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  1. To the person who posted about the Gluten Free Trading Company... Thank you very much!! I'll definitely check that out!!!
  2. Actually, if it wouldn't drive you nuts, may I have a copy of that list as well? My email is leks.smith@cobh.zzn.com Thanks SO much!!
  3. Hey y'all. I hope it's okay I'm posting in here as I'm not an adult (although I'm nearly one...17). Anyways. I'm from southern Wisconsin, south of Milwaukee about 10 miles, in a town ironically named South Milwaukee. Wow, there's some creative naming there. I'm not officially diagnosed with celiac's but I don't eat gluten if at all avoidable and I feel a lot better for it. I'm so glad there are other gluten-free-ers from Wisconsin on here!! -Ducky PS I've heard of Chippewa Falls!! I've even BEEN there!! Yay