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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Googled this hoping to find the answer a few days ago. I purchased a Nima Sensor. I tried deans today and it told me it was gluten free. HOWEVER, it could just be this jar I’m not saying hands down other tubs of it couldn’t be contaminated. However I thought it would be nice to share!
  2. backstory: I was diagnosed via biopsy and blood test 9/25 is when I was told by the GI doctor (civilian). I went to navy medical for sea duty screening and was told “bring your own food on deployments” which honestly isn’t possible for a 9 month carrier deployment nor do I WANT to live off gluten free snacks, while working such long hours. ( I feel like I will become malnourished) I was also told by the navy doctor “not everything on the ship has gluten in it” yes I agree but you’re referring to the salad bar and I can’t live off iceberg lettuce and carrots. Also there’s a serious concern for cross contamination. Then he told me “ I mean you can have a little gluten just don’t eat bread” I’m convinced this dude is a flaming idiot. So he’s sending me to sea and I’m terribly scared I’m going to get those HORRIBLE stomach pains again (which I’m still having less intense versions of) which is what got me into the ER which is how I got a referral to the civilian GI. I have been in for 5 years and my job is primarily an at sea job as I am a nuke. I have already done my time at shore, plus some due to knee surgery. I don’t know what to do, I really don’t want to be super sick again.
  3. He left a voicemail (which I was really thankful for bc it is SO hard to get ahold of someone) and said the celiac panel came back positive and told me to start a gluten free diet and asked me to call him. He said he was going to set me up with a nutritionist. I will definitely check out the newbie page. I am in the navy and I'm pretty sure I get kicked out for this. The first grocery trip was pretty difficult for me. I almost cried thinking about how different my life will be. Thanks for the support everyone !
  4. I've been having diarrhea for the last year which I attributed to stress. In the last three months I've been having INTENSE abdominal pain(all over not from gas bc I took anti gas medicine) gas, and bloating. The doctor ordered an upper and lower endoscopy. He found a precancerous polyp (not the cause of symptoms) removed it, performed biopsy on the irritated tissue he saw in my small intestine. Biopsy results came back as increased IELS. he said the results are a sign of celiacs and said he was ordering a blood test to "confirm the diagnosis" he ordered a celiac panel, t4 free, TSH, and lipase test. These other tests make me think he isn't really sure what it is. Could it really be celiacs with just the elevated IELS? (As a Longtime NSAID user I read online could have caused damage to small intestine although hadn't taken any for two months prior to endoscopy). I haven't heard anyone else's story like this, having endoscopy prior to blood work and starting to think I might not have celiacs. Just him saying "to confirm the diagnosis" made me think that's what HE thinks it is. Thoughts ? Appreciate any input!