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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows of hand if Toblerone White chocolate bars are gluten free?? I have read the ingredients and dont see that they contain any gluten. I thought I would ask here as maybe someone eats them, they are my favorite and I get them every christmas...Thanks.
  2. I am having christmas at my house this year and it is my first gluten-free and my MIL is NOT respectful of my Celiac so I am making a gluten-free meal....and I dont care what she thinks!!! We will have turkey...(do you have to buy a special brand name?? if the ingredients dont say wheat is it alright?? and mashed potatos, veggies....all the fixing in gluten-free style. I am not going to make cookies this year as I dont know how to make gluten-free yet and I am not good with the different flours yet. but I was thinking PB cookies with cokloured m&m's, gluten-free cupcakes with coloured frosting, jello with whipped cream and butterscoth squares. Lots of wine. I am sure it will be great!!!
  3. SO I have been gluten-free for almost 4 months now and I am pretty sure that I am not consuming any gluten, however since my home is not gluten-free I sometimes think that I am getting CC'd by crumbs and residue left on items. But I have had NO symptoms and NO "D" so maybe I am just worried. I have gained some weight which shocks me as I am not eating all the junk that I used to, my doc said that it is b/c I am retaining nutrients...okay. I still have found out all the "junk" gluten-free foods and have been eating them and that is probably why I am gaining weight. A few times I have gotten bloated, and this morning I felt sluggish. And I seem to be having diffiuclties with peanuts, everytime I eat something with PB I get a stomach ache, nothing severe...but I feel a bit bloated and sluggish. Maybe I cant tolerate Peanuts??? I made gluten-free PB cookies today, and I had a few more than I should have, but with us Celiacs we cant have alot so sometimes we indulge...at least I do!!!! Now I feel a bit bloated and tired, and my tummy is a bit extented and it is not usually like that. If I consume PB and get this reaction does it damage my villi??? So do I have to start the healing process over?? I know that there was not Gluten and no CC in the making of these cookies. Also, I recently re-introduced Dairy and have had no problems, I do not drink milk like I did before but I have small amounts of dairy. But I have noticed that I am sometimes a bit constipated and I am thinking that it is b/c I am consuming dairy. My daughter is always constipated and the doc said that it could be b/c she consumes so much milk. Again, not bloating not "D" no nothing so I am assuming that dairy is not a problem. And did anyone have trouble with their eye sight, I mean can it be affected by Celiac?? I get bad headaches and I have been noticing that I cant see clearly close up and my glasses are not helping anymore. I need to get my eyes checked but it costs so much now. I would like to think that I am going about this correctly, I feel awesome otherwise and I dont ever want to feel like I used to. But sometimes I think that I could do better but I am still new to this and I will learn over time right?? Thanks for reading. Jess
  4. Bloating, gas, sometimes D (not usually a symptom for me), stomache aches. I was never one to get real sick so these are my symptoms. So I am assuming I am doing good on the diet as I dont get these anymore, well everyone has a bit if gas...but us, a little is an understatement!!! Good post.
  5. I am so excited that this candy is gluten free. I saw it on the 2007 Rock list and decided to email the company as they listed Modified Food Starch as an ingredient...this is the response I got....awesome!!! Thank you for your interest in our MIKE AND IKE
  6. I went through both my pregnancys with Undx celiac....and my last pregnancy was scary, I almost lost my baby. At 28 weeks I was put on bedrest b/c the baby was lying low on my cervix and I was in alot of pain, the baby had also stopped growing (later I found out this was b/c of the Celiac), I could not gain weight and I sure tried. I had numerous ultrasounds and the baby seemed fine. at 34 weeks I was refered to a OB and she said that if the baby did not grow within two weeks that she would deliver the baby (at 36 wks). At that point the baby was maybe 4 lbs if that. I went down for my appt. I ended up having highblood pressure and within 2 hours of my OB appt I was in the hospital and was induced.....scariest day of my life, the baby was not thriving inside and if left any longer could be very serious. Anyways, my son was born weighting 4 lbs 3.5 oz, he had breathing problems and was immediately placed in a incubator. I had NEVER seen a baby that small before, broke my heart in pieces. I was able to stay at the hospital with him for 3 days (he was in the Special Care Nursery) and I had to leave him there for 2 weeks....and I lived 1 hour away from the hospital and had to commute to feed him and be with him. I had a 2.5 year old at home and that is another reason I went home at night. You dont (maybe some do) how hard it was to leave my son at he hospital, he was in good hands but it was so emotional...I find it hard to write and remember how it felt. I dont wish that upon anyone. My son is now 13 months old, he is walking and climbing and doing everything that a child his age should....he is a chubby little boy and he is the love of my life, not that I dont love my daughter the same but I went through so much with him that he melts my heart. My daughter did the same thing actually, she stopped growing at 36 weeks but she was big enough to be born without trouble. PLease tell your sister what can happen. Things may be good now but she still has 4 months to go, and she needs to gain weight or that baby is going to suffer and maybe have other health problems. but she could also have a healthy baby... I hope that my experience will help. Good luck.
  7. So both my kids were tested for Celiac and they both came back Negative...I have read that test results on children as young as mine (3.5 years and 13 months) can be inconclusive. How true is this dio you think?? I tested negative my first bloodtest, but then a few years later I tested positive and of course my biopsy was positive. My kids doctor said to test again in a few years if there is not any problems. I am not worried about my son, who is my youngest and he has not had to much gluten as of yet anyways. but my daughter is worrying me. The biggest red flag for me is her bowel movements, she has always been constipated and she is on a medication to soften her stool and we went on it for a month and it worked really well, and then I took her off it with her doctors advice and within two days she was having hard stools again. So I put her back on the powder and now her stool is Huge....and that was my problem. She hardly eats anything, meal times are a battle to get any food in her. She is super irratable and has been for the past few months, clingy..always asking for daddy. But she sleeps well, plays well is super active. She could gain some weight though, she has always been skinny. Sometimes she eats gluten and she seems different, almost like she has gotten "drugged" by it...if that makes any sense, maybe she doesnt feel well afterwards. I keep asking her how here belly feels but she never says that it bothers her but maybe she doesnt understand how her body is suppost to feel. My regular GP thinks that she is alright and that most children her age dont want to eat and that she looks healthy. I dont agree, she used to eat really well as a toddler, around my sons age. I have been slowly decreasing her gluten intake, and some days not giving her any gluten at all and on those days she seems more perky sort of speak. Also, yesterday my mother had a positive blood test for Celiac, now this makes me more cautious of my children and I feel that I need to do something more. I am going to go back to our doctor and talk to him about her possibly having Celiac. My specialist said that the chances of my kids becoming Celiac are high and that at least one of them will end up with it. This also maybe normal stuff for a child her age but I feel that it is Celiac.... What do you all think. I know that I have posted before about my kids and alot of you said to go Gluten Free, I am definately going to try removing gluten and see how she feels...I am getting alot of grief from my MIL about all of this and I am wondering how you delt with the "Grandparents"....These are my kids and I will do whats best for them but my MIL is the "flour queen" and its dangerous, not only for me but for my kids. Thanks for letting me rant!!!
  8. Iwould definatley get tested so you know for sure. I am 2 months into the diet and I am feeling amazing, and I can tell if I get a bit of wheat in my system usually pretty quickly now. I have read about all the "ugly" that comes along with unDX Celiac and I am a mother of two young children...I will make sure that I eat healthy and completely gluten-free for my kids...I want to be there for them. I dont want to suffer any longer. Its better to know for sure so that you can make sure that you are doing the right thing for your health, even one small crumb is deadly for us....life is a bit harder but manageable. Hope this helps.
  9. Just got this response from Old Dutch when I asked them about some Potato chips that I am still eating that appear gluten-free to me. Thought this may be of interest to some, I have been eating the PLain ripple and popcroen twists and have never gotten a reaction. Hi There: Thank you for the e-mail. The following Old Dutch products do not contain wheat, including spelt and kamut, or oats, barley, rye or triticale or any part thereof and therefore are considered Gluten-Free: However, some these products (corn) are produced on the same line as products containing wheat . Complete cleaning and sanitizing are performed prior to running a non- gluten product run to prevent cross-contamination. Old Dutch Regular Potato Chips Old Dutch BBQ Potato Chips Dutch Crunch Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar Dutch Crunch Mesquite BBQ Dutch Crunch Jalapeno and Cheddar Old Dutch RipL Potato Chips Old Dutch RipL Sour Cream and Green Onion Rave Xtra Salt and Vinegar Rave Salt and Pepper Old Dutch RipL Smokey BBQ Chips Old Dutch Salt
  10. I have looked for this product and cant find it anywhere...anyone in BC buy it and where?? which store?? Thanks
  11. It was my biggest worry telling my MIL and of course she doesnt fully understand, my mother was tested and we are awaiting results and she did that voluntary!!! I had my chidlren tested and my MIL is not impressed....too bad for her. This is a serious disease and I want to make sure my kids dont go through what i have. I am 2 months into the gluten-free diet and feel like a brand new person. No more stomache aches and bloating. You have to do whats best for yourself and hopefully your mom will see the changes and except that this is what you have. Sorry that she is not supportive. Hoprfully this made sense, I am tired!!!
  12. Both my kids came back negative for Celiac but the doctor said to test them again in 3 years or if they have any symptoms. I am shocked that my daughter is neg, Iwas thinking for sure she would have it. But the rashes are still a mystery. I am not convinced that its neg...I will still try gluten-free.
  13. Describes my daughter to a T. She can be nasty and it is like she doesnt even hear me when I tel her to stop hitting her brother. Well, we find out tomorrow what the results are. I defiantley will be shocked if she is neg. But like I read here, 3 1/2 is still young to get a 100% positive.
  14. Well, I believe that I got glutened tonight. I made PB cookies, and I think that I am getting a reaction to peanuts...been sick the last few times I ate them. About 1/3 I was bloated and looser stool...not D but it has since past. I know that Peanuts are not Gluten, but that would have caused my to not tolerate them as I never had problems before. Hope that helps.
  15. I am so glad that your son is feeling better. I was DX in August and tomorrow I find out the results for my childrens bloodwork...I am a bit nervous but I know how AMAZING I feel on the diet and thats what is important. I was not aware that unDX celiac may cause sleep issues, my son is 13 months and never sleeps through the night...well, unless he is sleeping with me. He was born at 36 wks and was just 4 lbs, he stopped growing at 28 wks...apparently from what I gave read, probably from unDX celiac. He was a difficult infant, very clingy..and very mommy. But the love of my life. He also has bad rashes in his diaper area (not actual diaper rash kind) My daughter is 3 1/2. Typical symptoms....Very irratible, constipated,skinny, bags under the eyes,eats constantly never gains weight. And she has been having alot of accidents (peeing her pants). She is the one I am most worried about, and I have been decreasing her gluten intake. If either of my kids are positive, they will both go gluten-free. And if they are neg, the will both have decreased to no gluten. Thanks for your story...