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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Starting AIP

    I had several attempts to aip protocol but only managed to continue for three weeks .I dont eat gluten free grains and pseudo grains a lot and eat dairy once in a while. Anyways im not sure whether i should start aip diet today on christmas?? I ate too much yesterday and i feel horibble,my face is swollen.We were going to cook turkey without any seasonings or stuffing(not because of aip but im not sure the spices on market are gluten-free) so that would not be a problem! By the way, i dont want to eat meat for breakfast.Anyone has any ideas for how can i manage this diet for at least three months?
  2. https://www.reviewjournal.com/life/health/new-blood-test-identifies-celiac-disease-during-gluten-free-diet/ I guess i saw an article about this on this site.If this research is official it's really good
  3. Sorry I probably submitted topic to the wrong place ... I don't have soap right now in my house so would a shampoo wash off the gluten from my hands ? (By the way the shampoo i use is organic so it doesn't foam up a lot since its SLS free, as i know it hasnt got anything to do with its cleaning quality )
  4. I will be visiting Spain(Barcelona) , France(Nice), Italy (Portofino) just in one week . I downloaded Schar's gluten free roads app but i only want to eat in dedicated restaurants. I'll carry gluten free sandwiches , juices just in case but it would be great to hear other's tips !
  5. I know that celiac disease is not an allergy. I just wanted to test if i also have wheat allergy too.Thank you for your reply.
  6. Did anyone here got a diagnosis for wheat allergy through skin test ? How did you do it ?
  7. As i remember we didnt use our containers for gluten containing stuff except for cured meat which has gluten in its sauce.Anyways the containers are glass so its not a problem but the lids are plastic and food touches the silicone lines sometimes . By the way its in good condition and im sure that its not being used for non gluten free stuff for months.
  8. I don't buy anything contains gluten anymore . It makes me itch.Even if it doesn't make you itch, you may accidentally touch to area with suncreen (or lotion) then touch to your food or mouth . Just to be safe, don't buy it anymore. Andalou naturals, most products of Sante , Logona are gluten free ( check the label always,it has to say gluten free dont buy it otherwise ) Also check your country's celiac association's page.
  9. Here is what I eat

    For breakfast , eat one avocado with loads of olive oil , mix three different types of fruit in a blender and top it with shredded coconut and coconut oil. For snacks , drink dairy free milk of your choice ( full fat coconut milk for example ) and add bananas and coconut oil into it.And eat some citrus fruits such as oranges and tangerines while drinking your milk. Before dinner and lunch, drink a homemade soup.We used to make our soups gluten free even when i wasnt following a gluten free diet. Sauted onions,potatoes,and vegetables are the only ingredients you need use.(For additional calories,make butternut squash soup.Yummy ) For lunch and dinner , choose a type of vegetable.Sautee onions with olive oil , add tomato paste or tomato sauce . Then add veggies and cook them together. Boil or oven roast potatoes of course with olive oil again. After dinner make a dessert like avocado mousse ( carob extract or molasses,avocado,banana,oil) Another good way to add calories to your diet is gluten free dried fruits If you are not able to tolerate cacao, substitute it with carob powder or molasses. Plantain chips are also good for snacking ( My favorite is samai chips ) and more than 300 cals per pack! If you are able to digest rice , i found rice milk very helpful for gaining weight. Raw vegetables are more nutritious but if you are not able to digesting them then cooking will be better. Note: I followed a plan like this and gained a lot of weight. Hope it helps
  10. I live in Turkey and there aren't any brand of rice packaged in a dedicated factory . (I recently found a brand and it has a crossed grain symbol but still not sure ) Our celiac association doesn't say anything about this topic but only avoid buying from bulk. I guess soaking the rice well should be ok ?? ( By the way, I'm talking about basmati rice)
  11. ARE RICOLA PRODUCTS GLUTEN-FREE? Ricola products are below the limits for gluten established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Swiss Celiac Association and are therefore considered gluten free. The limits are a maximum of 20 mg gluten per kilogram (20 parts per million) of finished product. Product that is within this limit may be considered gluten-free by the FDA, and, suitable for celiac patients according to the Swiss Celiac Association. We urge you to share this information with your doctor or contact the Celiac Sprue Association of the USA @1-877-CSA-4CSA (1-877-272-4272). Did you see this, it's on their page.
  12. Ovens?

    Our oven is also used for non-gluten free dishes.Do I need to turn it's self cleaning mode on ?I never put the food directly on rack, always on a deep glass baking dish.Can particles left in oven contaminate my food?
  13. Airborne gluten?

    Thank you for your reply! I live with my parents , who eat gluten every single day , and i vigorously wash my hands, don't touch ANYWHERE but my food when im cooking. I clean again shared kitchen equipments such as glass cutting board , stainless stell pans,pots and things like that (no wood ,plastic or teflon of course). My main concern is : My mother bakes a sourdough bread once a week then cleans the kitchen.For example ,she prepared dough now and i will go to kitchen 10 hours later,for breakfast. I won't be home when she bakes but I will come back like 2-4 hours after baking. Do you think its safe?