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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Anyone know about these? These nothing bad in the ingrediants but I'm wondering about possible cc etc...any thoughts??? Thanks
  2. Dining In Western, Ma

    Hi there are lots of places to eat in this area. There is a great thai food place called "thai garden" that is good about gluten free stuff....I get the chicken pad thai all the time and have never been sick. "Smokin Lil's" has a gluten free menu and its great bbq. "Sierra Grille is awesome and delicious and I have never had problems there - just need to ask what is gluten free etc..they are nice there. Amherst has "Butternuts" which has specific celiac menus and offers bread, beer, and all gluten free. There's a trader joes and whole foods in amherst and the Stop and shop in Noho has a decent gluten free selection. Let me know if you need any more info...I'm happy to help!
  3. We're going to visit my fiance's family in Canada for a long weekend, I'm wondering if I should bring food with me or where I can shop and what to look for. I haven't been there since I've been gluten free and I know its a really rural area, but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts??? Thanks
  4. On The Border

    Anyone know if we can eat anything at On the Border?
  5. Crappy Time Rant

    People can be sooooo frustrating. I had a wicked annoying time the past week - I was visiting my mom and stepfather with lots of relatives and of course, as usual, I was sick the whole time I was there -despite my mom's best efforts. The more annoying part was that my stepfamily really doesn't understand that this is an illness and they think I'm being difficult. My stepdad was like just take the bun off the burger and when I said no way he acted like I was being a princess! I wanted to scream at many people over the week....its nice and healthy to be home! Sorry to add my own rant!
  6. Hi there everybody, I figured this might be a good place for me to try to recruit for participants for my masters thesis. I'm writing about transracial adoption and how transracial adoptees perceive their racial identity and how their parents contributed to their identity. I'm looked for transracial adoptees(either from the US or intercountry) over the age of 18, who would be willing to be interviewed - either in person or on the phone - it would take about 45 minutes. So if you know anyone that might be interested could you pass on my email address - kmccully@email.smith.edu Everybody on this site has been super helpful about everything else I thought I'd put it out there! Thanks, Kristen
  7. Does Anyone Eat At Panera Bread With Success?

    I was just looking on their website and the caesar dressing very clearly has wheat in it! AUGH!
  8. Thanks for all your suggestions everyone!!!! I totally appreciate it!
  9. Miralax

    I take miralax pretty often too, I haven't had much nausea and its definitely helped me feel a lot better - Its been a lifesaver.
  10. Help! A close family friend who is basically like a little sister to me is turning 16 on Friday I have been trying to figure out what to get her and would like something sort of sentimental or thoughtful not just a giftcard, but 16 is a tricky age.....anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Help! A close family friend who is basically like a little sister to me is turning 16 on Friday I have been trying to figure out what to get her and would like something sort of sentimental or thoughtful not just a giftcard, but 16 is a tricky age.....anyone have any suggestions?
  12. I'm in full support of match.com or eharmony - I met my fiance on match.com because I was sick of bars! Its fun and you can give as much info as your comfortable with. Good luck!
  13. Friendly's

    My advisor from school wants to meet me at Friendly's tomorrow morning and says "breakfast is her treat - yikes I'm so scared! I just started to feel better from my last glutening - is anything safe??? Thanks!
  14. Gurgling Stomach

    Its very gross!!! thanks I'll try to cough loudly! LOL
  15. Okay so I got glutened by my friend which was sad and ruined my weekend but I'm feeling well enough that I can go to work but my stomach is still very unhappy and aside from still being a bit uncomfortable its making this horrible gurgling sounds that are very embarassing!!! Help - does anything stop this ---- I want to crawl under my desk!