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  1. Hi Cristiana, Doing any better? I am finally on my way. My GI told me to add low FODMAP to my plan. I was already gluten-free, DF, CF, and on an acid reflux diet. I had a bad day a week ago, and made some low FODMAP chicken soup. I ate only that, Udi's white sandwich bread, rice crackers, and a little almond butter (thanks Ennis for that tip!) for two days. I felt a little limp, but could tell a difference in my stomach. After 2 days, I had microwaved salmon, 1/4 cup sweet potatoes, and squash and did fine. It's been a week and I've had no breakthrough heartburn, bloating is decreasing, and I haven't even thought of taking Tums or simethicone. I have even entertained dropping down to one Prilosec per day, but know that's premature. I am still limiting my diet to salmon, soup, bread, crackers, almond butter, but am adding in some different low FODMAP foods daily with no problems. I did try marshmallow root. It was initially lovely, then created a gas explosion in my stomach, so I guess that one is not for me. If you are interested in low FODMAP, I found Kate Scalata's website very helpful. She has food lists, shopping lists, and many recipes. If you read the comments under the recipes, you will learn even more. If you are following an acid reduction diet, too, you will need to watch for those ingredients in recipes. Here is a link to her food lists. You can get to recipes and the shopping list from this page. http://blog.katescarlata.com/fodmaps-basics/fodmaps-checklist/ I also picked up Karen Frazier's Flexible Low Fodmap diet, as these recipes are all low FODMAP, plus she lists substitutions or eliminations to make them for acid reflux. Here is a site that has some free stuff: https://www.lowfodmapdiets.com/tag/karen-frazier/ and here is her book: https://www.amazon.com/Flexible-FODMAP-Diet-Cookbook-Customizable/dp/1623158184
  2. Hi Ennis, I can't do nuts and seeds right now. Only soft stuff. Not sure what a coconut wrap is, but if it's soft it might work. Is this something you make or buy? How much marshmallow is in your capsules, and how much do you use at once? My bag of root powder arrived today. I am doing a ton better today, stuck with very small portions, limited fluids with meals, only the mildest foods that I tolerate, and separated fats from carbs as much as possible. No heartburn, burping, extra bloating. Getting ready for yet ANOTHER dinner of salmon, which continues to make me feel good and digests fairly well.
  3. Thank you again, Ennis. I tried salmon with spaghetti squash, and a few peas and carrots, and it did digest better. However, now I'm hungry! I recall feeling this way on the Suzanne Somers diet years ago. Everything digested quickly, I was always energetic, always had that "light" feeling, but had to keep eating. I will continue to try it this week, as it's something I can easily do since I've done it before. Thank you, again.
  4. Thank you, Posterboy. I ordered some marshmallow powder, which should arrive tomorrow. Package says nothing about how much to use, though.
  5. Hmmm .... Wonder if I might tolerate egg whites. I will try. Eggs, avocado, macadamia milk, almond milk, purity protocol oatmeal, and bananas fall into a category where I can have them just once or twice, then they disagree. I believe I can tolerate all as ingredients in a recipe.
  6. Darn! Psyllium doesn't usually sit well with me.
  7. My bakery doesn't offer keto breads, but I'll look into these as well to see what ingredients they use. Is Julian available online?
  8. Thank you, Ennis. I will look into the marshmallow capsules. The ketogenic diet is not likely to work for me, since I seem to better without eggs and avocado, and with less fat, poultry, and red meat. Also, I notice that I digest better if food is well cooked, softer, and well mashed (e.g. sweet potatoes). I appreciate your point about mixing carbs and fats. I had used the Suzanne Somers diet for years, and always noticed how efficient my digestion was on that plan. It separates fats from carbs in meal; you have a meal with either fats or carbs. When I'm mixing now, it's sometimes minimal, like salmon with a scant half cup of cooked white rice. Or some sweet potato with a little tuna mixed in. But I'll watch this as well. Thank you again.
  9. Based on my research and talking to both my allergist and GI doc, it is possible to develop these sensitivites (dairy, then corn) when in the midst of a GI upset. Maybe I was a bit sensitive to these all along, and the reflux issue made them temporarily intolerable. Both docs felt I could reintroduce foods after I stabilize. Right now, I'm having brown rice crisps with soy milk for breakfast, sweet potatoes with peas / corn and tuna for lunch, brown rice pasta with a bit of olive oil, salt, veggies as a snack during the day, and salmon / white rice/ veggies for dinner. I think the salmon and brown rice products have made a big difference, too. I feel exceptionally well the next day if I have salmon for dinner. Not the same with cod. I do eat some other foods ... like coffee with soy milk, Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies (sometimes some of their sugar cookies, but these are more iffy) ... but the brown rice, tuna, salmon, sweet potatoes are my staples throughout the day. Karen Frazier distinguishes between ground turkey and ground turkey breast, and also specifies that beef must be low fat. I was eating regular ground turkey and whatever ground beef we had on hand, so picked up ground turkey breast and 8% fat beef to try this week. I'm going to look up the marshmallow tea that Posterboy recommended. I am reluctant to try much in the way of herbals, etc. as they can interact with meds and can be problematic in general if they are taken in excess or by people with certain conditions or allergies. However marshmallow sounds safe enough. I still haven't seen slippery elm anywhere locally so I haven't researched that much. Not sure I've ever seen marshmallow around here, either.
  10. Thanks, will take a look. My Dr. did say I may have an ulcer from the length of time I was over producing acid without controlling it, hence the current plan. I am good with short term use. I was on it before for a long time, prior to my celiac diagnosis, and got off cold turkey after being gluten-free for several months. However, I'm always interested in learning more, and staying ahead of any problems. I can honestly say this is the closest I've come to recovery from all this acid, so I am encouraged by my success ... so far.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Acid-Reflux-Escape-Plan-Heartburn/dp/1942411154/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 https://www.amazon.com/Easy-Acid-Reflux-Cookbook-Comforting/dp/1623158745/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 The first link is the earlier book, the second may be slightly better. I really like them both. I got both in the Kindle version as I wanted to start right away. I liked them so much that I ordered them in print and am happy I did.
  12. Hi Cristiana, I just wrote a long post, and accidentally clicked on the link I was including, and lost my post! I will try to recap ... From what I've read, not eating for a long period will increase acid production, so maybe that's what happened at the hotel? I'm doing better. I've done a ton of research and thinking and am now wondering if stopping Vit D earlier this year, then overindulging a few months later set me on this path. I had stopped Vit D as the drugstore brand I was using initially made me sleepy, then started giving me hangovers. I just tried Amy Myers' vit D / K drops and they seem to have the opposite effect. i feel energetic and can't sleep if I take them at night. I'm using 2000 IU (4 drops) as that's what I was on before. She recommends 5000 per day with frequent testing. After stocking up on Schar products, it occurred to me that maybe corn was an issue. I stopped corn and now no longer need Tums and simethicone, unless I eat too much, try something that disagrees with me, or have an extra cup of coffee midday. Another thing that has been very helpful is Karen Frazier's acid reflux cookbooks. She is one of us, has been there and back with GI problems. She writes well, explains the mechanics of reflux and the reasons one may have it, gives nice charts of good and bad foods, as well as a chart of the pH of many foods. The books are very easy to read, understand, and the recipes are very helpful. It's easy enough to substitute if you can't have something in her recipes. The second book was written with a dietician and the recipes are labeled gluten-free, alkaline, etc. It may be somewhat better than the first, but I really like them both. It has opened my eyes to what foods do what, including spices. For example, she recommends brown rice, which I never eat. I started eating it via cereal (sprouted brown rice crisps) and brown rice pasta (Tinkyada spaghetti or fettucine as these are seem less bulky to me). I am still on Prilosec 2x per day. I was to go down to one as of today, however the Dr.'s office said to stay on 2x per day for now. Karen Frazier's acid reflux diet is for 2 weeks, and I am barely through one, so I will see if I can wean down to one after another week or so of eating right. I did get some Bilex enzymes based on Ennis' recommendation to try enzymes, but haven't tried them. The GI Dr.'s nurse had recommended Beano with every meal, but that gave me terrible heartburn, so I am a bit reluctant to try these. I will end this post and put the book links in another, as I will scream if I lose this again.
  13. Hi Cristiana, I was wondering how you were doing ... figured since you hadn't posted, you were healed and on your way. I'm just doing so-so. The 2x per day Prilosec helped to a point. I started increasing meal size and food variety and am back to needing Tums and simethicone for bloating and burping and upset stomach. The GI did say it could be an ulcer, and that would make sense due to the lengthy period of too much acid production. The Prilosec did stop all the acid sloshing around when I roll over in bed. I had some rose wine, diluted with water, a few times last week and it definitely made me worse. I also had steak, caramel corn, large cups of coffee, hash brown potatoes, charcoal grilled hamburgers, and cookies with icing (we went away for a week). I started being more careful yesterday , and I do feel better. I have til the end of the month on 2x per day Prilosec, so I plan to be very good about meal size and content to see if I can get this under control. If not, I fear the next step will be a scope. I do wonder if we both developed ulcers. If so, it seems we both behave long enough for them to start to heal, then we have irritating foods and exacerbate them. From what I've read, it takes something like Prilosec and a careful diet for a couple of months to heal ulcers. Studies show that cranberry juice cocktail will inhibit the growth of the bacteria that causes some types ulcers, however that type may need antibiotics as well. I am adding a bit of gelatin to my chicken broth, sipping a little watered down cranberry juice, and trying to manage any excess acid with Tums, just in case it is an ulcer. Re: ulcers, the foods likely to exacerbate ulcers are chocolate, alcohol, and coffee ... there are others, but I guess I remembered the ones I was most likely to eat! Milk / dairy was also listed as being bad for ulcers. Although they appear to coat the stomach and make it feel better, they increase acid production. And since this whole thing for me started with a milkshake, I am now wondering if I am dairy intolerant or if I may have had an ulcer all along. The rash had just barely healed, and then suddenly returned today. I'd been wearing rubber gloves for all household tasks involving chemicals, but did slack off just a bit in the last 2 days. I am still wondering if it could be DH, but it's only one hand, and it's the hand that would be touching soaps, etc. when cleaning. Also, from what I understand, DH clears up with a gluten-free diet ... I should pop over to that section of the forum and see if it can be ongoing without exposure to gluten.
  14. LOL, Cristiana, I do believe we have some kind of psychic connection. This weekend I decided that chocolate was back on the menu, too, but I think it was too much, too soon. I am having only a minor setback in terms of GI, and have not regressed to the point of not feeling well enough to do anything. However, a rash I had a few months ago has returned. That rash looked just like DH and was from using an older bottle of shampoo and conditioner. The current formula is fine. However, this earlier formulation had wheat in it. I didn't think to check until I started trying to figure it out. I stopped using it, and the dermatologist put me on Elidel cream, which resolved it nicely. The OTC cortisone and A&D cream only made it worse. Derm said that A&D often has gluten in it. No clue on what was wrong with the cortisone cream (aloe base). The original rash was both hands, distributed exactly where a hair product residue would accumulate. This one is only on my right (dominant) hand, on the top of my wrist and two fingers, but it is identical. Usually I get hives on my palms if I come into contact with an allergen, so this again seems to be from residue. I may have stuck my hand in the washer at some point this weekend. I was also doing a lot of cooking, preparing stuff to freeze for the week. So my hands were in water a lot. Could be the dish soap, as it has yellow dye and some fragrance. I'd temporarily switched to clear after the last rash. I see the derm tomorrow morning, as I'm not sure if the Elidel is working this time. Moisture makes it worse (cold part of a cold compress works, the moist part does not). It is hot, sometimes itchy, sometimes burning ... but that is descriptive of most any dermatitis. I do wonder about DH, but from what I've read so far, it is usually symmetrical and occurs with gluten exposure. No chance I've had any CC, as my diet has been so exceedingly limited for weeks due to the GI stuff. Oh, and out of the blue, while on this very restrictive diet (pre-chocolate test), cold sores popped up. So I'm thinking that some of this weakened state is coming from not seeking early care for the gut stuff. I'm starting to feel like my body must have been constructed out of paper. It holds up about as well as a piece of paper does.