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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hungry And Upset

    Hi Georgie, I know it can be a challenge to buy food that is gluten free, and it becomes even harder when you are so far from a large shopping centre. I noticed you are from Australia (so am I). I buy my flours online from wheatfreeworld and bake food that I can keep in the freezer. They have recipes for both sweet and savoury food. If you like fish a good standby is a tin of tuna or salmon - mix it up with rice and a salad. But my instant fix-all is to make a bowl of chocolate icing - that will cure anything! Hope you feel better soon. Ruth
  2. I am lucky with my friends. They are quite happy for me to bring my own food and they are just as happy to cook something that they know I will be able to eat. More often than not I will offer to take a gluten-free casserole and a desert that everyone can eat. That way I don't go hungry and my friends get a quick lesson in gluten-free cooking. Hope this helps. Ruth
  3. I Did Something Stupid....

    I was also caught with the Spelt bread thing. I just wanted to have a piece of toast and I thought I had made the best find of my life. Unfortunately for me it was only after the second piece that the folly of my eating really hit me - never again! Glad to know I'm not the only one. Ruth
  4. Communion

    I am Catholic and also struggled with this one. I decided that I would not take Communion but have a Blessing instead. The priest at my church has a niece who is Celiac and so he understands and is totally cool about it. I do miss taking Communion but it is a choice I am happy with. Ruth.
  5. It can be a nightmare trying to work out what is causing the pain. Pain at night can often be caused by something that you have eaten in the morning. Is there a certain food that you always eat in the morning, or always prepare for the children you babysit? I suffer from reflux and pain caused by that is usually somthing that strikes in the middle of the night. I hope you feel better soon. Ruth.
  6. Sorry I forgot to add that I am an Aussie. I live in northern Victoria. Ruth.
  7. Yes I have ordered from the site, delivery is prompt and the freight isn't all that expensive. I have purchased one of the recipe books and I use it often, I also buy most of my flours/starches from there. I had a problem with one of the recipes and so I sent them an email and they came up with some suggestions as to how to fix it. Really great. Ruth.
  8. I purchase Potato Starch on-line from www.wheatfreeworld.com. Lola Workman uses it in her recipes (Wheat-Free Gluten-Free Cookery). I think I have bought Potato Flour from the health food section at the supermarket . I have found wheatfreeworld easy to deal with - they aren't expensive and goods seems to arrive fairly quickly. They are based in Dee Why. I was making a flour mix she recommended in her recipe book, but I just couldn't handle the Besan Flour it has a very strong taste, so now I just experiment. For cakes I make up an equal mix of maize flour, fine rice flour and tapioca starch. Hope this helps. Ruth
  9. Funny Scent In Nose

    There was a thread a couple of weeks ago about 'Olfactory Aura'. I think the smell thing can happen prior to Migraines, Epileptic Seizures it more commonly it can be from sinus or nasal infections.
  10. I take Pariet (proton pump inhibitor) for reflux and my dr told me not to take any ant-acid over the counter stuff because it would stop the Pariet from working properly. So when reflux rears its ugly head I usually drink lemonade - it seems to calm everything down. Though I find that the Pariet will calm the reflux in about 30 minutes. I avoid onions, tomatoes and anything really spicy. I also drinks loads of water. Hope this helps. Ruth
  11. I really enjoy the Natural Confectionary Company soft lollies, but they tend to make me feel unwell. I down-loaded this information from their website. Should this small amount of gluten cause problems? "Are your products suitable for people with a wheat intolerance? In Australia, both glucose and starch are usually derived from wheat (although we have occasionally used starch derived from corn). Our products contain approximately .003% gluten. Coeliacs who are unsure if this is an unsuitable level for them should seek medical advice." Thanks ruth
  12. "Quack like a Celiac" I like that! Using another illness as an analogy - how do you prove you have something like depression? There isn't a blood test or a biopsy for it. But untreated depression makes life miserable, dark and life threatening. For me I am grateful that I stopped eating gluten when I did even though it has meant that I have been unable to attain the "gold standard". Ruth.
  13. From what I have read vinegar is put into bread as a preservative.
  14. Australian Smarties are like M&M's. Chocolate in the middle and a think layer or colored candy on the outside. Ruth.
  15. I have found with most jubie type lollies (jelly babies, raspberries, mint leaves etc.) that they have a find film of wheat starch around them to stop them sticking together in the pack. I know there is a debate about wheat starch but after eating anything that has wheat starch listed on the ingredients I get stomach cramps and life goes downhill for a couple of days. Also I think that the cheaper the lollies, the more likelihood that they will have used more wheat and less starch. On the other hand nestle dark chocolate does not include wheat starch - life just keeps getting better! Ruth.