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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So true , and thank you I usually eat very very heathly all natural, but I am so afraid that there is something else, Like Soy, or corn I'm terrified of the Idea of not being able to eat even more stuff. I am thinking possibly the Nitres & MSG i know Sulfies are not my friend
  2. So i didnt sleep a wink I was anxious crampy gassy an just so uncomfortable until 7:00am but of course I get ready for work at 7:55am, where I am now feeling hungover and awful. So was it the Turky bacon The tuna & avacado with Miricle whip? Possibly it was the coffee creamer? or the Turky Bacon. or maybe its the flu? but all I know is I feel awful I hate it & i have yet met a doctor that could understand or make any effort to want to understand & help me.
  3. Emotional Symptoms

    Hello, I totally have Awful emotional problems when I get Glutened, I get over whelming feeling of Doom, I freak out and believe I'm poisoned Crying and just over all Panic. I'll stay up all night and Just panicing. I know it's worse now then Before I was Diagnosed. Which was 4yrs ago. I know it's cross contam Everytime but i cant figure out the sourse most of the time, So that getts the Poison thoughts flowing. i've gone to the ER during these attacks more then once, of course they just send me home and say don't eat gluten. Well thats my Crazy Gluten feelings, am I alone?
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. Macaroni Grill

    Hell Every one , I am 11 months after Bio for the dreaded no more good eating , So tonight thanks to all of you I am going to Macaroni gRILL AND I am Scared!!!! please wish me luck
  6. Celebrities With Celiac?

    Posh Spice From the spice girls has Celiac and She is always having Babies , Celebrities with Celiac are lucky They have Chefs Cooking for them . Unlike us We stuggle every day reading labels and braving Fast food places at lunch Time
  7. Getting Glutened

    Hello Hey I have been trying to be Gluten free Since January of this year , I got very sick and I ended up in the hospital and thats where I was Diagnosed . But I recently like 2 weeks ago, Ate forbidden Fruit Well Ceral acctually Honey combs 6 hand fuls striaght out of the box DRY, Well I can say that was at about 11:00pm so at 4:00am I was woke up by EXTREMM cramps and the Ut Ohh I better run to the bathroom , feeling and My colon exploded, Now I felt fine after but the same thing happen 2 more nights in a row much less violent but yes Celiac is Tricky I have also acciedently done this to my self , So I hope it helps you to know your not Alone... Kim in Upstate NY
  8. ok Help Ugh!!! what the hell!! I am 34 and I just was Diagnosed Jan, 15 Now just last week I get a bone scan, Mind you I am 90 pounds Pretty active and 5'2" So my Dr. calls me to tell me I have Advanced Ostioprosis in my Spine and hip WHAT? I was stunned I go back April 14th for treatment What treament what the hell does this mean? Will I get better? Now I know what the pains from darned it Why has my body turned against me. This could have started when I was 15 THANKS CELIAC and thanks Medical intitutions for over looking all us misdiagnosed souls!!!
  9. Hi eveyone, I am so scared I was Diagnosed in Jan of this year and I went from 102lb to 85lb Iam 5'2" And I am so scared I do eat , I also have a slight eating disorder, well when you go through your life in pain after you eat you start to think the food is making you sick. Well I still have a fear of food slightly but now I just can't gain weight. I do eat , I eat eggs lunch meat Chicken Lots of Salads , Celery But none of these things are helping me What can I eat? Please feel free to e-mail me kmztoy@hotmail.com
  10. My Celiac Story

    Hello every one my Name is Kim I am 34 and I am 92 pounds and 5'2" (Thanks Celiac) I guess I have had Symptoms All my Life, I just didn't know it and was told it was all in my head I was just a nervous Kid There's nothing wrong with the Food Your Being silly, Humm Well I guess There was Something Wrong, Now as an adult I have Sever Food Phobias I was Convinced I was Poisoned , I couldn't be the First one to eat anything out of an unopened Package, Take the First Swig of Soda of a bottle Well I just recently read that I have a legitimate Phobia and other people have it now I have to get over it Ugh! It’s crazy. I am a pretty Smart I sell Cars for a living right now and I've done Real estate also I actually have done a lot of different things Welding, Pest control, even a little marketing. I know I can fight through this I just need some help I am looking for a "Shrink" that specializes in this field. I am in Upstate New York near Saratoga Well if you know the area More like Clifton Park. But if any one knows some one that can help me, please e-mail me.
  11. Food Phobia

    I was wondering if any one eles may have some Phobias which I developed over the years sine I was about 12yrs old I am Afraid of eating Poisonned or bad food Now I only Found out about Celiac A month ago and I am 34 But All my life I would eat and then Feel sick so I would Belive there was something wrong after years of this and Panic attacks I became Bulimic, I am still Sketchy about eating out or being the first person to have a chip if it's an unopened bag. It's an awful Thing to live with and it's worse now Because now I know what is wrong with me now I'm afraid of Gluten Poisoning and Now I am only 89 pounds,(I need to be 110 to be healthy) Ahhh So Does any one have these Issues?
  12. Waterford Ny

    wELL the last meeting was last thursday but I missed it I will find the web site and let you know when the new one is , My Dr was Doctor Gerson, Pelebo's Parnter I guess. But I feel kinda lost I don't have a dietiacen or anything and I have to wait until April for a follow up. I am in Waterford Ny where are you? I have a13yr old daughter and 14 yr old Son .
  13. Waterford Ny

    oh Yes I do know about that group it's at St peters this thursday at 6:45pm Yes That I know about. Did you want to go?
  14. Waterford Ny

    Hello I am in waterford NY Ijust found out why I have Anxiety Why I lived with a stomach ache everyday and whay I can't gain wait Yep Celiac Since I was Probably 10 at least and now I'm 34 I am looking for people in my area to meet with I am so new at this 3 weeks and I am trying to get by on my own I had a lousy doctor that tried to feed my Paxil because it was all in my head. Thank god the emergency room Gave me Dr. Gerson he knew right away and helped me . But Trying to find a dietitian is not so easy.
  15. Have you ever just suddenly had like a quick maybe 20 second zone out in you head , You feel strange sort of tingley in your hands and face and just have a sort of flash back. then a dull head ache? I was told this is normal when you have celiac but I really don't know? I haven't herd any one else suffer from it. Am I just crazy? I mean I've been told most of my life it was all in my head. I have had anxity sine I was 12 big surprise \\\\\ I became afraid of food because I would get sick after I ate