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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am a month and a half gluten free after being diagnosed with celiac. I have been doing well, but I have been having extreme craving and hunger. Why do I feel like I am being starved when I am eating big meals. I have been eaten a lot of protein and replacing the gluten carbs with brown rice, potatoes, beans, etc. Nothing makes the hunger and cravings stop. Even when my stomach is full and bloated I still just want to eat all the time. I have never had hunger like this before. Is it because my body is trying to heal from inflammation, lacking nutrients, or something else?
  2. GFB bar- dedicated gluten-free factory i like pb and cranberry almond
  3. Yes, the acid reflux is doing better. Still having a few other issues like bloating, extreme hunger/cravings, and nausea.
  4. I have had severe constant bloating for many years. I have diagnosed with celiac diseases about two months ago and have been gluten free since. My skin rashes and constant nausea have improved a little, but the bloating is much worse. Is this because of celiac? If so how long will it take for bloating to settle down? Is it because my stomach is inflamed? My stomach also gets full and bloated easily, but I am Always hungry. I constantly want to eat since I started eating gluten free.
  5. Thanks for the advice!
  6. I have been gluten free for about a month now, but after one-week gluten free, I have been having really bad acid reflux. Zantac does nothing either. I always feel it in my chest and throat. Acid reflux has never been this bad before. Is it because I stopped eating gluten or something else?