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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Olive Garden

    Okay, I tried it. I consider myself to be very sensitve and I didn't get sick. I had the pork filletino w/ steamed broccolli. I was really freaked out because I can't have casein (dairy) either and that place is practically swimming in heese. It was good. I won't do it all the time. But it was nice to not have to cook for once.
  2. Olive Garden

    Olive Garden Website They have it listed that if you are Gluten Intolerant to speak with a manager. Has anyone tried this? The only place I've eaten since my diagnosis is P.F. Changs. I get it in a to go box and use plastic utensils. I am very sensitive and this seems to work very well for me. I have to travel 40 min though to eat there and we have an Olive Garden in town. I would love it if I had an option for special occassions. I can't have casein either though so that makes it extra tricky. Thanks.
  3. I was talking to a guy I know yesterday that is a manager at Wild Oats. He has done a lot of research on Celiac Disease and claims that they will soon be carrying a gluten free oat. He says the company isolated their fields and has a dedicated facility. Has anyone else heard anything else about this?
  4. Peanut Butter

    In the organic section of my Giant Eagle they have stuff made by "The Peanut Butter Company" (I'm pretty sure that's it.) They have Cinnamon Rasin and White Chocolate, I know you can order other flavors too. Both are divine and gluten and casein free. I eat them right out of the jar. PEANUT BUTTER COMPANY
  5. It is my understanding that it can be wheat or corn. Have you contacted the pharmacy or the manufactuer?
  6. We call them Buckeye Bars here in ohio, I don't know if they are called anything else in other places. Melt 1 cup peanut butter and one cup casein free margarine in a med/large sauce pan. ( I use earth balance margarine). When completely melted stir in 1 lb. of confectioners sugar. Press into a 9x13 ungreased pan. Next melt 2 cups enjoy life chocolate chips and 1/2 cup peanut butter. Once Melted smooth onto top of peanut butter mixture. I put mine in the freezer for about an hour to set then move to the refridgerator. They tend to sweat a little if out for over an hour so keep this in mind if serving to a group. These are very good and I can never seem to keep out of them. I normally make half a batch if not serving to company.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to contact us and express your opinions about Arbor Mist wines. We appreciate hearing from you! Fining agents are used on a lot-by-lot basis by the winemaker to optimize wine quality. Some fining agents contain proteinaceous materials. Proteinaceous fining agents are used to react with color and/or tannin molecules to make them removable by subsequent filtration. Both the fining agent, the color and/or tannin it reacts with are removed by the filtration process. All of our fining agents are approved by the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB, formerly the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) One of our standard fining agents contains Micronized potassium casseinate [casein is milk protein], food grade gelatin, egg albumin and other food grade components. I hope the information we have provided is helpful. We appreciate your interest in Arbor Mist wines, and look forward to serving you as a valued customer. If I may be of any assistance in the future, please feel free to contact me at 1-800-836-9463 Ext 67663. Sincerely, Jiyou Z. Brink Consumer Relations Representative Arbor Mist Vineyards Can anyone help me understand this? Are they saying that they use casein but that it's removed by the filtering process? Does anyone else agree with that? Are there any other fruity wines that we can have? I can't have casein or gluten. I've also contacted wild vines so I'll post that when I recieve a reply.
  8. I have been sick for three days and I have no idea what did it. I am VERY strict with what I eat. I have my own "kitchen" in the laundry room, my own dishes, dishwasher etc. I must have gotten a TRACE somewhere. I've had to take some of my tylenol #3 and they barely even dull the pain. Once you've gone gluten free you'll probablly be even more sensitive.
  9. Dog Food

    Thanks for the info. I'll send him a pm and hopefully get some ideas. ETA: I checked out the nutro. They all have oatmeal in them. Oh well, I'll keep looking.
  10. I was wondering what the gluten free dog foods are. I went back about 17 pages and couldn't find the list that I saw once. I have a dingo that loves to kiss my hand as I walk by and she has a bit of a licking objects habit too. I would really appreciate a list, thanks.
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies. I will check out your thread Lynne, and thank you for the prayers. The gas has gotten a little better. I've been trying to cut back on the beans for now. Hopefully as I heal I will be able to add them back in. Quick question,and I should probably make a different thread about this in the weight issues section, but... I used to have what is considered to be binge eating disorder, I had horrible cravings that would drive me to eat at all times. I would sneak food, hide it, dream about when I would eat something again. Since going gluten free (for 1 week only) I have had to make myself eat because I'm not getting enough calories. I have never in my entire life felt like this. I have always stayed minimally overweight, now the pounds are falling off. I've lost three just this week. I have been exercising but it's NEVER been this easy. Has anyone else had something like this happen? Thanks.
  12. Okay I've been gluten free for 4 days. I already feel amazingly better. Not normal but much less pain. I am passing A LOT more gas though. It's rumbling like crazy. I don't get it. I set up a seperate "kitchen" in the laudry room. Spent a lot of time decontaminating my main kitchen. I am not concerned about CC at this point. I have been anal in checking everything and making sure that my son keeps his crumb kisses to my cheek. Did anyone else have this problem? Btw, I take the generic form of neruontin (gabapentin). Does anyone have a good source for drugs. I did quite a few google searches and can't find any info on medications that I need to know about. I am having my son tested by enterolab. I only had the gene for sensitivity so hopefully he doesn't have any and then I won't have to worry about it. I have a feeling though that he does. He always has a runny nose. We had him tested for allergies, and they all came back fine. He has some "temper" issues that come out of nowhere and he is very sensitive. He's only five and I can't imagine trying to help him understand all of the changes we are making. Thanks.
  13. I'm having a very hard time today. Everywhere I look I feel like I see crumbs. My mother in law thinks that because I was diagnosed through Enterolab that I self diagnosed on the internet by some quack basically. She has been pissy about it everytime it has came up in the conversation. I am trying to tell myself that her opinion shouldn't matter but it does. She is a huge part of our lives and I would really appreciate it if she didn't act like I'm some idiot who can't tell what's going on inside my own body. Thankfully my hubby is very supportive and he is trying to help me with her. Yesterday I was in a good mood because I felt like I finally had an answer, today I am very frustrated. Thanks for letting me vent.
  14. Does this mean that I am intolerant to casein in the same way that I am to gluten?Will that part go away or is it a "lifer" also? Thanks, I went ahead and ordered the egg, yeast, and soy panel today. I saw that some of you can't handle salicitates (sp?) how did you find that out?
  15. I had negative blood results, but the GI saw flattening in my small intestine during my endo. My biopsy was inconclusive. I had enterolab testing and I have Gluten Sensitivity. Not full blown Celiac but I still have to follow the same diet.