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  1. So I have one pesky symptom that in the last few years has cropped up and never gone away. Lack of motivation to do some very basic things. So basic it's embarrassing to talk about. I barely manage to do a lot of adult tasks these days. It's a real stretch. It's like something is blocking me. Anyways, so I'm talking to my psych and she suggests adderal for it as we've tried lots of different avenues for this issue and none have helped. My bipolar is totally under control, for an entire year so far. My anxiety is ok with a script. It'll be even better once I get one major thing that I won't get into here taken care of. But I'm not the super motivated, extremely hard working person I used to be. It really changed basically when I got sick about 9 years ago. So, does anyone else take adderal? I've got the pills next to me but worried to take them. Not sure why. Any help, advice, reassurance is welcome.
  2. Makes me wonder when the FDA is going to call gluten an allergen...
  3. Thanks for letting me know!
  4. Oh I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone. Yes, the dreams that I have are fairly lucid. I can control them somewhat. It's like I'm really living them. As a teenager I could control my dreams 100% but I had to train myself to do it. Now if I take 200mg of that magnesium before bed, wham! And it's one nightmare per night (within an hour of falling asleep) yet sometimes I get a good dream along for the ride. And the good dreams are really pretty. Like gorgeous sunsets at the beach... ps when I was a hardcore gamer, I'd dream like I was playing a video game. Like the hud and score would be at the top and the dream would be somewhat framed.
  5. Well here's the thing. You need a masters or doctorate to be able to be a psychiatrist, right? If you love it, keep doing it. But (you should) see a psych now to see if they can help you with your anxiety disorder. It's helped me. Maybe not as much as I'd like, but some. I've seen lots of places where you can Skype to your psych so you don't have to leave your home, in cases like agoraphobia that's great. I know they are really popular at least around here in my area. So there's your work from home job, if you actually do become disabled. And lots of people around the board here take various supplements to help with their anxiety. I think if you got a handle on it, then you wouldn't be trying to gear your life around future bouts with cancer, etc. Because you are very very young and you have figured out this celiac thing before many decades of damage to your body. It's those decades of damage that cause you to get those horrible things you are reading about. But only a very small percentage of them are getting those disorders in the first place. Heck, you could get run over by a bus tomorrow. I could slip and fall and break my neck next week. We just don't know what will happen to our future. We can live life and enjoy it now, or get all worked up about it every day and live in fear the rest of our lives. What would you, the future psychiatrist, say to your patient?
  6. Since I started my magnesium supplements I've had the most lucid nightmares. Every night. And I'm not the type to have nightmares. Anyone else?
  7. Congratulations! That's quite the accomplishment. So happy you are doing well and have discovered new tricks.
  8. Thank you. We have a large ka mixer so I'm all set. bread recipes would be most appreciated. My husband is the baker so I'll relay the info to him.
  9. Request the panel now. It'll probably take some time to get it anyways. Sounds like the symptoms match up. how did your doc skip the less expensive blood panel on you and go straight to the biopsy?
  10. They say on the website everything is made to order and to expect a long wait time. So I assume you are correct in how they cook their food, to taste so to speak. maybe you could mail me one of those quesadillas?
  11. So my extended family that never ever remembers or maybe better yet, cares, that I have a gluten issue, has decided to go out to a mom and pop Mexican restaurant that I can't find on Find Me gluten-free app. (My mil is paying.. my immediate family never eats out!) The website menu says some things are gluten-free but I don't believe it. At least yet. So I tried to call and find out if they had a dedicated fryer for the tortilla chips. Well, not a soul spoke good English. So I couldn't ask any questions. Now, since reading this forum people keep talking about triumph dining cards... well I can't quite afford them at the moment. So I'm wondering if there's any write up that I can find on the internet in espanol that can help me out tomorrow? Something I could hand to the waiter to explain things? Or should I just pee off my extended family (my mil has already said how Great it is there's gluten-free items on their menu) and bring my own food? Do you guys think a plain salad would be "safe"? What would you all do? fyi all that happens to me if I eat gluten, which hasn't happened in the past x number of years, is I get bad c. Not my normal c, but worse, lol. So there won't be any exciting mad rushes to the br if I did get glutened. So no one would notice any pain or outward signs that anything had happened. thanks for any help!!!!!!
  12. Gee, you didn't bring your oxyacetylene torch with you? sounds like a great project. I love the hirshorne. Last time I was there was prolly 14 years ago when I held my middle son as a baby in front of a jasper john and took his pic. His name is jasper Their sculpture garden is the best, Rodin being my favorite.
  13. I love Calder....I've made mobiles in his style and it's so much fun! What media are you going to use? Construction paper stabiles are fun to make with kids. I remember as a kid, one time in a museum I blew on a part of a stabile to make it move... the guard comes rushing up to tell me not to, of course. And I'm thinking " Didn't Calder make it so it would catch wind and move? Wouldn't he be happy to see the part that's meant to move, move? " Have you been to the east wing in D.C.? So I love to draw and paint and make jewelry, but my specialty is ceramics. Ceramic sculpture and mosaics in particular. I've made over a dozen large scale mosaics for the schools I've taught at. The largest one was 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall! Actually whatever I'm working on at the time is my favorite thing to do
  14. Recipes? Please?