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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi thanks, for the adive. One question would my family doc be able to prescribe something that would calm down my palpatation spells or some treatment that would cure my nurves until the part of my system that wasn't feeding my nerves heals. Thanks, Tim
  2. For the last several years I’ve been having this problem where right before I have to burp I get these weird sensations in my chest. It’s a though my heart or something in my esophagus is jumping upwards and sometimes it makes me feel lightheaded for a second or two. Other times it feels like something is squeezing my esophagus for a second. Last fall my doctor sent me to two specialists. One was a general surgeon who detected my celiac disease positive test through a biopsy. The other was a neurologist who suggested that my symptoms could be suggesting an irritated vegas nerve. My doctor said that normally celiac disease causes abdominal cramps and diarrhea symptoms. My general surgeon said that my symptoms should improve once I’ve been on a gluten-free diet for one month. My symptoms did improve in the first month and then they started to worsen at times over the last couple of months making me think that my mind interpreted the Gluten-free diet as a placebo. Then it makes me wonder if I have something else that could show up as celiac disease on the test. After talking to some people with celiac disease they said that their symptoms didn’t all go away until after 6 months. Is there anyway I could get retested without having to go through another endoscopy test? Thanks, Tim
  3. Hi, thanks for the ideas. I forgot to mention that I live in Canada near Niagara Falls. Would Zehers Sobeys or any of the other stores in Southern Ontario carry that particular brand of beef stew? Does Mission make soft tacos that won't fall apart as a sandwich? I tried putting a slice of meat between two rice cakes and the cakes started breaking up after my first bite. I ended up haveing to move the meat slice to the Knickknick corn bread. Thanks, Tim
  4. Hi, I was just recently diagnosed with celiac disease and am in the process of changing over to a gluten-free diet. However there are a few things that I’m trying to substitute with a regular grocery store product rather than spend a lot more at a health food store. The items are bread for sandwiches, vegetable and meat stew ( Puritan brand is the only one that I know of and it has wheat flour in it), cold cereals ( the major stores in my area don’t seem to have the puffed rice cereals and cookies until I learn how to bake some with corn flour