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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does anyone know of a doctor who is familiar with gluten related disorders (dermatitis herpetiformis and/or gluten ataxia) in the Cincinnati area?
  2. Does apple cider vinegar help?

    I've heard it can really help with DH.
  3. Also, does anyone know whether there is a specific gene associated with dermatitis herpetiformis and/or gluten ataxia or is it the same genes expressed in those who suffer from intestinal issues?
  4. Thanks guys. I used to get really bad spells of dizziness which has seemed to have gone away since going gluten free. I never would have connected the two issues together. I used to work in a bakery for Kellogg which was when I ended up going to the hospital for what they diagnosed as vertigo. But I'm kind of starting to think that my dizziness could have been from breathing in the flour from the silos. It got to a point where it was difficult for me to stand up. But you mention nutritional neuropathy and I do seem to feel really great when I take vitamin B12. Sounds like I need to find a new doctor who would be willing to run some tests.
  5. I get blisters from soy just as I would from gluten. It took an extremely strict elimination diet for me to figure it out.
  6. What is peripheral neuropathy? I have had total numbness at the tips of my toes for maybe twelve years now. It's accompanied with other strange symptoms such as symmetrical rash, joint pain, fatigue and brain fog. The doctor told me that I probably stubbed my toes or injured them by wearing uncomfortable shoes. I'm wondering if it could be peripheral neuropathy caused by gluten. It doesn't hurt. I just have no feeling at the very tip of my toes. Now that I know that my other symptoms are tied to gluten I'm wondering whether my toes are really "injured" like the doc says or if it's caused by my gluten intolerance and if so, is there a chance it will go away over time?
  7. My son is 5 and his symptoms are all behavioral and neurological. If he eats a few pretzels he will develop something called a stereotypy where his fingers become sort of stuck in distorted positions for days. Before we removed gluten from his diet, he experienced auditory and visual hallucinations, insomnia, loss of balance and fine motor, periods of confusion (doesn't know where he is), dialated pupils, chronic post nasal drip, keratosis pilaris covering torso, extreme behavioral issues, constipation and bloating. We've been to 3 neurologists, 2 allergists, an endocrinologist, psychological, psychiatrist, dermatologist, infectious disease specialist and soon will see a gastroenterologist. He's tested negative for celiac and doesn't have the gene which would indicate gluten as an issue for him. Despite these facts, we entirely removed gluten and dairy from his diet and he is a normal happy playful child again, living the life he should be living. He's had a few instances of dietary mishaps at school which were difficult to recover from. We implemented the AIP diet which for us included no grains (no corn, rice or quinoa), no dairy, no legumes (especially soy), no eggs and limited nightshades. Basically, we have been eating only vegetables, fruits, meats and nuts. Nothing processed. It works. Now we are at the point of adding things back into his diet and it's going well. We've determined that he's sensitive to a particular baking mix brand called Simple Mills. So there are only two possibilities to this a) Simple Mills brand isn't as gluten free as it needs to be or b)my son is actually sensitive to baking soda. I also think he might be dealing with intestinal permeability or "leaky gut". I've been reading about a protein called zonulin and I question whether that could be a potential biomarker in our case. Prayers for your daughter. If you think it's a dietary trigger then you are right and I encourage you to never give up. You will find an answer if you keep looking. I promise.
  8. My son reacts with neurological symptoms when he comes into contact with gluten. He is NCGS. We are doing Paleo diet right now to include avoiding all dairy and he's doing well. They sell a coconut based kefir at Whole Foods and I don't believe it has a lot of additives like guar gum or locust bean gum. I personally have found, through elimination diet, that I get blisters and joint pain when I eat gluten and anything that contains soy, tamarind, guar gum and locust bean gum (I'm assuming these are all legumes). Dairy causes my skin to be dry and itchy. I've also reduced our sodium intake. I often question whether my son's neuro issues are a result of my not realizing that I was gluten sensitive during pregnancy. I lived in a brain fog and used to get spells of dizziness which I believe was caused by gluten. Anyways, I suggest try eliminating all of those ingredients and then add one back in after a week or two and see what happens. Wishing you relief
  9. Reaction to smells and anxiety

    Probiotics help with anxiety.
  10. Very good to know in that 8 of the 20 best selling probiotics claim gluten free yet test positive for gluten.
  11. I would argue that NCGS is a worse prognosis. Many who are afflicted suffer from neurological and psychiatric symptoms ranging from psychosis to epilepsy to MS like symptoms. It should not be diminished as it has been in this article.
  12. Has anyone ever suffered a reaction from swimming in the pool? Is that even possible? Just curious. Thanks in advance
  13. Rash

    Cortisone cream for the itch and neosporin for the sore.
  14. I've experienced POTS along with some strange issues with my peripheral vision when driving. Water definitely helps. I've heard iodine intake can cause DH to flair. I wonder if the high water intake flushes iodine. 🤔 Again, just another deep thought from Stephanie.