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  1. I do have a pink cow and she gives strawberry milk every day its cute. How are all my other sillies today? Its been a hell of a day at work already and it is only 9:28....7 more hours to go!
  2. Congrats on Smoke Phree!!!! All my Phellow Phace Book sillies....must secretly admit (and I know I am not alone since Peoters Jackie is in there) I have a farm on pharmville....and I love it...always harvesting and such....oh yes--its a whole new vortex!
  3. Morning Sillies The soups come in boxes like swanson broth- ready to serve. I bought the cream of mushroom but I haven't used it yet. Yesterday I made the favorite chicken nuggets recipe from Chex.com. It came out very nice, first time I ever breaded chicken on my own. they were very tasty. the recipe wasn't under the gluten free I dont think but I just use my own ingredients. Jess is there room for me on your voyage? I take up little room and I dont smell at all....that I admit or am aware of Happy Thanksgiving Canada Sillies!!!! Eat Lots for me!!!
  4. Sillies! Exciting Day for celiacs! Wegmans makes gluten free tomato soup, cream of mushroom, butternut squash, and something else..labeled with the famous G. I am excited about the first two esp. the mushroom since now I can make green bean casserole again!!!!
  5. Well I decided to take an impromptu trip to Tammys today. Now that she is at her new house she only is 1 hr away in Hazleton. All the leaves are changing up there, very scenic trip up. Loved spending the day with my neices. We put together a Little Tikes jungle gym thing in her playroom for the winter. Now its off to the grocery store so I can make dinner. I am starving!
  6. Jess I love your little Halloweem kitty Hi Sillies Happy Sunday and to our Canadian Sillies Happy Pre-Thanksgiving Day I am so jealous, Thanksgiving is my fave holiday! not sure what we are doing today but it looks cool out.
  7. Hey Everyone I just baked some brownie cookie bars--mix Betty crocker cookies and brownies...yummy! I also got this cool recipe to try from Chex.com for favorite chicken nuggets. I am excited! How is everyone today?
  8. Morning--err Afternoon Sillz Em! Snow...yikes! how dare you cuss that evil word. Well you can say it just closer to November. I think this is going to be a long winter...judging from the strange cool summer we had... How is everyone? It is Friday!!!!
  9. The Atlantic Coast is where me is but I must admit when I was in San Diego I did enjoy the West Coast- Loved Mission Beach! West Coast!!!!
  10. alright- it is 2:00 and I am the first post of the day---SILLIES where are yous????? I learned a new word today....Shart.....its a verb...and it describes when you pass gas and more....yep- eww! Jess- wants us to find her many dates--- She might need to borrow Em's hot tub How is everyone else????
  11. Jess- I strongly encourage random men on the street!
  12. Rachelle I love that idea :) You can all baby-make with me....yep Thats what she said!
  13. Yea Judy that's great news and you can move before the cold PA weather begins too!!!!! Morning everyone else! I saw the geese flying southbound this morning as I was walking into work....now I know its true summer really is over...
  14. Sillies must tell you I love all your new nicknames for me! I love the surprises Must admit even if John and I choose the fertility route we already discussed things that we would not allow we are not going to be the next John and Amanda plus 6 and no way in hell am I going to be OctoManda.....My Vjay isnt going to be like a log flume and keep spitting out logs~ nope 1 per ride Jess- sorry to hear you have such long days--yikes! Nighty Night
  15. Hey Everyone! I only got a few seconds so this is a mili-poop-in. We got John's test results back and he is completely normal!!!!!!! So excited!!!!! so we are just going to keep trying and hope it works!