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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Liz - thanks for answering.. I was so ticked off at the doctor b/c he made me feel like it was all in my head / IBS only. I asked him about taing gluten for 2 wees vs the month and said that 2 weeks would be fine. And I had read that you needed a month too!! I know it does suck but I am going to keep trying to be gluten free. I also do need to work on stress management b/c there have been days when the IBS has made itself known. Do u think an allergy serum test would be of any help? thank-you soooo much for the advice! sabrina
  2. liz-- I finally had an endoscope done, bloodwork, & cat scan of abdominal cavity. My GI doc only had me eat gluten containing foods about 2 wks. All my tests came bac negative. He said that it is just IBS and that I need to accept. He was not able to give me a good reason as to why when I eat gluten containing foods that I get the above statesd sms. I was so pissed b/cI now when my ibs is flaring and when I have eaten something with it. Any suggestions? thans sabrina
  3. Normal Bm

    I appreciate all the adivce.. what exactly is casein? I have heard of it but not 100% sure of it. Also has anyone heard of zone bars? I eat the fudge grahm (there is no grahm flour in it though). I probably should just call the company. I hace actually decided to get in contact with a GI doc. I have only gone to family docs ever since having probs when I was 14 ( I amm now 28). I need to find out exactly what is going on. I missed work yesterday and then my clinical the day before and actually left work early the day before b/c of my gut. I slept for most of the day yesterday and teh day b4. I actually got bought some immodium ad yesterday -- thinking maybe I had a bug b/c my bently (dicyclomine) that I take for IBS was not helping. I actually has an appetite last night and this morning. AS far as the abnormal bm -- that has been going on since prob mid jan. I spoke with my mom last night about it on the phone and she really wants to me to go see someone too. The milk thing is something I am going to have to try to give up but that'll be tough b/c it is a huge part of my diet. I know I can't have like soft-serve ice cream... but as far as I know I ahve never had a huge issue with the cheese or yogurt. Anyway I am going to call a doctor once monday comes. thanks - sabrina
  4. Normal Bm

    what about drinking lactaid milk? yougurt like light & fit by dannon? Before this flare up or whatever it is in januray I was doing better and eating cheese ( I have string cheese & yogurt every day for snacks at work & calcium etc.) I know I have IBS (per md) and have had a lot of stressors lately.. I am wondering which is which with me. ugh! thanks!
  5. i have been trying to be gluten-free -- I had slipped uu in jan and I thought I was getting over it but I still haivng very loose stools taht are dark brown and then light later on. Like today I had 2 bm that are floating, dark, smelly and I have stomach ache. I could not tell you the size, but they were not pencil thin -- maybe the width of the 2nd digit. They are not very long. but it seems every time I ahve to have a bm lately this is how they turn out. I have been dx wtih ibs over 10 yrs ago. over the past year I have been trying to be gluten-free... which seeemed to help and I was not relying on my bentyl (for ibs) anymore. hoever since my slip up around jan 16th i have not been normal. I did slip up on friday and gave into 2 small peices of garlic bread. I am just wondering if I should give my doc a call. i am tired of this. thanks sabrina
  6. Thanks patti -- it has just been a rough last 2 weeks b/c of the flare up from me eating the wrong things, Today so far I am feeling a bit better. You are right there are people that do suffer much more!! There have been other things in life stressing me out as well. I am looking forward to february!! thanks again. I appreciate it! Sabrina
  7. Thansk for all the help!! I have not been able to respond as I moved last weekend and had no internet access. I am trying to be gluten-free... since my slip up 2 wks ago now, I have had belly aches, "D" and other icky things happening. It is kind of depressing to realize that I may have to live this way for the rest of my life. I know once I accept it and seal with it it will get better. But it is just frusturating b/c I like to be an easygoing person (try to be). but I feel like a pain in someone's toosh at the holidays or if eating at someone's home b/c I do not want to come off as picky or high maintenance. How do you guys deal with the inital frusturations and accepting the change in lifestyle (sort of). I know I will (hopefully) feel better once this junk is out of my system.I am so sick of having stomach pains and feeling like I am geting stabbed in the gut with a knife!! IT is no fun and sometimes bums me out. Esp. this week b/c I have not been able to run b/c of the jostling to my insides when they are all jacked up. Not to be gross but I have had floating stools for almost 2 weeks now!!! and I have been going to the bathroom a lot more lately too !!!and it occ., feels greasy... and I have been having low back / sacrum pain!!! I a luck b/c I am a physical therapist and at work we treat each other. I have been treated for visceral stuff in my gut this week and had work on my back / SI region. UGH!! Can someone send me some positive / coping ideas to perk me up. I want to be normal!! Thanks all... sorry to include gross details.. but need advice. I a glad I have found this site so I can ask questions b/c I do not think my GP (as much as I love her) thinks I have this!! thanks sabrina
  8. Thanks patti! Thank goodness I like rum.LOL Quick question -- from my postings.. does it sound like I have the intolerance or even celiacs? I have had the late puberty thing (not getting menses till 18, occ. night sweats, or itchness plus all the other stuff I posted above.. Thanks too -- I have always wondered about the malt thing!!!! very grateful!! sabrina in MI
  9. have you tried the lactaid brand milk? I think I may be sensitive to lactose (at least some forms) andI drink the lactaid brand... i put in cereal.. etc.. anyone else use that? good luck!! I know the feeling in your gut you are talking about and it is not fun!! sabrina
  10. hi - I have been tring to do a gluten-free diet for about 9 moths now. IT is so hard and it sucks when you cannot eat papa john's pizza or things at other people' s home when you are a guest. I ahve had a history of stomach aches, bloating, diarrhea, constipation etc since as far back as I can remember. I am 28 and I remember having the sever stomach probs at 14 y/o. I was told I had IBS and stil take bentyl as needed. I ahve not yet been tested. When I started to go gluten-free I felt much better (less stomach aches, bloating) and needed the bentyl probably only 25-45% of the time. Which is good b/c the bentyl makes me very drowsy whcih is not good at work. My stomach does get upset with stress though. I used to eat bagels, wheat thins, 100% whole grain cereals, breads etc. And I always felt miserable. Do you know if I had a gluten food on monday could I still be feeling the effects today (thursday). I am assuming I have an allergy to wheat or gluten b/c as I said I do feel better gluten-free. I also have night sweats now and again. I thouhgt maybe I was getting the flu or fighting a bug. But it has happened a lot over the holidays and I know I was not eating clean. I also have on againg off again "blues" especially in the winter-- could be "SAD". But I started my mesnses when I was 18 - my mom had made me take estrogen to get that started. I am trying to figure out if that could be b/c of a gluten allery or just b/c I was so active (swimming competitively, heavy exercise). When I was an infant my mom had a very hard time finding a formula that I would not thropw up and I was collicky. So even though I have not been tested does this sound like I may have either an allergy to gluten or celiac disease? Please help or adivse. I am so tired og the gluten-free diet -- the food is so expensive, The bread is sooooooo small and the only that I think tastes halfway decent sticks to my teeth!!!! Thanks so much... sabrina