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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I never knew steroids made it worse. Thank you for posting this. I too have the rash on my knuckles, but it's undiagnosed. The allergist prescribed steroid cream and it only seemed to make it worse so I stopped using the prescription. My intent is to do an eight week gluten challenge after the holidays, but after reading this original post I'm fearful that my rash will spread. Right now it's contained to my knuckles not to mention the other symptoms like throbbing joint pain, dizziness, fog, fatigue. The last time I was glutened I felt like I wanted to vomit, which I had never experienced before. Can symptoms worsen or spread each time you're exposed? Seriously hesitating to do this for eight weeks after reading this thread.
  2. I have what I believe is or are hemorrhoids and my chronic joint pain seemed to come about at around the same time. These symptoms all came about immediately after the birth of my daughter. Because my son started experiencing major health concerns our family made a decision to trial a 100% gluten free diet. I'll be damned, my joint pain entirely disappeared. Then I noticed that this chronic that I had for 11 years went away. I no longer felt tired all the time. I no longer experienced boughts of dizziness. Here's what I recommend. Do an elimination diet and start with Paleo. If you're anything like me you may benefit from adding a non dairy kefir to your daily diet. I feel more like a normal person if I avoid gluten, but I feel like a million bucks when I drink my daily kefir. Look for a brand called Forager Project. It contains ten live active probiotic cultures. I stick to a simple whole food diet. I've eliminated all grains, soy, dairy, nightshades and drastically reduced iodine intake. Best of luck on your journey towards healing!
  3. DH? Long and sad

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this. My son deals with food intolerances that are not identified by any biomarker as well. I hear the same response from doctors in that, "if the food makes him feel bad then it's probably best to avoid the food." (Thanks for your insight doc!) His symptoms are not dermatological though. His symptoms are mostly neurological and psychiatric with some bloating and mild digestive issues. He loses his mind quite literally if he digests gluten. Also develops what is known as a stereotypy, involuntary movement of hands. He is otherwise a normal child. We are unable to obtain any kind of diagnosis though. I know you're avoiding a lot of foods right now, but don't get discouraged. It's just a way of life and you're doing the right thing. Right now we are avoiding foods such as soy, all types of grain, chocolate, dairy and nightshades. I have limited his iodine intake as well. I have personally found that gluten, iodine and soy cause intensely itchy blisters and joint pain for me. Perhaps have you tried cutting back on iodine intake?
  4. I highly recommend the brand Forager Project. It's made from cashew milk. It contains 10 different live active cultures. That stuff is like liquid gold. It's currently sold out at our local store right now. Kite Hill almond milk kefir only contains 4 cultures and Harmless Harvest coconut kefir contains 8 cultures. I found all of these at Whole Foods. Our regular grocery store doesn't carry a non dairy kefir unfortunately.
  5. I'm not sure about gluten, but many do contain lactose according to my pharmacist. So if you are sensitive to dairy then that could be an issue. I would look into vitamin deficiencies in regard to your sudden onset of symptoms. I've been told magnesium can help with sleep. Regarding anxiety, I started drinking dairy free kefir and that healed my DH and anxiety all within a matter of a week or so. I'd struggled with those symptoms for 12 years. I also take Garden of Life kids multi strain probiotic daily, but it wasn't until I added the kefir when I started to feel better. Also encourage just simple whole foods to treat SIBO. such as grass and vegetarian fed meats. Basically a paleo or AIP diet.
  6. I guess we, as a family, won't be using OTC pain relievers anymore. Simply not worth the risk. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Sleep Problems

    Curious. Thinking about trying supplements for my son. How many hours of sleep has this regimen added to your total duration of sleep?
  8. Has anyone reached out to Tropicana recently to find out if this is still the case?
  9. Thanks! Where can I find these? Are they sold at any super markets that you're aware of?
  10. For those who are hypersensitive, is there a particular brand of herbs and spices that you can guide me towards. Thank you!
  11. Does anyone know of a doctor who is familiar with gluten related disorders (dermatitis herpetiformis and/or gluten ataxia) in the Cincinnati area?
  12. Does apple cider vinegar help?

    I've heard it can really help with DH.
  13. Also, does anyone know whether there is a specific gene associated with dermatitis herpetiformis and/or gluten ataxia or is it the same genes expressed in those who suffer from intestinal issues?
  14. Thanks guys. I used to get really bad spells of dizziness which has seemed to have gone away since going gluten free. I never would have connected the two issues together. I used to work in a bakery for Kellogg which was when I ended up going to the hospital for what they diagnosed as vertigo. But I'm kind of starting to think that my dizziness could have been from breathing in the flour from the silos. It got to a point where it was difficult for me to stand up. But you mention nutritional neuropathy and I do seem to feel really great when I take vitamin B12. Sounds like I need to find a new doctor who would be willing to run some tests.
  15. I get blisters from soy just as I would from gluten. It took an extremely strict elimination diet for me to figure it out.