ingredients, which were gluten free. I decided to risk it, as I didn't have anything up for the next few weeks and could handle a glutening. I was really hoping that I wouldn't have a reaction, and to my delight, I didn't. I really appreciate the advice everybody gave, as they helped me choose a low risk establishment to trial with. Claire
  2. I tried calling, but customer service was really bad. The woman kept telling me that I could have milk because it wasn't dairy. I'm asking about bubble tea in general. If contamination were not a problem, is bubble tea usually gluten free?
  3. Hey guys, I have a friend who wants to take me out for bubble tea, but I feel awkward because I'm not sure about contamination issues. I am also sensitive to dairy. Has anyone here had problems with bubble tea, or is it safe for celiacs? Also, I know that I can get milk free bubble tea, but I'm a little worried about contamination. Thoughts?
  4. Unfortunately I was off gluten for six weeks before we got the celiac blood test. It came back negative but I don't want to go back in gluten again to confirm the diagnosis. So have any of you had similar symptoms as the ones I listed above? I've seen that many celiacs have dairy allergies, but I wasn't sure if any of them took this form, or if it was mainly stomach aches.
  5. Thanks for the recipe Ennis! i will certainly try that, and look at the websites you attached!
  6. Unfortunately we don't have OreIda. What about cheap brands of potatoes? Could they simply fail to label legitimate contamination concerns?
  7. Hello all! I am new to the forum and am dealing with a possible diagnosis of celiac disease. I was just wondering, does anyone else here have extreme reactions to dairy as well as gluten? I've heard that dairy sometimes triggers inflammation in newly diagnosed celiac patients, but what sort of symptoms are normally experienced? Whenever I have even the most trace amounts of dairy, I immediately feel exhausted, as well as developing eczema and minor swelling on my face. I also have extreme migraines for four to five days after exposure. I developed this sensitivity a little after my family and went off gluten. Does this seem to correlate to the disease, and have any of you exhibited simptoms like this?? I am feeling really confused right now! Claire
  8. Hello fellow Celiacs, I am trying to find a brand of gluten free frozen French fries, and have been having no luck so far. I live in Canada, so there are a lot of restricted brands. I am new to the forum and the disease and am wondering if I should risk purchasing a frozen French fry brand that is not labelled as gluten free, (like Alexia or Cascadian?) even if it does not list contamination concerns. Thoughts?