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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm not yet sure if I have celiacs and with my research I've noticed that a huge majority of euro-descent population have celiacs or the chance to get it. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about south-asian or south indians, specifically ones born in india, and raised in the U.S. and their chances of having celiacs. No one in my family has ever shown signs or tested for it. Nor have they had any autoimmune disorders. Obviously a certain ethnicity isn't going to have a 0 chance of having the disease as our bodies are the same but I'm a bit curious about this and also worried about my chances of having celiac. This is a bit of an odd and specific question but any help would be great. Thank you!
  2. I think I will do that when I see my GI in a few weeks. My only concern is that I don't want the GI to assume that I'm undermining his knowledge which is most definitely not what I'm trying to do but so many outlets have given me so much different information I'm not sure what to do with it. I know he won't do another endoscopy to retake a biopsy but hopefully another full celiac panel and maybe a gene test? To completely rule out celiac or keep it as an option. Any suggestion on how to approach the doctor about my concerns? Thank you!
  3. I will be seeing my GI in three weeks and my PCP tomorrow so I will ask them about their input. I will have to wait for my h. pylori treatment to end though i think before I can stop PPI. Thank you!
  4. I looked up images and what I have on my arms looks very similar to it! Thank you!
  5. Hi, I was wondering if someone could describe to me what the DH rash looks like? I've noticed a slight rash on my upper arms but they just look like slight raised bumps and some of them look like acne/pimple rashes with the little pimple discharges inside. Not sure if this is what DH is supposed to look like. My upper arms are a little itchy but it's nothing bright red or anything. Honestly, I had to look to see the raised bumps and feel the acne/pimple rash. Any advice or tips would be great!
  6. As I mentioned to ironictruth's post I didn't realize PPI's can affect the small intestine and I truly hope it is the PPI's or lack of digestive enzymes from my gallbladder and such. I will look into these links and speak to my Primary Care Provider, hopefully she will be able to guide me. Thank you!
  7. I took antibiotics about a month and a half ago because I had some sort of stomach bug and was prescribed the antibiotic Amoxicillin-Clavulanate and prednisone, a steroid for ear inflammation. But its been a bit over a month since my last dose of either of those. The doctor doesn't want to give me a prescription for antibiotics for h. pylori until I see him in April which is really frustrating but that's his office's policy apparently. But can PPI's cause fat malabsorption? That seems like very uncommon and far out thing? Because the fat absorption happens in my small intestine. Honestly, I really really hope it is the PPI's. However, the nurse said that h. pylori doesn't cause fat malabsorption so I don't know what's going on at this point. Is there any relation to all of this in terms of my period being late? It's never been more than 2/3 days late if anything it will come a couple of days early. It's at day 6 now which my tracking app says is within the normal but I don't know. I have been really stressed but how far back can that even push the period? I also woke up this morning with one eyelid swollen, my right one. With the upper right and a little bit lower too part swollen rather than the entire thing. It doesn't itch or anything and I don't have any discharge. It just feels and looks kinda swollen and hurts a little, actually. I think my left eye is also sswelling but I guess I won't know for sure until tonight or tomorrow morning. I've read that this can be a sign of a stye starting to form. I'm hoping it's a stye but any help? Thank you!
  8. I will keep that possibility in mind! I will talk to the doctor and see what he can do. Hopefully, my insurance will allow it or the doctor will actually give the test a try. Thank you so much! I'll try to relax until my appointment.
  9. Yeah, I'm going to visit my doctor at the beginning of april so I'll have to bring this up. I hope that the number he took was enough because it would be so terribly frustrating if it was celiac all this time and I just didn't know because he didn't take enough biopsies. Thank you!
  10. The doctor did an IgA and TtG-IGA test. I asked the nurse why the DGP and EMA wasn't run and she said it was because the TtG and IgA was normal so there was no need to test for the other two. I also questioned the two biopsies in terms of number and she just said that because of my blood results and the normalcy of the first part of the duodenum the doctor just took two from the second part which is worrying me because what if he missed something. The nurse and my roommates mom who is a physician both stated that if there is damage, it will be evident. And I know there's a lot of different info on the internet and I cant say that all of it is true since I'm not a doctor and all but it's just so frustrating and I know I should wait for the results and not stress over what I don't know but it's so difficult. I do have a gallbladder and I don't think my enzyme levels were checked. I got an abdominal ultrasound and that was found normal except a cyst in my kidney. Yeah, I look very closely at my stool now and notice a lot more and it's honestly a little scary because what if these problems have been happening for a while and I just never noticed. But then, I never had any abdominal ache either until i got diagnosed with gastritis so I don't know. I have a little upper abdominal pain but that might be due to the h. pylori infection and gastritis I'm having right now. I feel a little nauseous after eating just about anything, again a symptom of the PPI I'm taking. I'm not very bloated either. That actually went down a few days ago. Might be because the GI told me to change the amount of time i put between taking the PPI and eating food. I still have gas but I wouldn't say it is excessive as I used to have gas before all this too as it is normal to pass gas. As Ennis_Tx asked earlier I do have a little bit of mind fog with forgetfulness and being unable to pay too much attention I think that's just a stress thing but maybe know. I hope its a stress thing. I've been so focused on these issues and googling everything which is a terrible decision for someone as anxious as me. I'm also 4 days late for my period. I don't know if all this leads to Celiac and I'm honestly soo worried but yeah. If you could read my reply to Ennis_Tx I talked a little bit more of what I was experiencing. Any and all advice/help would be great. Thank you.
  11. I have been eating gluten continuously every day for the past two weeks. I had a period of gluten free for about a month with a couple of slip ups because I was dealing with gastritis. I had a jelly sandwich earlier this morning and about an hour or two felt like I had to go to the restroom but it was just gas and it wasn't an urgent need. It just felt like there was some stool to pass. My stool in the morning when I woke up was very very smooth in texture on one side and that normal jaggedness on the other side. It was a long relatively thick stool. This is how a majority of my stools are. They are formed but the oily film is still there. I'm assuming they're formed because I do take a teaspoon of Citrucel twice every day. I think I'll start the diet rotation once I complete the stool test and see what happens from there. All of this is so confusing really. I don't have any swollen lymph nodes I don't think. My knees feel kind of weak but that's just a general problem I've had because my mom suffers from joint pains. But it doesnt hurt or anything. Just feels weird. I'm not sure what kind of rash you're indicating too but I've read about the celiac rash and I haven't noticed anything. I do have slight mind fog though, It's getting harder for me to pay 100% attention to work and such and I'm a little forgetful but I just always attributed it to my being so stressed about college and all these health issues that suddenly started. Thank you!
  12. My GI ran blood and biopsy tests on me. My blood tests showed no sign of celiac and during the endoscopy he said the examined part of the small intestine appeared normal and he took two random biopsies of the second part of the duodenum. The biopsy came back normal as well. However, I've been noticing a thin film of oil on the water in the toilet and my stool looks fatty with little streaks of what looks like mucus. I know that this fat malabsorption is caused by many things but I just don't know what's happening right now. I get some pain and discomfort on the very lower part of the abdomen and sometimes on the sides or top left. Some in the center but very rarely. It's never sharp pains or excruciating but I'm just not sure what the problem is. What else could cause fatty stools? I still notice a little but of food but my stools are formed. And they don't float. I also noticed some black specks on my stool too. Looks like pepper but I'm not eating anything with pepper sooo. GI wants to run a fecal fat test to see if I'm really not absorbing fats. Is it possible I could still have celiacs. The nurse I spoke to said that that's not a suspect right now because of the blood and biopsy results. So if not celiac then what??? I'm a college freshman and the last thing I need right now is all these health problems and I'm just really scared so any advice or help would be great! Thank you!
  13. Oh man, I really hope that that's not what happened here. Sometimes, I used to experience constipation after eating bread but I don't know what's going on. This is so scary. Thank you.
  14. For some reason the doctor didn't test for it so I'm not sure what's happening. This is so frustrating. They don't have a plan right now and they just want me to continue taking the medication until biopsy results. I really hope that it might just be the PPI causing all the issues but with my luck probably not, also the gastritis should have been gone by now. Thank you!
  15. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. My stool seems to alternate however. I went to the restroom again after this occurrence and my stool floated and there was some shiny think over the water in the toilet. It just alternates without correlation and I'm not sure if the shiny also has to do with low stomach acid as I'm on PPI's for gastritis.