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  1. Hey guys. So I've been trying to incorporate cardio back into my exercise routine. I'm starting out slow only 2 times a week for about a 30/45 mins on top of getting about 8k steps a day. The other day I went to the gym and I realized later on I had accidentally ate something before my workout that had been processed in a factory with wheat... but that night I felt terrible and was in bed the rest of the day. I thought at first the workout just wiped me out but now I know. Today I'm going to the gym again but I feel soo tired. Do you think that if my body is still healing that maybe I shouldn't go or will it help? I really want to get into shape before graduation but I'm still so exhausted. I feel like I must be "glutenating" myself on a daily basis because my roommates are soooo messy. I love them but I gotta get out and have my own kitchen or a kitchen where people are careful. I don't have the time to constantly clean up their messes. So I feel like my question is it okay to start putting my body through the stress of working out? I feel like it should be okay because it's a healthy stress right? Thanks.
  2. You make a good point i'll be sure to watch out. My mom is coming with me shes not gluten free I'll have her try the stuff that may be contaminated and tell me how it is :b hahah
  3. Right that's why I still called my doctor but I just wanted to see if anyone else had experienced the same thing. I left a message And a nurse is going to get back to me so hopefully that will provide some relief .
  4. Hi guys, so these past few days I have a little bleeding/brown discharge. This is so embarrassing but I figured I'd ask. My period wasnt suppose to come for a week when I felt like I got pain on my left side and started spotting/seeing blood/brown when I wipe. So I had an ovarian cyst and had it removed in december. I had another on my other ovary but it was much smaller and risky to take off without taking my ovary too so they left it. She said she wasnt concerned about it bursting. Could the bleeding be from the gluten free diet and my body changing? Or do you think this could be the ovary/cyst? I'm very worried because these are very bad cysts and quite rare ones. I didnt even think it could be my cyst until I started googling. Ugh worst idea ever to google stuff like that because now I'm having a panic attack thinking I'm gonna be infertile.
  5. Hey guys! I didn't know where to post this or if I'm able to post on that calendar but there is a GLLUTEN FREE EXPO this summer in Worcester, Massachusetts. It's June 22-23. I've never been to one and I came across it by accident and I got really excited because it's only about an hour from me! I'm sure most of you probably know or maybe its posted on here but I figured I'd post it just in case! I notice now as I'm posting this there's other locations too! Tickets are cheap and they even give out a promo code for a discount. http://gfafexpo.com/locations/2017-worcester-ma/ http://gfafexpo.com/
  6. Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, I cant wait till school is over so I can have some time to rest.
  7. Sounds delicious! I'll have to check out the cooking forum! Thanks!
  8. Lmao this post was very amusing. Hahah, I hope you find that too. A gluten free bakery sounds awesome! I have yet to have any gluten-free desserts at all. I'm not much of a sweets eater but when I want it I want it bad lol. Any good suggestions for gluten-free desserts?
  9. Aww I'm sorry that unfortunate about the doctor. There are some bad doctors out there. I went to one before my diagnosis and told him I went to the bathroom and there was quite a bit of blood and that's never happened to me before. He looked at me like I was crazy and said "how do you expect me to help you with that." Needless to say I left crying... I digress... Don't let it get you down. Is there anyway you can look up some Gastroenterology centers in your area and look at their reviews and go to a good one? I would say you can still eat out but you need to be very careful...call the restaurants ahead of time and ask about gluten-free options and if they have separate fryers and how their staff takes precautions, etc. This would also help with the dating thing because once you find some places you can go to those places. As for the kissing thing totally depressed me too.. especially for our age. I'm pretty lucky because I do have a boyfriend so I'm not dealing with the whole explaining that to a new person you're dating but it's important. I guess you can see if it even makes you sick and if it does than have the conversation. I do know that once you find the right person they will deal with it and understand. My boyfriend was sad about it and still is but I think it would make him sadder if he got me really sick. I feel like unless they have food all over their lips than pecks are okay but open mouth kissing would be risky.
  10. Hi! =[ I'm sorry you are feeling sad. Isn't that the worst when someone tried to tell you "it wont hurt it's just a little". Sometimes for me it just helps to make jokes about it. I'm sorry your dad has a hard time understanding. I miss Chinese food too I haven't had it in while. Do you like too cook? Maybe try going on pinterest and look up gluten free recipes of your favorite comfort food. I know there are deff gluten free asian food recipes on there. I know some really don't like cooking but maybe with this new lifestyle it can become a new hobby! Everyone loves a home cooked meal! Maybe if you get a little more forceful with your Dad or try to explain it differently he will understand. Maybe express how if you continue to eat it then your intestines wont work right anymore and you will just get sicker. Sorry I know that probably doesn't help right now. It's not silly either its a total lifestyle change and for some people it really is difficult. Hope you start to feel better.
  11. Hey, I hear ya when you say " I still can't seem to do as well as I know I could if I were feeling healthy. " Aint that the truth... I think I really started to feel genuinely sick maybe 8th grade but I thought the same thing as you.. like "oh I'm just feeling depressed and its making me feel like shit it will pass",,, Then I think there was a point where I really started to think "I feel sick enough today that I feel like I need to be in a hospital bed".. Im sure you've felt that way too at some time...I feel the same way some days are super good and I'm hopeful and some are terrible and I feel like I'm not even doing anything. From what I've learned on here though is its really a process. It seems like the healing takes awhile since all those things that made our bodies so sick have to come out. I feel like its like you might have to feel worse to feel better kind of deal. Funny you say you're at SUNY Geneseo. Are you from NY originally? I'm from long island that's why I ask. Have you seen a doctor telling them you suspect celiac?
  12. Sounds good I'll have to look into that....haha totally wish that was a thing too! This way I would know how I'm doing and if you contaminated yourself vs you're just sick. There's totally a way to do that. So I had that meal I thought may have contaminated me and I feel fine. Thank goodness for that, I would have felt bad throwing it all away. So either part of my recovery or that damn coffee lol but who will know.
  13. Thanks guys all your responses were appreciated! I will definitely have to get the blood sugar checked to be safe. You say go asap or just wait till next Wednesday for my nutritionist appt? After the celiac diagnosis I kinda chalked all my other weird symptoms up to it all being caused from that. I'm learning now though from all of you that other diseases seem to go hand in hand so I should still get them checked out. The thing about them having the same gene was very interesting I had NO IDEA! Type 1 an auto immune disease as well? Where did you purchase a glucose testing kit? Thanks =]
  14. Thanks all. When I was younger we were suspecting diabetes because I would get shaky, light headed, faint, etc. Nothing ever really came of it and now looking back on it I assume it could be the celiac. I feel like I should get it checked out again though, Im not sure of the last time it was done. What do I say to them? Just can you check my blood sugar levels? What if they say why? Cyclinglady you say they are genetically linked? Do you know how or why? Yes, I suppose I could just go down to my university's health services and ask if they will do it for me instead of waiting the week but what do I say to them? I only ask because I dont want to seem a little crazy about suspecting diabetes.
  15. Hii! Yes, this is something i've been considering. Im going to see a nutritionist next week and im going to ask her about it. Thank you for looking out for me! Do you know id night sweats are a diabetic thing too? Ive been having that issue too lately.