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  1. My 19-year old will be seeing a gastroenterologist for the first time on Monday. We are pretty sure she has celiac disease. She already has complex partial seizures, which from my research seem to indicate that it is related. I am also wondering about hypothyroid, as she can't seem to lose weight and has some of the other issues. Anyone out there able to relate?
  2. As the parent of a newly-diagnosed 19-year-old college daughter, I can tell you that the holidays were very hard. All this delicious food in the house and a few things she could eat. Of course, they weren't necessarily what she wanted, either. She hasn't even had an official diagnosis yet, but has been trying to be gluten-free due to the diarrhea she gets almost immediately after eating gluten, as well as pain at times. It is not an easy disease. Cooking gluten free isn't too hard, but making it taste "as good" as the real thing is a challenge. Good luck to all of you.