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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks. That list gave me some brands to try that have no corn. I need to check some stores around town to see what they all have, but might have to order some things. I did just get some pita pockets at the store (Market Basket) in the frozen section and they have no corn, brown rice, or rice bran, thankfully. I haven't tried them yet, but on Halloween our tradition (ever since I was a kid) was homemade pizza. I wasn't sure how I was going to do that this year, but now I'll use these pitas as the crust. Now on to see if I can find a pepperoni that is not only gluten free, but no other ingredients in it that might bother me. Although I will probably pass on all the toppings (like also onions and peppers and mushrooms) and just use cheese this year to be more gentle and mild on my tummy. I am still recovering from I think an accidental cross contamination. Oh, the pita pockets in case anyone is interested are called Against The Grain. The ingredients are: tapioca starch, milk, buckwheat flour, non GMO canola oil, salt, yeast, raisin juice concentrate, I am hoping nothing in them will bother me. I have not had anything with buckwheat flour yet and hoping the raisin juice concentrate is okay. Never even heard of that before.
  2. Where is your list? Was that also in the recipe section or a different section? That has got to be really freaky having such a corn reaction. I am glad you have found good foods to eat you are okay with.
  3. Is there a brand name of those rice tortillas? That sounds good. I"d love to find a wrap or tortilla or bread or something that has no corn product in it. I looked up the Enjoy Life stuff. It doesn't mention on amazon that there is no corn in it, but when you read the ingredients on your boxes, is there no corn ingredient, including no xantham gum? It'd be so great to find baking items with no corn.
  4. I was thinking about it this morning and I was thinking it does almost seem like I somehow had some gluten. I just can't think from what though. But I lost 2 pounds the past few days and that is what seems to happen when I get glutened - I ge the bad stomach issues, but also lose a few pounds quickly. When I react to other things, like possibly corn, I don't get nearly as severe in the stomach issues, and I also don't lose any weight. That is a great idea to make a soup and just have that for a few days. I was going to try and make things that on my food journal were all around some days I was feeling better, but soup sounds good. Do you have any that seem more gentle on your stomach? I am thinking maybe just a veggie one with carrots, potatoes, green beans, spinach or kale. I do usually add a small can of tomato sauce, but maybe this time I better not. Or a homemade chicken soup with some rice maybe.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am allergic to ibuprofen (hives). I used to take aspirin, but have stopped since having tummy troubles because I've heard it's harsh on the stomach. I used to be able to take Tylenol, but it just never helped much, so I rarely took it. I am hoping that is what has caused my stomach issues the past few days. But I am not sure it is. Which puts me at a loss as to what is up. A week ago I think it was the pasta I tried that was made of brown rice and rice brain. Still seems weird rice would cause a problem but I did see a website saying the white rice is usually okay, but some people don't deal well with the brown rice and the rice bran. But now what is causing my issues? It is frustrating because my stomach was starting to feel better. I thought I was really figuring it out. Anyway, regardless, I am not going to take Tylenol anymore after reading this stuff. Who needs it. It didn't really do much anyway. Who needs to risk all those side effects. We all have enough trouble to work around.
  6. That all sounds so good. That would be great to sell items with no grain, but also something diabetics could have also.
  7. I was wondering how many people here can take Tylenol Extra Strength with luck, and how many cannot take it. My stomach is not doing well. It's been that big, hard bloated issue, and some stomach ache on and off the past few days. Only things I can think of that were different the past few days was I did have some apple cider, and I've also been taking Tylenol all weekend. So I just went and looked Tylenol up and it says - "Although we don't add gluten or gluten containing grains to our products, we cannot confirm that the product or any ingredients in TYLENOL® products are gluten free" So I have no idea if that is what is causing my issues. It is so crazy. I had started to get stomach relief about a month ago, finally, but then it seems I keep making mistakes lately and getting uncomfortable stomach symptoms. It is getting confusing. I kind of hope it is the Tylenol because it really doesn't help me much anyway so I don't have a problem if I can no longer take it, and at least if that is it, I will know, and symptoms should go away soon. I haven't taken Tylenol in quite a long while, but I was just so miserable this weekend (body aches and inflammation), I thought it couldn't hurt any. Um, maybe I was wrong, lol! Anyone here have good luck with it? Or can't take it? Thanks.
  8. That is really nice to be able to make breads for yourself and your bakery. Do you get a lot of customers that need gluten-free items? We have a new bakery in town that offers some gluten-free desserts but I have not dared to try any because I haven't talked with them yet to see if they take cross contamination into account, or use a lot of corn ingredient in their baking. Seems all the gluten-free goodies in the stores or the gluten-free baking flours all have corn ingredients one way or another. Nut meal porridge sounds good. Is it a brand mix or do you make it from scratch? I just got cream of rice at the store. I don't even always want breakfast, although if I don't eat something my sugar crashes. I wish there was a cheap, quick thing to eat, like a bar. But no corn ingredient in it. Thanks for the spice info. I just looked up the Big Axe. I don't like spice mixes usually. I like just using a plain spices, and will use some powders, but hate the salts (like garlic salt or onion salt). I use a lot of dried minced garlic, garlic powder, paprika, dried basil when I am not growing fresh, etc. My stomach I guess is just so temperamental still right now. Thanks for info on Thrive and Lucky. I just put those websites on my gluten list. That sounds really helpful. I'd like to get some energy back and try experimenting with some baking. I did try making some flat breads last week (with mostly white rice flour, but added a tablespoon of coconut flour). Well, I didn't get flat bread. But they became tasty pancakes anyway, lol. I enjoyed them though. It sure is weird how a spice or food can be okay one day, but not another. Sometimes I am just at a loss as to if something is bothering me. I thought fiber was bothering me. Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini all has causes some issues. Yet I have salad, and I thought lettuce and baby spinach had a lot of fiber, yet the salads didn't seem to bother me. I haven't even dared try an apple yet, but have been having bananas. I have had beans a few times but not often or much at at a time. So crazy. But hearing everyone share what seems to work for them, and those websites with good prices and value, that is so helpful. I appreciate it. Tonight for dinner we are having leftover potato salad. Hubby made that for me yesterday (but I passed on the hot dog yesterday- just wasn't feeling up to that). The days I was feeling much better, I had potato salad some of those days with bbq chicken (and I think there was even corn ingredient in the sauce), so I am assuming the potato salad should be okay, even with store bought mayo (I use Hellmans). And I am just heating up a quick turkey burger to have with it tonight (I had leftover steak with it yesterday). I was trying to find the brand name on the box. It just says Thick Juicy on the front, and says 1/3 lb turkery burgers. On the back of the box it says Holten Meats. It's a mostly white box with some red and green writing. I get them in the freezer section in Market Basket (near the other frozen burgers). The ingredients are turkey, salt, and rosemary extract and it says gluten free right on the front of the box too. They are a bit on the salty side, but thought I'd share the brand for anyone who doesn't have salt issues and wants something in the freezer for when you need a quick, easy meal. Sometimes I melt a piece of cheese on it, other times just have it plain. I sometimes keep Bubba Burgers in the freezer too. We usually just make our own burgers with ground beef, but I like having things in the freezer and cupboard that are easy for when I am not feeling well. Which is today. I had too much sun Saturday and was so sick yesterday because of it, and still not feeling the best today, but improving. But it was worth it. It was homecoming Saturday and I saw my daughter marching in a parade and then later playing at the football game, and the band did a halftime show. I knew it was not going to be good for me out in the sun so much (I have sun sensitivity), but it was a worthwhile day. This morning I had my usual coffee early, then later on had a small banana. And for lunch I want a salad, but my stomach is bloated, so I am thinking of just having the cream of rice I recently bought or just make some eggs. Not sure I want much fiber or vinegar today.
  9. I've not seen Grainless Baker products yet. So would that mean no corn ingredient in them either? That would be wonderful. Do you get the products in stores or do you have to order them?
  10. Sounds like it's been a long, rough road for you. I too try not to complain, but really, this is such a process to learn. And the pain and discomfort was also (and is) very hard to deal with on a day to day basis. It's no picnic, that's for sure. But I just keep working hard to stay positive. But some days really, I could just cry. This past winter everything got so bad, it was really hard. Stress might have triggered it. I went through a very busy and emotional month and that was when things started crashing down. I am not working right now either. It is very hard financially, but I've been so sick. The past few years I went from full time to a p/t job, but then also started getting very busy helping my elderly mother and still having all these chronic health issues, I no longer even work p/t right now. I'd really like to get back to working sometime though. I need to feel better. It is very stressful to have health issues and then add financial issues because of the health issues. Such fun! I struggled with fatigue, muscle weakness, on and off fevers, aches, etc. all my adult life. Then this past winter the fever started up (and has not gone away since) and the stomach issues started in. That was a new symptom for me. It was severe for many months. Now that I am gluten free, it's slowly improving (or rather, was), but I seem to be making more mistakes lately. It helps a lot to hear what people are eating here and what brands and products they are having good results with too. The corn ingredient is interesting because it does seem I can have some products, but not others. I am not sure yet. Lately I am getting really confused and have stomach troubles again. So, back to the drawing board. I am trying to have just what I was eating the days I started feeling better (which I am so glad I have been keeping a food journal). Because right now I can't even tell - did apple cider bother me this weekend, or was it the Tylenol? I don't know. What else could it have been? - I've been having those sorts of days a lot lately. Which is feeling discouraging because my stomach had been starting to feel better. Patience sure is key here. And information.
  11. That sounds great. I still have two stores in town to check, but if they don't have it, I did find it on amazon to order. Does fresh or cooked garlic bother you? I am not even sure at the moment if garlic bothers me, so maybe will try the amino or the teriyaki first. Although once my stomach starts feeling better long term, I hope I can have garlic. I honestly can't tell with some things right now. Some things seem okay one day, yet not another day. Did you ever experience that when first healing? I am hoping it starts to get easier as I learn and figure more out.
  12. That sounds really rough having so many sensitivities. Does it get stressful or do you eventually get a routine going where it feels "normal" cooking and eating like that? It all sounds overwhelming some days to me. I had started having better stomach days and that got me feeling like I had really been figuring things out. But the past few weeks it seems I keep making mistakes. Some are hard to figure out because they seem like foods I was having when I was having good days. This weekend I have not been so great. and the only thing I can think of that was different is I had some apple cider and I was taking Tylenol. But was eating all stuff I've had when I had been having good days (chicken, potatoes, eggs, Rice chex). I looked up Tylenol online this morning and while it doesn't have gluten, it did say it cannot guarantee none of their ingredients could. I don't know if that means possible or likely cross contamination. I was just about to go make a post to see how people here seem to react to Tylenol. I do wish I could feel better and get a job and have a little more income for our grocery budget. But I do find some cheap foods, like bananas, eggs, etc. I'd love to get more nuts, more fish. I"d love to try more of the coconut ingredients and products and such. Right now I can't spend much though. I did get a small bag of coconut flour and use it sparingly. And I just got a bag of white rice flour and had $1 off coupon. I've been using McCormick spices and they are suppose to list any allergen, I think, on their labels and if there is no ingredient list, it is suppose to contain only that said spice. But I am wondering if garlic powder and onion powder or paprika bothers me, or not. Just when I thought I had been getting the hang of this, and feeling better, it's gotten not so good again. So ... more testing things out. I have used egg beaters in the past, but not in a long time. Wow, it's weird the things you'd never guess would have xantham gum or corn or gluten. Thanks for the head's up on that.
  13. Thanks for that info. I need to check out more local stores. I heard too, to look at the unit price (on the orange labels) in stores to see what is actually cheaper. Not sure if that is true. Sometimes they don't show the orange label though.
  14. Thanks for your help, Ennis and kareng. I did worry about CC in the deli. I have them planned for Sunday with potato salad and maybe I'll go get some prepackaged ones for myself. That is good to know that most US ones don't have gluten. The man at the deli said pretty much they all were on the gluten free list. At that store they also will cut you any cold cuts on a clean slicer if you have gluten issues. Or you can go when a store first opens and go ask if the machine has been used yet to cut other possible gluten meats. I got corn beef last week and that was so good, after not having any in several months. It was just easy and quick if hungry to go grab a slice out of the fridge and eat, no prep no nothing. I love having some quick and easy things sometimes. Right now I am logging off and going to go try making some flat tortillas with white rice flour, maybe a little bit of coconut flour in it too. I hope they come out okay. This message board helps a lot. Yesterday I was so tired and I was feeling a bit frustrated, but today I feel inspired again from all the different posts and people here.
  15. Oh, and yes, we love quiche, and now that I can't have gluten I just don't use a crust. But we do different ingredients in them. My most recent favorite is putting sliced radish, some feta, and dill (the weed, not the seed). Yum! Then other ones like spinach and feta, or ham and cheese, hubby likes onion in pretty much everything, although I've been going easy on that since the stomach issues.