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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Professional Hair Color

    Thanks all! After I got the following response from Wella, I got nervous so I found a salon that was more able to accomadte me And YAY! Grey hairs are gone! Thank you for contacting P & G Professional Care Exclusive Line. Below is the statement regarding Gluten. Gluten statement Thank you for contacting us about Gluten in Wella Color Touch and Koleston Perfect. We do not intentionally add Gluten to our cosmetic products. Cosmetic products can feature a variety of ingredients extracted from grains. As Gluten too is a grain derived ingredient, it cannot be excluded that trace amounts of Gluten may come along with common raw material supplies. It is generally believed that Gluten needs to be ingested to produce sensitivity and therefore use of hair and skin products is not likely to trigger a reaction. However, the degree of sensitivity varies from person to person; we highly recommend that you consult with your physician before using any products. We also refer you to online websites such as celiac.com or celiac.org for further information. One of the questions asked on the website celiac.com is "Can products which contain gluten but only touch the skin affect celiacs?" and the response is "Very few celiacs are likely to have any reaction to topical gluten contact. In order for a gut reaction to occur, it is likely that direct contact with the gut lumen is required. Many people with celiac disease have everyday contact with gluten (for instance, bakers with celiac disease who have contact everyday with wheat flour), and do not have any reaction to it. However, there are, on rare occasion, people who have had an anaphylactoid response to gluten, and these people should avoid gluten in all forms. Also, topical gluten breathed into the upper airways may cause symptoms of allergic rhinitis in rare instances. If there is a simple alternative to a shampoo, cosmetic, etc., you may want to use the non gluten containing product." Kind Regards, I stopped bolding afer I got irritated! For a company to be so misleading when replying to someone who has intestinal, topical and neurological rections, that just made me want to run away!
  2. hello all, I just moved to a new state & really need to get my hair colored. The salon I was referred to says they use the following for color Wella Colortouch Wella Koleston Perfect Matrix Prisims I'm trying to get to the companies now but if anyone has any info I would really appreciate!! They're ok with me bringing in my own shampoo/conditioner & styling product....so that's a plus!
  3. Dr. In South Western Nh?

    I don;t know any in NH but I was DX'd by a Gyno at Mt. Auburn in Cambridge, MA. He says he's been seeing more & more women with food allergies that go undiagnosed. In fact,I was misdiagnosed with Endo & put in chemical menopause for 2 years! This doc actually gave me a list of foods to avoid 1 by 1 & talk every 2 weeks after, well after 3 days of no wheat or very very little I was 80% better! For me, that's enough of a DX, since I have no other health issues. He actually specializes in Fibroid tumors etc, which I thought it might have been since all 3 of my sisters have had those! this is his info & he is the nicest guy!! Mitchell J. Levine, M.D. 1 New Street Cambridge, MA 02138 617-441-5550
  4. Tell Me Something.....

    even worse, what does that say about handwashing skills of those you work with? maybe remind them that every time you get glutened by things like this, it measn you can't do your job as efficiently and effectivly and that means more work for them? (even if it isn't totally true) Are the gloves at your work the ones without the powder in them? Since that has flour?
  5. Another Poop Question

    My doc told me I was "urinating frequently" because my bowels were so swollen/enlarged that it was actually pushing against my bladder constantly, therefore no room for the urine. Made sense to me after I went gluten-free & now I can go 1/2 the day without peeing Bully4you, were you sharing a grill that could have been contaminated? I can get sick if someone uses a plastic spatula that's been used on gluten foods and then washed & used on my food. (the BF won't do that again!) the rare times I do get glutened, I find eating something completely gluten-free settles my stomach. ie.tapioca bread toasted (I even toast in the oven on a piece of foil.)
  6. ok 1st, why haven't you gone gluten-free? 2nd, I've been strict gluten-free for almost 3 years & it's amazing how good I feel. Rarely even get a cold now! And the more I think back to how crappy I felt all the time, I'm stunned that I was able to get through a day. THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END! within 3 days of eliminating just wheat I was able to stand up straight & actually lift a bag of sugar. I was so excited I took it down from the shelf & put it back up at least 3 times, just to make sure I wasn't imagining it. so 3 years later, every BM is normal, no headaches, no joint pain, no fuzziness, not tired unless I should be etc. Menstruation is easier, sex is possible...
  7. I Need Some Help I'm Traveling To Arizona

    Hi there! I've been living in AZ for several months and have found a few places that are good. Check for Mt. Hope Stores, they carry alot of gluten-free foods and are super helpful. Also I just went to an On The Border in Scottsdale & they were fantastic! not toomuch to choose from but I got a steak & they made me special veggies & it was soooo yummy! Also, do a search for Gluten Free Restaurants in Arizona & you'll find a fairly long list. Hopefully you've talked to your friend about cross contaimination issues with you being in the house. That way you can cook there and not have to worry so much. Lots of organic foods out here but from what I've sen in the stores, not too many options with fruits & veggies in the standard stores.
  8. Neosporin W/pain Relief

    Thanks all! I was pretty sure but got nervous! I tagged the tailpipe on a Harley & thankfully it's only 1st degree, just really big & really annoying. Also no doc right now but I've had bad burns before (restaurants etc) so I'm not worried but I will definitely keep an eye on it
  9. Anyone know if this is safe?? I have a really bad burn & need something....
  10. I do the smell thing too! All the time! in facr, my friends will ask me if I want a smell...very funny when we're in public places. be patient she will get past the angry part, it takes awhile...probably took me a year as I lived on breads & pastas. Make her some surprise bags...go gt some gluten-free treats that people here mention all the time and you know she'll appreciate that and feel like she's not missing out on anything. (that's the big thing, missing out) My boyfriend of almost a year is finally starting to get it. He's always been supportive but just didn't realize how many things I can't eat. He came for a 5 day visit recently and I noticed he's started reading labels on everythig he picks up, he's still not perfect at what I can & can;t have but I found out recently that he's been doing research lately and his mom has been giving him info too...and I haven;t even met her yet!
  11. Accidentally Glutened

    I had constant lower back pain when I was still eating gluten. Also hips and elbows would constantly hurt, nothing relived any of the pains...but I can't remember how long it took for that part of the fun to kick in...
  12. Last Night...

    Jerryk, man you slay me! I like that you retain your sense of humor with all this...so I am a junk food junkie! It's the hardest part for me living gluten-free...I found 2 cake mixes that are sooo yummy no one will ever know they're gluten-free. Bob's Red Mill gluten-free Chocolate Cake mix & also their Brownie mix and Namaste cake mixes. Mom made me a Namaste for my 35th bday and my entire family had rude comments (I;m talking Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Siblings) and that they wouldn;t eat it, they wanted store bought...I said Good, cause I plan on eating the whole thing. Yeah, turns out they ate my cake & never touched the store bought! I think both have cookie mixes too, I just haven't tried them yet. I've tried Pamela's stuff and am not impressed (but i am a junkie!) I'll get their biscotti if I'm travelling but that's about it. OH OH & Kinnickanic (or whatever) has the BEST chocolate covered doughnuts!!!
  13. Yesterday Was A Hard Day

    Namaste & bob's Red Mill gluten-free chocolate cale mixes...YUMMY! Never know the difference. As for the weight gain, don;t forget that muscle weighs more than fat!!!
  14. Hungry All The Time!

    Are there any other family memebers that can help you get them to see the light of day? And maybe warn them that if school finds out they're having her wear too small clothes to get her not to eat may very well call social services... Is she mature enoughfor you to talk to her about elimanating gluten on her own? As a kid I never ate bread, stuffing cereal etc, just because I didn;t like them...turns out my body knew what was good for me. I got greif but never punished!
  15. My Birthday

    wait a minute, are you saying they're bring gluten food into your home?? That's just mean and you have every right to ask them not to! Especially on your birthday! Maybe if you give her the name of a gluten-free mix she can make instead of "normal" ones...Bob's Red Mill actually has a fantastic brownie mix as well as choc. cake mix...and noone will ever know the difference!