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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Lollie... I just got back on the forum after gone quite sometime. Hope your family is OK. Now I am EvieLS...formerly evie..

    take care..

  2. Just thought I would add my two cents! I've been gluten-free for 5 years. In the first year I had to stay away from soy as the protein was too similar to gluten. I also had to really watch what was coming in the house, my family did not go gluten-free. If someone makes a sandwich on the counter, and you come in later and make a gluten-free one, then some of the crumbs can easily get on your food. i know from experience, that any thing cosmetic can make you sick if it has wheat in it. You really have to check everything. It seems like when you first go gluten-free that there is a grace period, perhaps it's the shock to the system not having to deal directly with the gluten... But usually, a few months in, the body is able to detect the smaller amounts of gluten in things. I now react very quickly to cross contamination, where in the beginning, I did not at all. Hang in there. It gets much easier!
  3. If I am having gas I take phazyme. They seem to really help. I also take pepcid AC if it's more sour stomach. I drink lots of fluids, it helps to wash out the system.
  4. For me i get similar reactions, but they aren't from gluten... If i start to feel sick with the headache, then I know it's gluten. I get the horrible gas when I consume bean flours or sorghum flour. I don't know why. Apparently the damage done to my intestines make those flours harder to breakdown. I have found that phazyme seems to work for me on controlling the gas. Hope this helps!
  5. Hi! I posted the granola bars under a new topic! Let me know what you think!
  6. How Long Does It Take For Villi To Regrow?

    I agree. It took at least a year for my villi to "reactivate" after becoming gluten-free. If I accidently eat something with gluten, I have problems for at least 2 weeks after the incident. It is better to avoid the gluten!
  7. Just for my take on this... I think you should try the gluten free oats and see how you feel. Maybe try them on a weekend when you don't have to be any where. I have been gluten-free for at least 5 years, and I have always been able to eat them. Everybody is different. That's why it is important to try things and see how you react to them. As for the flour, I use an all purpose gluten-free flour for most things. I have special mixes that I have developed after all these years of trial and error, but at the beginning keep it simple. I agree that it is hard when you want to eat like you always have and have to find substitutes, but it gets better. I have a good recipe for granola. If you would like it I'll post it! Good luck, and hang in there, it really does get easier! Lollie
  8. I just finished testing this recipe and it is delicious! Let me know what you think! Click here for recipe!
  9. Hi all! Been in Eastern NC, Morehead City, since last May. Hoping to see if there are any other locals in my area!
  10. Just wanted to say hi to all the old timers! Been a while since I've been on here!
  11. Hi! Just wanted everyone to know that there is an option in North Carolina! Gluten Free Crystal Coast. It's a personal chef service that is dedicated gluten-free.
  12. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  13. Age Of Diagnosis?

    I was 32ish....
  14. Hi and welcome! I usually get my symptoms with in a couple of hours of consuming gluten. It is usually "D" and intense intestinal pain. I then have a headache the next day. It's been a while since i got sick.... but I make all my own food, and never eat fast food or processed.
  15. Hi! I hope that all this helps... I have to agree with all the others and also add that if I eat too many Stax, I get sick also, so that may be something that you should try to avoid and see how you feel. Also, if you were sick for a while before diagnosis, your body is very used to not having to deal with the digestion and distribution of your food. Now that you may be healing some, it is having to deal with it and that can cause some feelings that you may not have had in a while. I agree that eating in the morning and eating more regularly, avoiding fast food and over processed food will add your body as it begins to heal. I have always had a hard time eating breakfast, but I find that yogurt is good for me and I like the addition of probiotics that it naturally adds to my diet. Yoplait, light is now listed as gluten free. Also, rice chex are gluten free.... Just some ideas! Hope you get feeling better soon! Lollie