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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks, Ravenwood! Good advice on all fronts. I will keep telling her "this too will pass - just wait it out." Hard to see her suffer though.
  2. Reviving this thread as I am in search of better care for my child, diagnosed this spring with off the charts antibodies. She experiences significant mood effects from gluten and all I get from her GI and ped are blank looks - they aren't familiar with the idea that it can affect one's mental or emotional equilibrium or brain. (I would bet that if we scanned her brain, there would definitely be some evidence of damage.) Obvs we have her 100% gluten-free and are very cautious, but given that even the slightest glutening sends her into despair and suicidal ideation, I am looking for a doctor that *does* understand the connection and can give us better guidance so I can feel more confident that she'll stay safe until her gut heals. Any recommendations (in SF bay area, or anywhere really) would be welcomed!
  3. My 12yo daughter has similar reactions - irrational, looping behavior, rage-y. I can't tell if it's a direct effect of the gluten consumption on her brain, or if it's secondary, meaning that the gluten's effect on her stomach causes so much pain that her ability to manage her behavior is shot, but either way, it's terrible. Sympathies.
  4. In case it's helpful to know, my daughter's TTG came back at over 3,000. (Not a typo; reference range 0-20 is negative, 20-30 is weak positive, >30 is positive, and they stop counting at 3,000.) The ped GI at the local nationally known teaching hospital did not require endoscopy, but diagnosed her based on that lab, a second set of labs which had the same numbers and also showed positive for genetics. It's been a week gluten-free and we're seeing some improvement, but poor kid is going to take a while to feel well. Her primary symptoms were stomach aches and extreme anxiety - it was her therapist who actually suggested the celiac screen. (For which we are forever grateful!)