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  1. I have NO gluten cravings. Knowing it can attack my brain and cause irreversible damage...that was all the motivation I needed to make gluten laden food look unappealing to me. I have a unique gift to train my brain into associating negativity with a particular food or substance. I quit drinking Diet Pepsi cold turkey (it used to be the only thing I drank...even going through a 2 liter a day) when I discovered aspartame and the havoc it wreaks. Made me so mad that I now glare at all soda and can't believe any one puts that in their body. Stopped my Venti Caramel Macchiato latte every morning habit (I made them at home and LOVE coffee) cold turkey when I thought it was the dairy causing me some kind of problem. Even something just as simple as knowing that the owner of Jimmy John's is a POS makes sub sandwiches not even appealing to me anymore. What I cannot seem to do is trick myself into liking something I don't though. The thing I cannot seem to do now, is get through the pain of this withdrawal. I'm talking major PHYSICAL pain. Migraines, muscle cramps, brain fog so thick I literally have blurred vision and forget where I am...6 days I went through that until I was a sobbing mess on the floor begging for relief. The cookie butter didn't even taste good to me and I had a very hard time putting it in my mouth because I didn't even want it. I just wanted RELIEF! But within MINUTES....the pain in my head was gone. The rash started subsiding and pain in my body lessoned. Now tell me how I'm supposed to get through that when I'd rather die than go through that torture again? I'd rather be put into a coma for a month while 'detoxing' than try to do that again. And just in case you were wondering....YES it was THAT bad! I'm trying to take it one day at a time and right now can't handle a bunch of information thrown at me. I just need to know how to get through this first before I can think about anything else...
  2. Yeah I was wondering That is one of my nicknames actually and my avatar in other places! Doesn't help that I hate to cook and really find it pointless to go through all that work for a few bites of food when I'll be hungry again in a couple hours and reheated food just never tastes the same. I was wondering about that but being as that my dad has the DH and my daughters seem to react to gluten, I think it's in our family. Although it could be that the sleeve (similar to gastric bypass with the smaller stomach but no bypass) along with the trauma of having an ovarian cyst rupture late last summer kicked it 'up a notch'. But I've had severe ADD type symptoms my whole life. It could very well be but then I'm stuck in a catch 22 cuz I won't care until I get off the gluten but won't get off the gluten cuz I don't care (tell a 2 year old they can't have something and that they'll understand when they are 20 and you get the picture of me at the moment). I can try Pepto but that won't help the migraine like head pain that lasts for days on end and has me curled up in the fetal position in my darkened room unable to get out of bed or the intense itching that has me clawing my skin off. Aspirin isn't good on my sleeved stomach and peppermint anything gives me horrible heartburn. I am trying out some digestive enzymes though. I can't imagine dealing with this pain for that long, especially with this mood...ugh! Hamburger is a no go on this stomach. A nice tender steak is easier to digest. The denser a food is, the more sick it makes me feel after eating it. Someone suggested it could be due to low acid so I may try something for that...but I have to watch the supplements too. Having such a small stomach, I can't load it up with pills and supplements. I've been doing cashew milk and I like that so far. But if you take my cheese away...well there are gonna be problems. The veggies I like have to be cooked and covered in cheese. One of the most frustrating parts of having this stupid sleeve surgery is that the foods I'm not supposed to eat are the ones that make my stomach feel the best! Raw and/or unprocessed food tends to make me feel horrible while a small bowl of fake mashed potatoes can take me to a happy place. So far not seeing a good payback...just pain, pain and some more pain topped with cramps and temper tantrums and a broken window and a few holes in the walls... not sure my house is gonna survive this either!
  3. 42 year old mom of 3, just diagnosed in December...Merry Christmas to me. Biopsy Marsh Score 3A plus the following blood work: IgA, Serum 196 mg/dL 80 - 463 mg/dL Gliadin Antibody (IgA) 22 U <20 U Gliadin Antibody (IgG) 52 U <20 U Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody 14 U/mL U/mL Doc says yep you've got Celiac. Avoid gluten and you'll be fine. But I don't have intestinal problems. I got the gastric sleeve surgery nearly 4 years ago and lost close to 150 lbs. If I don't make sure to take magnesium, I get constipated due to the pain meds I'm on, but my problems are more neurological, leading me to think I could have Gluten Ataxia. It describes me pretty well. Although there's no mention of the fact that I can't stay awake without stimulants, can't focus or get anything done to the point of being on disability and all the back pain and ETD (from multiple ear tube surgeries as a kid). Pretty sure my dad has DH (although apparently all the dermatologists he sees are idiots and no one has ever mentioned Celiac or DH to him even though he has the most classic looking rash on his knees and elbows that I've ever seen...oh and is pretty short at 5'3) but he doesn't have any intestinal trouble at all. Ok so denial question: Is it possible to have these results and NOT have Celiac? Or to have some other similar condition or temporary Celiac or anything else? How the hell am I supposed to get through withdrawal? 2 days gluten free and I felt like death and pretty much preferred it to continuing on the gluten free life. 3 days in and I've broken out in a huge rash that I've not had before. Super itchy on my hands and one of my inner ankles, but there are more small pink/red raised bumps that don't itch too, and then a bunch of flat super red dot ones over my whole trunk area, like Petechaie or whatever they are called. 6 days in and I couldn't take it anymore and downed a spoonful of cookie butter. Almost instant relief. My head stopped pounding and the bumps are going down and are much less itchy. My intestines untied themselves from the knots they had been in. My head cleared up (back to it's usual inattentiveness) and the fog lifted. My brain started making connections and the anger has yet again set in. Ok great so now I have to start all over? Wait...so withdrawal from gluten is just as bad as a junkie withdrawing from heroin...but junkies get all kinds of help to get through their withdrawal and they did it to themselves! I didn't do this to myself, I had no choice. What the heck do I get? A pat on the head? A youcanDOit! That's just BS. And then wait, so after I recover and am off gluten...then if I get accidently exposed or cross contaminated...then I will have the agonizing intestinal torture that is traditionally seen with Celiacs? Which from what I'm discovering has happened to every single one of them I've ever read about or talked to. Ummm...no thanks. I don't want to be a pariah among my friends. I don't want to be the difficult one who sits in the corner of the booth with the look on my face that says I'd rather run screaming out of the restaurant than watch you guys enjoy all the stuff I can't. Oh and heaven forbid one of them take a bite and then sneeze in my direction, or fail to sanitize their hands before touching mine. What if my husband eats a cracker and then kisses me? Is this really what I'm in for... for the rest of my entire life? I already have a list of foods I can't tolerate due to my gastric sleeve surgery. Now you throw in Celiac and there goes most of what's left. So you've got to tell me here, is there really life after Celiac? Or am I just the next casualty left in the wake of a corrupt government? What am I supposed to eat? I can't eat most grains or anything dense as it just sits in my stomach and makes me feel nauseated. No rice or pastas, very limited meats, limited fruits due to a fructose intolerance and most veggies either cause me horrific intestinal pain or look as appetizing to me as a slug on a stick. So I'm stuck eating cheese and nuts...literally, I should buy stock in Sargento Balanced Breaks. Oh wait, but now I'm being told that Celiacs should probably be avoiding dairy too. So nuts, for the rest of my life. Well they say you are what you eat so I guess they got that right. I'm beyond frustrated. Beyond angry. Beyond 'well at least they make lots of gluten free stuff now'...cuz I swear the next person...I'm sure you're all with me on that one. Starting to think maybe we all need to get together and sue the government for poisoning us. Cuz I'm just speechless, and with a nickname of 'omg will you just shut up already'...there's just sooooo much wrongness here.