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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So I saw my doctor this week and asked about re-testing. He was still skeptical about diet making any difference in the results but agreed that if I decided to reintroduce gluten into my diet and wanted to re-test he would order it. In the meantime I am still struggling with residual symptoms (GI has settled down but still having muscle aches) even though it's been 2 weeks since stopping the offending medication. Would there be a benefit to getting a GI consult at this point or do I need a positive blood test for that to be worthwhile?
  2. 11 months ago I was in constant pain and tired all the time. I also had persistent eczema and 1-2 monthly migraines. I was worried that I had some sort of autoimmune disorder. I ended up experimenting with the AIP diet for several months and my symptoms significantly improved. After 3+ months on this strict protocol with slow reintroduction of foods, I threw in the towel and went a little crazy with everything including pizza, cake, pasta, etc. After 3 days I was experiencing severe brain fog and quickly eliminated gluten from my diet again. About a month after this, my doctor tested me for Celiac. He assured me that my gluten free diet would not make a difference in the testing. The blood test came back negative but I continued the gluten free diet because it made me feel so much better. During the last few weeks, all of my symptoms have gradually returned, including some new ones (no previous GI issues or insomnia) despite no dietary changes. After a careful analysis, I was able to narrow it down to my last prescription refill. It turns out that my migraine preventative had been reformulated and was likely the culprit. I have been off this med for 3 days and my symptoms are quickly subsiding. Now I'm trying to find a gluten free substitute. Prior to this, I would have assumed my gluten intolerance was on the mild side (e.g.--I've never stressed about cross-contamination), but the fact that something smaller than a baby aspirin could turn my life upside down has caused me to reconsider. I wonder if my initial test results were inaccurate because of my gluten free diet at the time and if it's really worth pursuing a retest with reintroducing gluten. Several months feeling like I have the past few weeks does not appeal to me at all. I see my doctor next week and I'm not sure how far I should push for this. Any advice would be appreciated.