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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What's up with all these 5 year old articles?
  2. Meds

    Thanks for letting me know. My back hurts all the time
  3. Meds

    Is Aleve better than ibuprofen? My back pain doesn't budge with 800 mg Motrin.
  4. May be something different from celiac, might be accidental glutening. How long have you been gluten-free? Many of us had symptoms for weeks, months, some even over a year after we went gluten-free. Your blood work will come back negative if you are gluten-free. You need to be eating gluten for the antibodies to show up in your blood- if you are celiac.
  5. Is it the rectum or do you think it's more in your tailbone? As I get intermittent tailbone pain that is excruciating a couple times a month.
  6. Wish we could see her follow up studies from the last 5 years.
  7. Start taking to them now about the seriousness of him staying gluten free. You have to get them past that point of thinking you are being irrational. Send them articles talking about what it's like to be glutened. You've got to make this normal and you have the time now to do it. Be firm. I've had too many dinners in the past with my husbands family that doesn't care or care to even understand about my issues where they actually told me things were made without flour, but I reacted. Badly. They still don't care but now I just don't believe them, lol. But with a child hopefully they do care and do want to understand. You have to make them realize he is going to SUFFER if he gets glutened. And you don't want your son to hear little snide comments either. You've done a good job normalizing it for him in your environment. Hopefully you will be able to prepare them now so you aren't walking into a war zone then.
  8. Feel free to discuss ANYTHING here. Nothing is tmi! We have heard it all. And you can be as dramatic as you like, we will still be here for you. SSRI's are a bear to come off of. I got off one and for MONTHS I had the zaps in my brain. I must say I did not do it slowly or carefully and put myself in the throngs of withdrawal. Did you get off your med with the help of a doctor? (It's best to do so.)
  9. Yes! Being gluten-free for a significant amount of time, and having a gluten exposure, will make your body have a greater reaction to gluten. At least for many if not most of us. I'm not sure of the logistics, but there is a reason for it as well. Take it easy, eat simple whole foods, bone broth if possible, lots of water.... hopefully you will feel better very soon. But cyclinglady was right. You probably should actually stay on gluten until you get tested for celiac disease so you know for certain this is your issue. You have found a great community here to help you. Welcome!
  10. Ok so is this really true?!?! Conventional? Remember, the fecal transplant was first described in the 1950s, but took decades to catch on as a conventional treatment for gut disorders, such as c-dif bacteria, partly because it was seen as crude and somehow objectionable. But it proved to work. Really well. So much so that it's now a fairly conventional treatment.
  11. You are super sweet. I'm sorry your extended family isn't great about get togethers and cards. My family is the same. Once my parents died I don't have anyone who really cares about me except for my husband and kids. My parents started getting really weird about stuff as they got older, and my sisters are way older than me and we didn't grow up together, so we aren't close at all. In fact one sister hates me. They didn't even come to our parents funerals. Families pretty much suck so you gotta appreciate whatever you can put together for a support system. I come here every day looking for a smile or laugh, an encouraging word, or an opportunity to give advice. You guys are definitely part of my extended family for what it's worth I would be up for secret santa.
  12. Overwhelmed and unable to accept

    Exactly. A change in diet such as ours has a learning curve, and it makes people feel out of control. Which causes anxiety. Once people get some experience under their belts and, as you say, the diet becomes second nature, you feel more in control and suffer much less anxiety. I personally was thrilled that my symptoms went away so easily with a simple change in diet.
  13. Do antihistimines make DH worse?

    During the first few gluten-free years, if I had a crumb, or in some instances even gluten-free food that must have been closer to the 20 ppm, my rash would either itch but not show up (magically alerting me almost immediately) or come back a bit. It took hardly a thing to activate it. I was soooo sensitive I avoided all packaged gluten-free foods. Then eventually I stopped being so sensitive. But it took years. I actually miss the bit of itch that would alert me, as now I don't seem to react at all. And I can't be doing years of perfect, gluten-free living in a shared household?
  14. I found this for you. http://www.breadmachinepros.com/best-gluten-free-bread-machine/
  15. I know I've read about people on here using a bread machine successfully.... but can't offer a brand name for you, sorry. You can also do a search of posts and see what that turns up