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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Guys, I am thinking of starting this med for Psoriasis/Arthritis, anyone here taking it and can give feedback please?
  2. Hmnn, has great reviews and I especially like this "this bread tastes wonderful without toasting which is not true of most other gluten free breads". Thank you very much, will give it a shot!
  3. So guys, since I have the flatbread covered [Thanks EnnisTx!] I am now looking into a roll or or baked bread for tuna sandwich and salmon burgers. I am not a baker so baking bread from scratch would be very difficult for me so I looked into what was suggested in another thread here: http://www.namastefoods.com/products/cgi-bin/products.cgi?Function=show&Category_Id=all&Id=7 Getting a bread/roll mix option which tastes good would work best for me, any referrals please? Or have anyone tried the bread in link above and can give feedback on it?
  4. Yes, that is super advice, will do, thanks! Getting back to the eggs issue, I am seeing a lot of people who have P are having issues with it, of course it's an individual thing but I will do some more research on my own from credible sources.
  5. I am not arguing, I simply asked if you would provide any conclusive "scientific" source to back up "your opinion" on eggs? Either you can or you can't.
  6. Yes we all know the essence of meat is muscle tissue from animals but I think what is confusing scientists is because since it's an animal by-product they don't know how much of that muscle tissue or enzymes in actually in the egg?
  7. I am not sure if eggs have any negative effect on me at all. as mentioned I only gave it up due to seeing that most articles agree it is meat
  8. I had done some research on this and all of the articles on the net were conflicting and I like eggs and miss it but because for Psoriasis reasons I have to very carefully watch my meat consumption and only 2-3 meals with meat is what's recommended, some recommend no meat at all and meat consumption does affect me. So my thinking is to give up eggs if that will add to meat consumption so would you mind leading me a definitive source which shows beong any doubt that eggs are not meat please?
  9. So sorry I was supposed to have written "meat"
  10. Thanks. Looking at the Pro-Granola from Julian Bakery, that certainly looks like something I can try, only the 12g Egg White Protein concerns me as I am supposed to be dairy free also. https://julianbakery.com/product/progranola-paleo-cereal/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA4bzSBRDOARIsAHJ1UO6dHKVMYl-at5TzpSc1S3okug41yChx2lmRbu5C7sCPgmVJMhBkussaAooKEALw_wcB
  11. Correct and thanks. I will heed the advice given previously with adding the prunes and fruit, just looking for any possible workable cereal option to replace the gluten-free Cheerios.
  12. What about any of these high fibre cereal options guys? http://www.fiberguardian.com/high-fiber-gluten-free-cereal/
  13. So eating other acceptable foods with high fibre should work in replacing the fibre in the gluten, is this correct please?
  14. So wait guys, is there a specific ingredient in Gluten products which keeps us regular?
  15. I am going to try the apples and whole prunes and will report back here in this thread a few weeks or when I see things change or not, thanks guys and Happy New year! p.s. Anyone can still post whatever meantime.